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  1. That's my fear. No one heard of him since a long time. I hope he's fine.
  2. Hello here ! sorry to hijack this thread, but i'm trying to contact Mateos for an order since weeks now, and i can't get any reply (i'm looking for a Gamate card). I just tried the contatc form from his website. if anyone had a better solution, please let me know. Once again, forgive me for the intrusion ^^
  3. 'llo Mine would be the N64, because it's the on i have the more good memories. The last console i really share play session with my bro before each one followed his own life. The last console i could feel the "too-long-but-too-exciting" wait for the next game release soon. The last console i could buy dedicated magazines
  4. So did I. C-C-C-Combo Breakeeeeer
  5. 'llo here. i come time to time, and it's nice to see this is still WIP. Very interested in the final product. But contrary to many (if not all) the other interested people, i do prefer you to take your time. A few monthes would be great... I already spent too much in other projects
  6. I'm very pleased to see this project reaching its goal. Congratulation SainT ! I know that you're into Jag' stuff too, but i hope you'll look toward MegaCD one day. Well, now it's time to save a bit of money...
  7. In the list ! Now it's time to save some money... :]
  8. 'llo here. I really like the way it goes. It's about time to dig out my NGPC... Keep on the good job SainT
  9. 'llo i am interested in the Atari Light Gun. What would be the total shipped to France ? Thank you very much !
  10. Glad to see you're after 7800, SainT See ya newt year for the final product
  11. 'llo here. I'm a bit late to the party. I followed this project for almost a year at its beginning then i forgot 'bou it. I'm back to it now, but please, tell me, it's not released yet, right ? Only its "soft manager" is reelased for kinda testing purpose. Am I wrong ? Thank you very much ! EDIT : never mind, digging a bit more, i fuond that it's for this week See ya later !
  12. 'llo here ! So it's finally the time when my Skunkboard will deserve its retirement. And time for me to bookmark this thread. I'll be on the first line the release day ! Really good news indeed !
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