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  1. Thank you for your kindness. It is a truly touching tribute, and I very much appreciate it. My thoughts are with you and your family.
  2. I see now that the box carries a serial number of 030115.
  3. I just purchased this console with a bunch of games. Console box is Model 2609, serial is 111167. Before I add it to the database, it seems that the box and serial do not match. The owner purchased a GE protection plan. I'm trying to figure out when that box came out (sticker for Poker & Blackjack replaces the intended pack-in, NFL Football). 1980? Catalog is from 1981. Serial also seems from 1981? (Not sure). Maybe faulty console was replaced and kid kept the original box?
  4. Thank you, Luc! I too look forward to your roms as much as (or even more so) than my actual Christmas presents!
  5. LOL! I just learned from (always gentlemanly) Mr. Team Pixelboy himself that I can play my Super Game Module games right away, since I do own an Adam! Proudly (ahem, NOT!) not reading game instructions since 1977! . Very excited to have a good reason to dig out my Adam.
  6. Very glad to support the Colecovision homebrew scene. A shoutout to Team Pixelboy and partner Good Deal Games for some EXCELLENT service! Two days ago I ordered SGM Zaxxon and Buck Rogers (and also Zanac) and they arrived today, in pristine conditions! These are my first Team Pixelboy products, and I am in sheer AWE. Great job guys!
  7. EXCELLENT service from both Team Pixelboy and Good Deal Games! I ordered Zaxxon and Buck Rogers, literally, two days ago, and I got them in the mail today! Excellent packaging, so they arrived pristine (I know all of us collectors constantly worry about that). Very happy with the boxes and paperwork. I will have to wait until my SGM arrives, but I am in awe just looking at the products. VERY happy about their partnership!
  8. Wow, I just looked at Star Castle Arcade on youtube, what a great conversion! Congrats.
  9. Thank you! A friend told me about Star Castle being ported to the VCS. I was not aware that there were two versions.
  10. Star Castle homebrew on AFB
  11. Thank you FlojoMojo and all others who have contributed to this thread! I got my Atari Flashback Portable today at Target (finally!), and it works great. You saved me tons of time figuring out how to properly install roms. I had an old 512 Meg SD card that I was using with my Nintendo DS R4, luckily. It works great. I'm happy to report that the homebrew I was the most curious about, Star Castle, works great on my unit. I'll post a pic. I just saw that it was marked as not compatible in the list.
  12. Thank you guys! I appreciate it!
  13. So, is this the reason why I cannot find rom files on the CollectorVision site? I just bought an AtariMax and I read someplace else that rom files were available directly from the Collectorvision site. Either they are really well-hidden, or that is not the case anymore?
  14. I got mine in the mail yesterday! Works like a charm, easy to set up, wonderful interface. Extra goodies in the box that more that make up for the slight delay, thank you Joe Zbiciak. I had been dreaming of playing Hover Force in 3D since CES 1983!
  15. Has shipping resumed? It's been a month since my M.O. was shipped priority.
  16. Thank you, I was wondering why the website was offline. Hopefully my order was processed already,,, or soon? . My inner child can't wait .
  17. Thank you, I did find the first site you mention, and I thought about contacting him. It was a box controller (similar to the Nyko trackball), not a joypad.
  18. It was very generic. Just black, as I recall, no fancy graphics or anything. It is very similar to the Nyko Trackball from those same days, and it might have been a Nyko product. I wonder whether they got in trouble because the box mentioned that it could be used with William's Arcade Classic's Asteroids on PSX.
  19. Thanks, I do appreciate it, but Lego and Meccano are as far as I go in terms of building anything . In a strange way, I have a specific interest for that Gamestop product I am mentioning. After all, it was a commercially-produced unit meant specifically for Asteroids in the PSX Williams Classics collection, sold in 1995, 14 years after Asteroids came out in the arcades. And, therefore, a tangible tribute to the popularity of Asteroids many years after his release.
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