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  1. I'm about to open up the sales locally. Have to messed up discs in my back and haven't been able to do much the past 3 weeks. Slowly starting to get energy back. That being said at this moment in time I have atleast 30 machines left. Thanks to everyone that has bought one so far and to the people on the fence. There pretty decent little machines and I ship fast.
  2. Very happy to hear it worked out for you the way you wanted it to.
  3. Not to sound mean but you are spamming my thread alot for someone who hasn't bought from me. If you have questions please private message the good sir. Thanks
  4. I would assume it ran well enough for the school they came out of to use them that way.
  5. Have plenty to go around if anyone wants to buy multiples. Price is firm no matter how many you buy though
  6. I have recently gotten in a ton of Mac minis. There 2012 i5 4 gb ram 500 gb hd and the os is Catalina. They just have the power cords. There came from a surplus auction so they do have some scratches on the bottoms but for the most part look in good but used condition. Anyone interested in any? May consider trades but mostly looking for cash. Looking to get $100 plus shipping these weigh basically nothing so shipping would not be much.
  7. Help me find my trip to the mlb allstar game in Denver. I've decided to let go of my gaming hoard to pay for this trip. All these games vary in conditions and not going to lie most of them were bought from GameStop so the cases have the lovely shelf wear. Posting these local as well since I don't have much time to get them sold. Disc only $15 TMNT mutants take Manhattan $25 watchmen end is nigh parts 1&2 $10 wheel of fortune $10 smurfs 2 *has the cover art but it's slightly damaged* $10 far cry compilation $7 marvel super hero squad infinity gauntlet $5 the adventures of tin tin $5 Wolfenstein new order $5 walking dead survival instinct $5 Warhammer 40k space marine $4 grand theft auto episodes from liberty city $4 mass effect 3 $4 motorstorm $3 Guitar hero Aerosmith Complete $70 Saw 2 *missing booklet* $30 Saw $20 the amazing Spider-Man *missing booklet* $10 Hannah Montana the movie $25 the amazing Spider-Man 2 $20 Cars 3 $18 how to train your dragon 2 $15 mini ninjas $22 transformers war for Cybertron $10 eat lead return of matt Hazzard $15 transformers fall of Cybertron $12 game of thrones $10 X-Men destiny $10 WWE legends of WrestleMania $15 godfather 2 $20 Pac-Man and the ghostly adventures 2 $15 how to train your dragon $8 tomb raider underworld $6 bulletstorm $12 Rapala pro bass fishing $10 Far cry 4 $15 Lego Indiana Jones 2 $15 transformers devastation $15 rachet and clank all 4 one $15 transformers rise of the dark spark $10 Star wars force unleashed 2 $65 Spider-Man edge of time $35 harry Potter and the deathly hallows part 2 $10 go Joe rose of cobra $25 Jak and daxter collection $15 prison break $10 monsters vs aliens $5 assassin's Creed black flag $18 Ben 10 Omniverse 2 *missing booklet* $18 teenage mutant ninja turtles danger of the oze $25 harry Potter and the deathly hallows part 1 $15 lord of the rings war of the north *missing booklet* $25 ride to hell retribution $80 Majin and the forsaken kingdom $30 katamari forever $55 spiderman shattered dimensions $25 rachet and clank future a crack in time $5 metal gear solid ground zero $25 Dragonball raging blast $5 Dej jam rapstar $4 start the party $4 uncharted Drake's fortune Adding more tomorrow in the next 24 hours. Shipping is not included so the more you buy the more you save on shipping
  8. Due to being spamed and people getting there panties in a bunch I have removed media mail as a option. Sorry to everyone I've sold to on here that requested me ship media mail and had zero problems with it getting there. 👍
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