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  1. Crap. I discovered Chap-hop.

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    2. Reaperman


      Where are my fighting trousers?

    3. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      It's the new and improved version of the Slap Chop:


    4. frankodragon


      You're gonna love your nuts.

  2. I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack honey !

  3. WHAT ? There was a MST3K marathon on TV in the USA ? Kill me...

    1. jaybird3rd


      Someone posted the new host segments separately, so if you have the episodes, you can "re-enact" it on your own:


  4. Back from Retrogaming connexion convention in Meaux (France). Been playing too much Densha de Go on PS1... And now I want this game AND the controller !

  5. Thinking about selling my Moto G 4G bought in August... I just don't like Android. And I hate when microSD card is ejected on its own then unreadable. Had the same issue on a HTC years ago.

    1. Keatah


      Yeh if that's motorola crap just get rid of it..

  6. Smartwatch makers, start the photocopier. (but IDGAF about smartwatches, frankly)

    1. OBO


      oh... the Apple Watch is UGLY !

    2. Ransom
    3. jaybird3rd


      From what little I've seen, it looks like a well-executed design, but I don't get the excitement over wearable tech. I'm sure we'll soon see plenty of flimsy Chinese ripoffs anyway.

  7. And now I'm binge-watching Miami Ink, LA Ink, Madrid Ink. I don't have a tattoo and don't even want one. My brain cells are fried. Deep Fried.

    1. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      The good news is that you can't smell bad odors through the TV.

  8. LA Ink's last season is awful. I know it's old news, but it's the first time I watch this.

  9. I have a confession to make. I can't hold it anymore. I bought an Amiga.

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    2. OBO


      Yeah, I definitively feel the link between my Atari 8 bits and the Amiga. It's a 600 with a 4gb compact flash. But I'll try to go the GOTEK way soon.

    3. Tickled_Pink


      Still haven't taken the plunge myself. If I ever get my own games room, there'll be one in there for sure.

    4. atarian63
  10. What is it that makes Ingress so attractive to many ?

  11. I just remember I got a softmodded Xbox... Any games to recommend (I know, I asked for PS1 yesterday, It's still a console I skipped)

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    2. OBO


      Thanks. And I noticed Xbox GTA's characters have FINGERS on their hands ! Oh my ! (PS2 version gave me the impression of playing with Playmobils)

    3. Tickled_Pink


      How can you forget something like that? It's like me forgetting about my chipped PS2, softmodded Wii, 2 x flashed Xbox 360s and the R4 cards. ;-)

    4. Tickled_Pink


      And then I go and forget about the 2 x softmodded PSPs. *embarassed*

  12. so, which PS1 games are recommended for someone who skipped this era ?

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    2. high voltage

      high voltage

      You skipped this era, the most important console starting the CD revolution in gaming?

    3. The Rick
    4. OBO


      I basically left between the Megadrive 1 and the Playstation 2. Had others things to do at the time.

  13. How and yes, finally, the soccer frenzy is over in France. At last.

  14. For those wondering where to find a romof the Sonic Hack James&Mike played, here it is : http://shc.sonicresearch.org/index.php/entry/1

  15. Hey, Breaking Bad is not so bad... (retro even when it's related to TV shows... In 5 years, I'll watch Games of Throne. Maybe)

  16. Got a modded Xbox... I feel guilty.

    1. Gemintronic


      You should. You're a bad consumer if you think you can use your property the way you want.

    2. OBO


      And moreover, it's f.... UGLY ! Hiding it under the TV right now. Man. It's UGLY. (original Xbox "Crystal" edition)

  17. Watching L.A. Ink. Kinda reminds me of the time I was going to Goths and Metal-themed bars. Except I never got a tattoo.

  18. ok, so, on PS3, I like Portal 1 and 2, Magrunner, Quantum Connundrum and Master Reboot. Any suggestion of other games like these ?

  19. whoooo man... This new medication to control my frequent headaches is strong... And I hate feeling like this. GET ME DOWN FROM THIS CLOUUUUD

    1. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      Whats the med? I'd rather be on cloud 9 than have another migraine..

    2. Dave Neuman

      Dave Neuman

      I'm curious too. My wife and my son get frequent migraines.

    3. yell0w_lantern


      Maybe itss Dopamax...uh.. I mean Topamax.


  20. hey... wait a minute... In saw a trailer for the new Godzilla and for a split second, I think I saw RODAN ? OMG OMG OMG \o/

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    2. SeaGtGruff


      No, it was a flying Muto.

    3. SeaGtGruff


      Based on what I'm seeing on the web, I think there are at least two kinds of Mutos-- the flying Mutos and an 8-legged Muto.

    4. xucaen


      I'm hoping for Gigan. :D

  21. I have the feeling that if one day I go to a TNA Wrestling show, when Gail Kim appears, I'll yell "BURSTED IMPLANT *clap**clap* *clap**clap**clap*" (may be understood only by Wrestling fans)

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    2. OBO


      Except Jarrett's GFW won't rise overnight to the level of TNA. and once again it's "another promotion with guys you already know from WWE or TNA" new faces, dammit !

    3. DoctorTom
    4. OBO
  22. Tired. Headache. Grumpy.

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    2. Bryan


      Think how lucky she was that "Horny" wasn't one of them!

    3. ValkerieSilk


      @atari2600land: Why even keep count, bout just 'Band of Dwarfs'...

    4. atarian63


      if you were a woman I would guess PMS

  23. Dickquack ! (translation of bitcoin from French)

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