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  1. I mainly use MAME for arcade games, despite its focus on emulating "ALL THE THINGS!!!!111" Buuut, it does have a damn fine 7800 emulator. BTW, Saeger, BIG fan of Z26 during the Win98 days, especially because of the support of 100 and 120hz video modes!
  2. erm, there were scanlines, for the (S)VGA crowd (and up). The catch was, they were doubled for the low-rez modes. The 320x200 mode was really displayed in 640x400, for example. Nowadays, in my case, the modern graphics cards (that prefer VGA (DVI-I Dual Link) over HDMI) display the BIOS/Textmode in artificially blown-up 1280x1024... (Dunno if I'm in the meh, or BLECCH!, crowd...) It is nice to see Doom displayed as if through a 15KHz monitor tho!
  3. My suggestion? Surf to the entry you're trying to add, choose Properties, and open the Audit tab. If it passes, you (hopefully) won't have to refresh; simply close and open the program up again!
  4. Sadly, the tape don't lie, as that's the way it's always been. Take it from me; I got the VHS, Christmas 1991. (I was even nuts enough to try transcribing the movie on a Composition notebook, and I heard, "Kev! Kev!", yet wrote it about as intelligibly as Buzz uttered it. Only made it to "WE SLEPT IN!' tho.)
  5. Well, Treb, you did what I had NO time at ALL to do at the time, to get the confirmation out. I went for getting the word out; you went for documenting history! Infinite Kudos!
  6. Sighting confirmed. Only it wasn't in Sheldon's posession.
  7. Forgive me for saying, but I predict AtariVox support to be requested a TON in Stella soon after this release... Even weirder, the voices here are WAY more intelligible than the original! XD Not to mention the title screen ALONE! Best titlescreen for the VCS. EVER.
  8. Any model specifics on the 32:9 monitor? I'm truly curious...
  9. *psst* I left a surprise on your Quake 2 stream. Just look for a reply to your Main Comment regarding timecodes.
  10. Dude; my nostalgia in this case says the actual console DOES sound better!
  11. Okay, just betatested using my aural Litmus test of Ms. Pac-Man. It actually sounds like 8-bit farts! I cranked up the audio system to 96KHz with Ultra resampling... It STILL sounds like 8-bit farts! . . . Thank you. XD
  12. I myself am a Redditor, subbed to r/MAME; the very fact that you got Cuavas to reply as a start, is a SEVERE understatement on my part. In short, I sense a HUGE improvement for Astrocade emulation in the making, so Prosystemsearch oughtta be happy for what he started!
  13. The post of a couple nights ago was based on my last use of my 2600 a couple years ago. Sadly, my current 'TV' (if you can call it that) doesn't have a coax input nor a composite jack, so no way to hook up my 6-switch Atari; nor do I have a Harmony cart, so no way to test the hundreds, maybe thousands, of software titles for audio abnormalities. But for those reading this that have either the former or both the things I mentioned, this is a call for those betatesters to be: PLEASE. Send feedback on ANY findings of audio quirks to get the TIA emulation beefed up to make Turing blush! Yes, I wrote those walls of text to say the little that needed to be said. I hope it helped.
  14. Yes, I can confirm that on real hardware, Ms. Pac-Man's opening jingle sounds like 8-bit farts once both channels are playing.
  15. One suggestion: The jingle at the AtariAge logo is slightly off. It's supposed to go D-D-D-D-F-E-D-C. The first four notes were C's. Unless you're getting around the copyright of the original...
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