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  1. Well! I may have learned of this huge enhancement of the original 32X release in the heavily grey-area r/roms. But a couple days ago, I heard of the 2.0 release from this thread. Its drool-worthy 320×184 High Color mode might have outdone the Jag version on its own, putting the 'high definition' back into the Genesis 32X's reputation! There's also the beefed-up PWM mixer with double the channels of sound effects, as well as multiplayer via link cable (which I'm not prepared for. I only have one Genesis with 32X after all, and it's in garage storage...). Congratulations on getting me to start playing again, even if it's via Fusion! :D
  2. Better yet, did you know Zophar himself has a Twitch? He even went out of his way to bring back memories of the site one night, writing a new article in the process!
  3. ermmm, I just found out the provided link to the emulator is way out of date. Here's a new one: https://emu7800.github.io
  4. Just did a minute ago. Flawless! :D
  5. My previous version was 6.4. Pressing escape would usually quit the game out to the game select/ROM listings UI. I presume PlusROM support was just added, as escape now brings up the prompt for a name to register for high scores, I guess? In any case I was (am?) not ready! XD
  6. Forgive the tone of that post, I wasn't offended, just a bit weirded out by the not-quite-expected change in the inner workings of Stella. That's what I get for focusing on the Emulation section of the forum rather than the 2600 section. MovieCarts are an awesome idea tho!
  7. The heck is this PlusROMS thing? I'm frankly used to the escape key bringing me back to the initial game select UI screen... O.o
  8. Actually, WD's list price is actually more than the console, at $550! I'm just glad they let me save $170 for a so-called promo! o.o
  9. Okay, now a slight update/timeline. *ahem*: August 19th - I receive my PS5 console, manufactured in June of 2021. The same day Quake gets remastered for its 25th Anniversary! September 7th - Not only does the SSD of choice (Mark Cerny Approved!) drop in price to where I can afford it, with sales taxes, it's actually in stock, direct from the manufacturer! I immediately order the drive. September 12th @ 3AM EDT - Said drive drops $20 in price in-between order and delivery. Not Good. September 14th - I learn, late-ish, that the required firmware update that enables the M.2 slot will officially release to the public the next day! Now, I choose to let that lost $20 slide, as the news alone is worth it. September 15th - The SSD arrives. The same day the slot officially gets enabled! I immediately prepare a thumbdrive with the latest firmware, unplug the console, install the drive, and finally reboot the console in Service mode to apply the update, so drive detection, formatting and usage will be the most painless possible. (Yes, it can be done! ) Now... The pain of digital renovation... 😛
  10. Okay, I tried it with physical media, and I'm glad they started implementing the concept. But sadly, my drive is okay at reading, but sucks at streaming. In Final Fantasy VII, the opening movie stutters at a way low framerate, even with the highest read-ahead. My drive is the laptop-based BU50N. Is there ANY way to unlock something resembling performance mode, so my drive don't act like a narcoleptic? 😕
  11. I do believe I got lucky on Tuesday's Direct; now I gotta wait a couple days for delivery, but I don't know if I can! XD
  12. This just in: The globally famous Digital Foundry YouTubeMagazine, has officially made their first tests with the M.2 SSD slot. That is all.
  13. I just heard that Mark Cerny's personal choice is the WD_BLACK SN850 series of SSDs with the required heatsink. It even looks like the other forms of game drives in the current line! I'm just glad that great minds thought alike in my case!
  14. Hopefully, you're thinking of the WD_BLACK SN850 series of drives, the successor of the 2 terabyte SN750 that's in my system as the main disk (the HDD slot is the secondary) .
  15. They went a full generation ahead in terms of storage, using the m.2 form factor for internal SSD sticks the size of chewing gum! I have one myself in my PC; it's 2 terabytes if you can believe it. As of this post, the slot is purposely inactive until the folks at Sony not only enable it via an update, but possibly catalog a list of drives they feel is up to the speed of the SSD chips on the PS5 motherboard.
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