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  1. I really wish I lived closer to Chicago, I've always wanted to go.
  2. I just sent payment. I can't wait to play this!
  3. Awesome! I just sent you an email. Can't wait to play it!
  4. I received my Multicart yesterday and WOW it is way nicer than any picture could have implied. Thank you so much! Now my Arcadia will finally get used!
  5. I just got a very clean Fairchild Channel F System II and it seems to work pretty well. The problem I have is that the color is really messed up. Is it true that there is an adjustment pot located inside? I tried opening it up to see for myself but only two screws are exposed and removing them got me nowhere. I am hoping someone can tell me whether or not there are screws located underneath the cork foot pads. They are in really nice shape and I don't want to remove them unless I am sure I have to.
  6. I clearly remember the first time I saw video games at our movie store. I rented MagMax for Nes. I was so disappointed that my dad took me back so i could get a different one. I then brought home the first Mega Man game and proceeded to beat it three times that weekend. It was awesome!
  7. Wow, it feels like the 80's. I spent all night playing Mr. Do and I woke up with pink eye. Am I 10 years old again?

  8. I too am very interested. Just let me know when I can order one. Thanks!
  9. Why am I addicted to Rabbit Transit?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. greencoman


      Is this a mobie phone game?

    3. Trinity


      A supercharger game man!

    4. sqoon


      No, it is a 2600 game.

  10. Awesome! I was really upset I missed them the first time. Email Sent!
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