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  1. A belated congratulations to you man. A collection well earned. I’m still in my journey to finish my mpt-03 collection even after all these years lol
  2. Looking to buy the remaining cartridges for my Tempest MPT-03 collection. Currently chasing MPT-08 American Football (currently working out a purchase with someone at the moment) MPT-322 Space Vulture MPT-326 Escape MPT-327 Super Gobbler MPT-328 Space Raider MPT-329 ??? MPT-330 Horse Racing MPT-331 ??? MPT-332 ??? Loose, complete or anywhere in between is fine. I'd prefer to buy outright but I do have a number of doubles if requested.
  3. Purchased a copy of Crazy Climber for the Tempest MPT-03 from Stupus. Wonderful transaction all round with excellent communication, packaging and postage time.
  4. I've been collecting for the Tempest MPT-03 Variant of the Emmerson Arcadia for a few years now and I've worked my way down to needing only 6 of the currently known cartridges to complete my collection. I have a heap of spares to trade however I'm also happy to buy if necessary. The remaining carts I need are. 308 American Football 322 Space Vulture 325 Crazy Climber 326 Escape 328 Space Raider 330 Horse Racing I am also In need of cartridges 329, 331 and 332 however as of yet I do not know their names. The spares I have available can be seen below http://i.imgur.com/ZkxCyJw.png
  5. My Tempest MPT-03 arrived today in the mail and when the seller was testing it before postage they found that the console no longer powers on. I would like to bring it back to life if possible.
  6. [quote name=Sub(Function()' timestamp='1362308326' post='2707985] Sorry is this sounds cruel: But if you have to ask how to make a power supply. You should NOT be making one. You will have to connect the power supply to mains voltage. This can be VERY dangerous if you don't know what you are doing. If you really want to build one take an electronics course at your local community college. The Atari 600XL takes a 5V DC input at about 1Amp to 1.5Amps Sound advice really. probably safer to get a transformer.
  7. I'm in Australia, thanks for the reply. Can you give me any more information on making my own power supply?
  8. I bought myself a PAL 600XL today at a flea market but it does not have a power supply. Where would I be able to buy one or failing that what can I do to use an american power supply without burning anything out?
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