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  1. Sleepless, speechless and all you can think of. Blowing my mind. From all five continents plus Antarctica:
  2. iOS game or the Real McCoy? https://atariwiki.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=Star Raiders Atari did assemble with the Microtec Cross-Assembler. Today, if want to do it smooth: http://www.wudsn.com/index.php/ide
  3. You are right! Just wrote it before my first coffee, big mistake of mine, just was happy to see and overwhelmed. Later enhanced by CBS Software and re-released with Adding Fractions as Success with Math - Fractions - Addition and Subtraction. Therefore: Decimals - Addition and Subtraction and we have the complete series. :-))) if Multiplication and Division from #137 is up, too. 🙂 What a great starting of Sunday. :-))) Success with Math - Fractions - Addition and Subtraction.atr
  4. @abbotkinneydude: WOW! That is great!!! We are nearly there, just these 2 are missing: •) Success with Math - CBS Software - Decimals - Addition and Subtraction •) Success with Math - CBS Software - Subtracting Mixed Fractions and the collection is complete. :-))) We have another source for: Multiplication and Division, but if you can upload them here, that would help us a lot. 🙂 Please find attached the archive plus the picture of the whole content of the series. Success with Math -2.zip
  5. Your 1st try fits best, so I think. We have MD and ED meaning the same in your case: 140K. To avoid double meaning, the actual number does the job best. Key, to my mind is, to get the needed info in a blink of an eye. If we change to symbol language, like in the cult movie Idiocrazy, we risk to be 500 years ahead of our time...
  6. @Philsan: WOW! I was blind all the years. Have made an emergency update: https://atariwiki.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=Articles#section-Articles-ItalianAtariSoftware Now(!), I am sure, we will gonna make it! Thank you so much. If you know a good soul like you, which has done the same with Atari Spain, please, please, let us know. 🙂 Thank you! 🙂
  7. Hi cfernan, Yes, Prof. Grebe has this solved years ago! Please see results made with his incredible work. When doing so, please take into account DrVenkman's tip and choose 2 level above here: You now can receive results like in the attachment below. This is from a work which Bill Lange gave me, but I didn't found time yet, to upload it in the Wiki.
  8. Yes, I am very glad, this happens finally. 🙂 With all the help, I think it is made on solid rock. 🙂 The old magazines are all availabe in German language now, but with a copy & paste, give: https://www.deepl.com/translator a try, it is with ai already and should meanwhile know all A8 specific technical terms. @Larry: I did not forgot your e-mail. My answer will take way much longer, that is why. It is those projects and additionally some evil guys, who take my time. In our other project, please press the thumbs, that one of our IMF friends will have success at the weekend at the Kansas festival. Would be so great to close a project going on for years. 🙂 @Philsan: there some evil guys in Brussels, but the Atarians are with you, always. The draft is already made: https://atariwiki.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=Articles#section-Articles-ItalianAtariSoftware the content will follow. Marsupilami already has done the very most in this regard. With the help of all, I am sure, we will gonna make it. @all have a great weekend and please keep up the good work.
  9. What should we say Prof. Grebe? We get from one WOW to another in chain. Can't tell, how happy we are. Tank you sooooooo much. Your work and contribution is so vital. Thank you.
  10. Yes, but I did not received all answers so far. My idea is, to create a txt file, else a pdf file like you have made in #137, with a worldwide standard, especially to identify each title and mix them with Farb's or the one on the Wiki. These one or two file on a server, where some have R/W rights and the rest R rights. From time to time this list must be update, the same way, Prof. Michael Current does with the Atari FAQ. We are in discussion mode still, but your list is big and great start to do so. Thank you. 🙂
  11. Don't forget to use the incredible work of DOSDUDE1, who brings the actual macOS to the old ones...
  12. A clear YES!!!!!!!!! Prof. Grebe has planetary size heart!
  13. Before I start with the breakthrough, I deeply want to thank 3 big users of the community: Bill Lange, Mark L. Simonson and Prof. Mark Grebe. Today, we have a game changer for all and easy to use. It all started when Bill send me a printout with all special fonts from our beloved Atari. At this time, it was a little complicated, at least for me. Meanwhile, in over years, I even did not manage to upload this to the Wiki. Shame on me. 😞 Besides this, Mark L. Simonson developed the Atari Font for modern computers: https://atariwiki.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=Atari True Type Font for PC and Mac No general assembly of ABBUC without his font, you know, we couldn't read anything... He further developed the font with the German special letters, too. WOW, like flashdance, what a feeling. 🙂 Combined with these both, I asked Prof. Grebe, whether they may be a chance to insert this into a printout for our beloved Mac emulator? Guess what? He did it! Ladies and Gentlemen, we now have the chance to preserve the source codes 1:1 with all special Atari characters!!! :-))) That is so incredible! :-))) Therefore from all five continents: all soooooo much!!!!! :-))) So, how is this done? First, please download the new Atari800MacX 5.2.0 Alpha 1.app: Atari800MacX 5.2.0 Alpha 1.app.zip It is now in Alpha 1 status, but working fine yet and doing it's job for source code preservation. Please see the results below. When the program is up, choose: from the control panel. Once done, load in any source code you want to print out. I have taken for example SCRAM. First, I loaded in the LOADER program from BASIC: LOAD"D:SC*.* Then I typed in the command: LIST"P:". After a short wait, I choose the button: "Preview" form the control panel and the emulator switched to: Here, please press the marked button with the red arrow. You can save the result into a pdf file. 🙂 Doing the same again with the main program in the largest version available results in: Scram 24K Source Code.pdf So, you can see, time to: One last beg from me, please don't contact Prof. Grebe, he is working very hard on the release version. I am sure, we can find the answers here in the forum. May you all have a great sunday and the force with you, always. 🙂 Scram 24K-Version (english) (Basic).atr
  14. Thom, What should I write? We are soooo deep in your debt and I dare to speak here for the worldwide Atari community, that we really appreciate your help soo much. Thank you and please go ahead, your work is vital, especially for the coming time. ; like in Olympics: each 'go team' represents one continent...
  15. No problem at all Gearhead Lu, you made the others happy, therefore me, too. 🙂 Thank you very much for your help, we really need users like you. They make Atari great again, for real! All the best and please go ahead.
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