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  1. Rybags, not believing, that is the truth! Otherwise no object code will be produced! It is in the manual. That is why I wrote, whether post #10 was read? The manual there about the MAC/65 and DDT is clear about this. With OCR, of course, only the best for the community. But people really have to do their homework. In those times, sadly but true, there was no: ' Alexa, write Space Invaders in assembly language for the 6502 on an Atari for the MAC/65 for me.' But, there is still hope, these times will come...
  2. @Samual: Simply not true, if you have a true MAC/65 cartridge with DDT and have already assembled your code, let's say at $600, then you can go to DDT with the command 'DDT' and type in 'G600', which will execute your program at $600. Please don't tell, it is not there, when it is there. @ricortes: from #21: 'I never like not having page 6 available...' Maybe it is already too late here, but taking OSS DOS XL and the 1.02 cart of MAC/65 with DDT: page 6 is complete empty... So sorry for the truth...
  3. 🙂 Yeah, the good old times. I started with Kathleen's cart, too and the book from Inman. But with MAC/65 you could directly assemble to page 6 on disk and load it from there... But for just some speed routines, the Atari Assembler cart was fully sufficient, of course.
  4. ??? You assemble from a specific address, let's say: $4000 , so then go to DOS for example (OSS DOS) and type: RUN 4000 That's all.
  5. Well, you have an outstanding work with the box. You really should deverse the next free CX-number to my mind...
  6. Thank you, so you see, I am really too old and have a great lack of time... Just hope, this will change in the near future. 🙂
  7. Have included a torrent file. Please remove: .txt from the file. Atari8bitPreservedSoftware2019-07-09.torrent.txt
  8. Did you try: https://atariwiki.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=TURBO-BASIC XL ? JAC! has worked already on the history of TBXL, but luckybuck hasn't uploaded yet... Luckybuck, oh no!!!! 😞
  9. Wil in the Twilight Zone. :-) Great! Thank you. The box: https://www.amazon.com/s?k=twilight+zone+dvd&__mk_de_DE=%C3%85M%C3%85%C5%BD%C3%95%C3%91&crid=3B1XES4NNSYL8&sprefix=Twilight+Zone%2Caps%2C267&ref=nb_sb_ss_i_4_13 is on my list, when real retirement is coming, so > 2040? Glad it could be solved. Today, I have asked our electronics store, how much it will be to create a light pen up on my last post: around 50-70 €... Therefore, Bruce is a really great! :-)
  10. Hi together! It is solved! At the HATZ 2019 meeting we had 4 CX-75 light pens from 4 different users, 1 was running like a charm, the others needed an extension cable! Why this? The contact pins inside the plug to the joystick port are way too much inside the plug. An extension cable with large pins can fix this, but there is still a 'loose contact'. With some tries, one can find the best position, at this point, the plug with the cable has to be fixed. That is all. On the other hand, we have learned something in the past, as Mclaneinc wrote, it shouldn't be a big problem... please see attachments below (thanks to Charlie Chaplin for sharing!). So, this means, we have a CX-70 for the 400/800 series, we have a CX-75 for the XL series, but who the heck is building a CX-AtariAge one with regard to the XE series? Well, a Fisher Space Pen edition to work aboard the ISS, is o. k., too.... I am moderate here...
  11. Please see the post above yours... Thank you, great help! Here is my 1st draft for the English version: https://atariwiki.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=TURBAN
  12. Thank you so much ggn, can we take this into the wiki for a while? With credits to you, of course?
  13. No problem, for translation please use: https://www.deepl.com/translator while I will translate it into English, when there is time. Else, we may have the Star Trek universal translator from 1967 based on AI and big data... The main problem is always the setting of the right paths and giving read/write access to the working folder. Pressing you both thumbs, TURBAN is worth it. :-)
  14. So sorry Preppie, I am just on Mac. Have just finished this here: https://atariwiki.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=TURBAN please click on deutsch and try to do a cross over for Win 10. Would like to help more, but time is always the problem...
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