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  1. Great! And thanks for testing...! :-))) You mean the: 'atari_cx85_field_service_manual_screen.pdf' from here: https://atariwiki.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=AtariCX85 ? and this BASIC program: ?
  2. Thanks a8isa1, Many stress in the last time, less for Atari, but I am still here. 🙂 Well, everything is here: https://atariwiki.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=Turbo-BASIC XL plus the work from JAC! in 2019 and dmsc in 2021 Will update this, but preserving is and must be always #1, hope you understand. All the best.
  3. Yeah great, TB should be in version 2.0 at least, 2.11 even better. The source code belongs to version 2.x... 3.2q is for SpartaDOS... Version 1.5 is old. TB is not smooth running with the FastMath routines, we are working on that...
  4. Have created an ATR, please see below. In there, Visicalc is running with the CX85... SpeedCalc & SpeedCalc enhanced, I did not tested, yet. Just tested in emulator. Real hardware at the Fujiama 2021 in Sep. However, we have the source code, therefore, there will be a solution! Visicalc 1.74a, SpeedCalc, CX85, Reeve.atr
  5. But that is exactly what DjayBee has done: SynCalc as file: Never give up, never surrender, there will come a day, the dream will come true. Alexa, tell Siri to reverse engineer the source code for SynCalc...
  6. Thank you sooo much! https://atariwiki.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=Articles#section-Articles-UnitedKingdomAtariCorporationUK Voice and Data Cassettes: https://atariwiki.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=Articles#section-Articles-VoiceAndDataCassettes Would be cool to have all cassettes with voices & music as a WAV file.. :-)))
  7. Yeah! Good idea Gunstar! 🙂 This, 80 column, 1 MB RAM, and some code form SpeedCalc will come close, what I have in mind up to 2030. An open source code for SynCalc 202x would be very cool, too. :-))) https://atariwiki.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=XEP80
  8. No problem, DjayBee is our Atari Backup brain, so you can go ahead. @DjayBee: Btw, where does CX3720 come from? The disc for the CX-85 is labeled CX8139. @all: have inserted the above to: Syncalc1985-48k-Axlon-SD-CX85.atr works like a charm!!!!!! :-)))) @DjayBee: incredible job and breakthrough, too! Syncalc1985-48k-Axlon-SD-CX85.atr
  9. https://atariwiki.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=AtariCX85
  10. Then I must apologize, please continue with free speech in a still free world! Always! The only way, we get the secrets around us. With the 130XE the RAM must be 84 KiB! Without any doubt. If you have a chance to copy the ATX back to a 'normal' disc, then please use the 1985 version only. Die version has the sticker below on it. If you you don't have that free RAM, then a maybe RAM check is needed. Pressing you both thumbs, it's just a software issue. Btw. there are 5(?) different version even from the 1985 version alone... DjayBee is really the working horse here...
  11. 4 I have on the final lane in mind... but one step after another...
  12. Please try to read the beginning of the manual, RAM expansion cards are support, but not all. If just 48 KiB RAM is available, then 21 is correct. Anyway, we should focus on the incredible work from DjayBee and go on from there. Further, coming from the other side, the reverse engineering of the source code... Still much to do...
  13. Thank you sooo much Thor, I must deeply apologize, not yet finished your Basic++ and OS++ on the Wiki. It is on my list and I will do in the future. Thank you, your contribution is highly appreciated! 🙂
  14. I have made my master in... The PhD thesis from Wernher is still today a PhD thesis! This man was so above his time... The documentation is sure of interest, but my focus is towards field propulsions, they are way smarter, if running...
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