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  1. Yes Tempest you can! If someone, then it's you! Have written to Douglas Crockford about my solution and he admitted, this is the final solution. You have to go through one time in the light and the 2nd term during night. Here you have to recall all(!) rooms from your mind, because you can't see very much. Hard is the wererabbit and the dragon. Your are dead in seconds. To come back to that point, you have to play again 20 min. to learn lessons for some seconds. So, during a long winter with a lot of snow, iPhone in flight mode and the kids offline, it is possible. It is hard, but possible. Just start, the force is with you, always.
  2. That is why, we take the 'complete Atari' (2 TB) on a fast SSD, bring them to the meetings and share them. -> 2^x spread: the rest is history. Vision: archiv accessible through FujiNet for all mankind.
  3. Yes! You are right, this is one week ago, two friends of mine were affected, 7 miles from me... We will discuss this at the Fujiama meeting in September. Thank you.
  4. The Wiki is back! Thank you soooo much CAS, highly appreciated! 🙂 Plese use this: https://atariwiki.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=Articles as the entry point to the Wiki. Have fun.
  5. WOW! Thank you very much santoscork! That is great. :-))) Such step by step instructions are gold! 🙂
  6. Thanks. 🙂 Before: a) 20 % Atari & 80 % deep state now: b) 100 % deep state In August back to a), there is no vacancy, because the world doesn't make a break...
  7. Just for one country in Europe, while you already have made BeNeLux plus UK, that makes 4 times more countries than I have taken part in...
  8. Thanks Fred_M, but that is not mine. Wish it would... it is from our admin, I am just an author to the Wiki... Being here, is already vacation...
  9. Just received an update from our admin from his holidays. Greeting to all: because not only the Wiki is affected, it will take up to the very last week of July... Sorry again. 😞😞😞
  10. Thank you Doctor. 🙂 Will forward to our admin. All the best.
  11. Thank you Mclaneinc, even though, there is still so much to do in the Wiki... Have a great weekend.
  12. Hi together, AtariWiki is down until at least 7/22 😞 Sorry to write, but our admin is on holiday, the next day, the weather was that bad, a flash hit the house with the server and electricity was cut off. He decided to continue his holiday with his family, a good decision, so I think. Hope, you don't mind and can forgive us.
  13. One more reason, we can't exchange unique diskettes or cassettes any more over the ocean. Luckily, we have the Kryo technique in use on both continents. :-)))
  14. Yeah, when working with MAC/65 it was very dark and not good for the eyes according to the doctor, therefore I switched back to white background and black letters, which we use the most. From there one, it went better. – Today, due to LED, we have a need for an addional blue light filter, because the LED light destroys our retina. This is from a medical Prof. from our best hospital, the Charité, in Berlin. So sadly not kidding here.
  15. Thanks to all, well, the problem here is the space, it is good, if one can bring distance to all devices -> 1/r^2... but if you don't have the space, it is critical. There are just a few programs, who are affected and only when the telephone is ringing, therefore, this is a minor problem. – But for preserving... Last time, I used cassette was in 1982 and that time, I hadn't a router and therefore no problems. Thank to all.
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