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  1. Luckily Mathy has given me one, therefore, there are others in the need for and should get it. 🙂
  2. Thank you so much Chris, but I am a nobody, it is the users who all work together, even Larry above has big, big part in this. These are the users we have to thank for. It is a project going on for years and still will be, we are very close to finish in colecting the missing parts of Kyan, but even after this, we plan to certify Kyan with a legal(!) label regarding ISO... We face an A label, of course. We are in contact with the man, who did this for the whole world and for all Pascal compilers. After this, Kyan is and will stay great again. 🙂 @Larry: as promised, you will receive a very special e-mail from me very soon. Please stay tuned.
  3. Thank you so much MrFish! Greatly appreaciated you help. 🙂
  4. Thank you so much MrFish, yeah, there is much math still to do on A8...
  5. Oustanding Work!!! Thank you so much. Great game! :-)))
  6. Uh ha, my one is the same as from mr-atari, except the word 'CONTENTS' before the (C) is missing... strange...
  7. Thank you sooooooo much Mark, as always, that is a great help for us all. Thank you. :-)))
  8. Thank you very much Atari_Ace, your help is very much appreciated, since I am not deep in Pascal. I just want to restore all Kyan Pascal software available. With the worldwide help, especially here on AtariAge, we did make great progress, but we are not finished so far. The time is against us, because the magnetic layers won't last forever. Your first point is fixed: https://atariwiki.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=Pascal#section-Pascal-ATRImages please take a look. Point 2: I really have to admit, I don't know further here, maybe someone who is deep in, knows best? Point 3: the CEO of Kyan Pascal, Tom, told us, that all diskettes were not protected in the golden age. Maybe these were formatted different? Anyway, we can and will take the work from the preservation project for granted. At least these images are reliable. Tom Eckmann, CEO of Kyan Pascal, was so nice to us, by giving Kyan Pascal into PD. To complete Kyan Pascal, we need your help again. The missing list is as follows: - Kyan Pascal version 1.2 and 1.3 - Programming Utility Toolkit for Kyan Pascal version 1.x - Advanced Graphics Toolkit for Kyan Pascal version 1.x - Kyan Pascal version 2.00 and 2.03 - Code Optimizer Toolkit for Kyan Pascal version 2.x ; includes the source code for the Runtime Library Please take into account: the System Utilities Toolkit for Kyan Pascal version 2.x is labeled as Version 1.00, while the content is 2.x! Therefore, if you have any original diskette from Kyan Pascal, please let us know. Thank you so much in advance. 🙂
  9. Hi Alfred, I have such a bad conscience, the Six Forks Assembler isn't on the Wiki yet... Will be done, promised. Hard times...
  10. Sleepless, speechless and all you can think of. Blowing my mind. From all five continents plus Antarctica:
  11. iOS game or the Real McCoy? https://atariwiki.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=Star Raiders Atari did assemble with the Microtec Cross-Assembler. Today, if want to do it smooth: http://www.wudsn.com/index.php/ide
  12. You are right! Just wrote it before my first coffee, big mistake of mine, just was happy to see and overwhelmed. Later enhanced by CBS Software and re-released with Adding Fractions as Success with Math - Fractions - Addition and Subtraction. Therefore: Decimals - Addition and Subtraction and we have the complete series. :-))) if Multiplication and Division from #137 is up, too. 🙂 What a great starting of Sunday. :-))) Success with Math - Fractions - Addition and Subtraction.atr
  13. @abbotkinneydude: WOW! That is great!!! We are nearly there, just these 2 are missing: •) Success with Math - CBS Software - Decimals - Addition and Subtraction •) Success with Math - CBS Software - Subtracting Mixed Fractions and the collection is complete. :-))) We have another source for: Multiplication and Division, but if you can upload them here, that would help us a lot. 🙂 Please find attached the archive plus the picture of the whole content of the series. Success with Math -2.zip
  14. Your 1st try fits best, so I think. We have MD and ED meaning the same in your case: 140K. To avoid double meaning, the actual number does the job best. Key, to my mind is, to get the needed info in a blink of an eye. If we change to symbol language, like in the cult movie Idiocrazy, we risk to be 500 years ahead of our time...
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