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  1. I do not recommend using Armor All on any of these Classig Gaming Systems or their additional components. First off it does not clean the surface nor does it repair any blemishes or physical marring of the system or controller. All that Armor All does is leave a nasty film on the system or controller which only temporarily hides any marring or other damages to the plastic. If doing this prior to posting for sale, then it is being done to deceive people as to the true condition of the item. I can easily spot items being sold that have had an Armor All type product applied to it and I just laugh and steer clear of said item, though I feel pity for whatever sucker buys it thinking they picked up some "needle in the haystack" item. I have attached photos that I took of a few of my personal systems which I cleaned myself meticulously (without disassembly) using a toothbrush, fine boar hair brush, lots of Q-tips and several high quality microfiber towels and Formula-409 (which I have now replaced with my own homemade concoction). Not a drop of Armor All or any product similar to it has touched these systems not will they. I will hopefully get around to photographing my Atari 5200 Trak-Ball Controller, then post them up in this thread.
  2. Just saw this thread, so I apologize for being 7 days late wishing you a Happy Belated Birthday! Congrats on the lineup you plan on closing out 2015 with, no better way to exit, you are blessed brother.
  3. Doing nothing is hard, you never know when you're done!

    1. atari2600land


      you're done when you start doing something.

  4. Yurkie my man! Been a long time brother, I hope you and your family are doing well. I see you had been tinkering in the workshop, and found a video mod which allows us to play Colecovision games while enjoying a resolution and color palate I imagine the designers never knew was possible. Bravo. Looks like I will soon be sending you my YurkieVision for a much need surgery! Plus this was the final justification I need to invest in a FrameMiester XRGB, I have been eyeing them for over three years, along with scan line generators. No need to allow my YurkieVision to enjoy all the fun, will also send in my NES which I have owned since 1988. This particular NES and I have a special bond, she deserves a make-over as well. Again, glad to see you are still pushing the envelope with mods to provide a better experience for us Old School Gamers and providing your unique talents and experience by restoring old systems back to like new. God bless you brother. I will get in touch with you soon. About three years ago I was fortunate enough to stumble across this particular thread and procure my very own YurkieVision. I purchased an existing Colecovision that Todd had in his inventory, ten paid for him to transform said Colecovision into a YurkieVision! They say pictures speak a thousand words, well lets listen to those thousand plus words shall we...😁
  5. "Ouch! Ouch! I can close my eyes today, there they are right in front of me. Steve McMichael, Dan Hampton, Richard Dent. Mike Singletary, with those big-eyes staring at me. Off to right is Otis Wilson, off to the left is Wilbur Marshall. I take the snap, I open my eyes, they're still there. I go to bed at night sometimes, I close my eyes, break-out in a cold-sweat, they're still there. They actually hit you on they're way going somewhere, for a little meeting an...

    1. RedRaider


      Buddy Ryan was the first football coach who finally realized that the defense has the offense out-numbered...

    2. oldjd


      What about frig?

    3. Cebus Capucinis

      Cebus Capucinis

      No they don't, each side has the same amount of men, unless you count the goali--OH, "FOOTBALL". ;)

  6. “The 46 Defense, um, to put it very plain and to the point, is all about pressure. It is all about pressure.” ~ Mike Singletary

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    2. RedRaider


      In 1985, NO ONE figured it out !!!

    3. RedRaider


      "We're gonna keep coming and we're gonna keep you guessing and we're gonna keep you thinking! We're not 'ducking & dodging', we're gonna have fun! Because the 46 Defense was as physical and as nasty, as you want to get!" ~ Mike Singletary

    4. roadrunner


      "They are who we thought they were and we let them off the hook." - Dennis Green

  7. Today the package arrived. Very well packaged and very nice quality, better than I was expecting. I'll definitely post some pics up soon...
  8. As a youth, without a doubt Star Wars. I remember watching it in the Theater, quickly became a life-long fan of the Franchise. My only hang up is Episode 1, still think it was garbage. In college I really got into TNG. Imho, this series was by the best of the Franchise! Only other Star Trek series I've watched every episode of is Voyager, really liked it as well. I have been in the Intellivision Camp for about 32 years now, heck I just recently bought my first two Atari consoles. So I guess this is where I fall: Star Wars - Intellivision You start a lot of threads Voltron, this might be one of your best!
  9. Hmmm.... I see you are selling these on eBay, yet I paid you on 19 August, yet still have not received the cards yet and it's 4 September? I have bought a lot of goods from Canada and have never experienced this slow of shipping.
  10. RedRaider

    Vectrex Berzerk

    I just wish this damn game would talk, like the original...
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