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  1. I am also having the same problem. How do you install the emulator? I must be doing something wrong.
  2. Hey guys, been here for a couple years. Met some great people and generally love the community. Few months ago I started up a Game Review/ Pick Up video YouTube channel. I am nearing 100 subs and I am holding a contest for some free GBA games! Check out the vid, sub, like comment =D Check me out at Canadian Zangief on YouTube for the 100 subs Contest! Cheers!! [http://youtu.be/u0xaS30Ro4w/URL]
  3. Looking to part out some of my collection to make some room for other stuff. Selling the following: I am shipping from Canada which is more expensive than USPS. Buyer pays shipping. Neo Geo Color Pocket Collection (90$ Price Drop) Included handheld and the following games King of Fighters R2 Samurai Showdown 2 Card Fighters Clash Capcom Edition Metal Slug 1st Mission Biomotor Unitron
  4. So excited! I missed out on previous years and I have been in serious coin envy =D
  5. I am not to sure if Ax is still doing these or not right now due to health. You should get in touch with his wife Wolfpackmommy and see if they are still available.
  6. Looking for a replacement disc 3 for Legend of Dragoon for PS1 (Preferable greatest hits to match my other discs) The ePay ones are at silly prices, can buy an entire new game for the price of a single disc >.<.
  7. Picked up a modded Xbox from Mark. Works great and for a even greater price! Scholars and gentlemen of the Atariage family I present one of the most stellar members Ive ever dealt with. Won't hesitate to deal with again!
  8. Love it =D If I was a richer man I would be all over it. Good Luck with the sale ^_^y
  9. Would a kickstarter be feasible? Not sure if its against any rules or not.
  10. oo consolized game gear is tempting =D
  11. luckily the Retron 5 can play famicom =D
  12. haha i love the web address usfami.com classic =D. Will you ship to Canada?
  13. there are tons that love the ouya. I just think because this a retro collecting community that alot of us here are scared by emulation. I ordered a modded Xbox from Mark but I am stripping it of all games minus arcade games as soon as I get it because I find it diminishes my collection. Btw I'm not trying to put down this ouya sale just my personal outlook on emulation. Good luck with the sale man. I am sure someone will bite ^_^.
  14. got my games today! bumpage =D
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