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  1. Hi Nanochess, Your project seems so super cool! I really want to learn more about it, but as I am a noob to ASM programming, I'm afraid for the moment it might be over my head. But I'm definitely going to delve into it more when I get a little further along. Would you say your book is for more advanced ASM programmers? Thank you, JR
  2. WTB: VIC-20 HESMON or VICMON Cartridge. Thanks!
  3. Sold! Thanks everybody for the interest... JR
  4. Hey gang! Starting to thin out a few things in the "Retro Room" that I thought I would use, but probably won't... For Sale: Harmony Cartridge - $45.00 (free shipping in continental US). Comes with: - Harmony Cartridge - Owner's Manual - 4GB SD Card (loaded with games) - USB Cable * Used twice. JR
  5. Hi TMR, Okay, I'm starting to understand this now. I was thinking that was the way to do it, but needed verification! Thanks. JR
  6. Great to hear, thanks for that info TMR! Same speed, but check things out on the real hardware. Got it! JR
  7. Hi all, If I write a program and run it in the VICE emulator and it runs at an acceptable speed, what can I expect speed-wise from the "real" C64? Are there any comparisons out there? I know that this could vary wildly from program to program... Thanks, JR
  8. TMR, I guess what I don't get is back in the day on the original hardware, how would people create a game in ASM and save/distribute it? Would they write ASM code and call it from within a BASIC program? If so was the game written in a MLM and saved to disk and "called" somehow from a BASIC program. I mean I understand how to write a BASIC program and call and ASM program from it, but all of my tries at this have just been with small "example" programs from books, how did the "pros" or "serious home programmers" do this back in the day? Thanks, JR
  9. Thanks TMR, Wow, as usual, you are speaking way over my head, but I'm trying to keep up! Thanks, I think I'll play a bit with the AR cartridge within WinVice. I assume it will function similarly to the real thing (?) JR
  10. Thanks TMR! Yeah, we're pretty manly here in the US! So getting an action Replay sounds good, but that is an older hardware cartridge, right? Have to snag it on eBay or something (?) JR
  11. Hi TMR, Thanks very much for your reply! Okay, it seems like my question falls under the category of, "yeah you can do that, but why would you want to go through the pain if you didn't have to?"... Using modern tools, just makes things easier and ultimately more enjoyable it seems. Thanks for you explanation. It sounds like cross assembly is the better way to go. I do have my tools set up such that I can use a windows ASM program and test my programs in WinVice very easily. I still do not have a real need to test my programs natively on a real C64, but that'll come (I do own one however). When the time comes to test natively, I am thinking of getting one of the micro SD devices like the uIEC-SD. I am not sure if this is the best option, but it at least looks promising... Thanks, JR
  12. Hey everyone, I have been playing with VICE and C64 emulation, and I can understand how to write programs in BASIC and save to a disk image. But my question is, how do you do this with an ASM program? I believe that I would need a MLM to write programs on the C64, but once I have an MLM program loaded and am using it, how would I save the ASM program that I am developing to a disk image? I know that I could just develop in an editor (Windows) and test on the VICE emulator, but what if one wants to develop in ASM, right on the VICE emulator and save to disk "old school" style? Or is this process just more of a pain than it is worth??? Thanks, JR
  13. Wow, cool Rybags, thanks! Well I was just kind of asking something like, "when the computer wants to print an "A" or a "H" or some other character, where in memory does it look this info up?". But your answer is way more indepth. In fact, I'll have to read it several times to get my "tiny little mind" around it! By the way, how do you know this stuff so deeply! Man, you blow me away! JR
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