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  1. I can spare probably 100-150 carts if you still need them. PM me if so. Sean
  2. I have both Swordquests, spiderman, dig dug, mario bros, donkey kong, zaxxon, superman, pitfall ii, pitfall, and adventure. PM me if you still need these.
  3. Looks like a schill bidder bumped the final price way up. 14 total bids for the runner-up bidder, all on this item.
  4. and the obligatory fake Halloween cart for October. https://www.ebay.com/itm/atari-halloween-cartridge/302910210897?hash=item4686db0351:g:ewQAAOSwUIxbt-pw
  5. https://www.ebay.com/itm/VERY-RARE-1983-RED-SEA-CROSSING-Inspirational-Video-Concepts-Game-by-Steve-Stack/302903071836?hash=item46866e145c:g:FwQAAOSw61dbpt-U Legit Red Sea Crossing? I know little about this cart, but the ad is flakey. No mention it is Atari in the title, and no mention of where it was discovered. Plus, I am selling it for my cousin???? At any rate, some of you will likely know right away if this is real.
  6. Tombstone

    WTB: XE Light Gun

    Did you find one yet, Albert?
  7. Ah, yes. The origin of my AA handle. Cannot get enough of this movie. You're a daisy if you do.....
  8. Shawn responded to my request for a couple Star Raiders overlays and sent them, from Canada to the US, for no charge. Class move from an AA cohort. Thank you Shawn! Sean
  9. Last one I had I listed on ebay for $350 and it sold within a day. Have a loose cart in my collection, which is where it will stay. Keep looking on ebay. One will show up eventually.
  10. Ah, shoot, thanks Mark. Yes, i am after 2600 overlays. Shawn has hooked me up with a couple and is sending them from Canada for no charge. Very nice of him.
  11. Tombstone

    2600 console

    I probably have something. Will check in the morning and let you know.
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