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  1. I may have a cib. I will check when i get home on Sunday, if you haven’t found one already.
  2. I received this among some Atari items a few years back and it has resided in a drawer since I got it. Not sure what it's worth, and don't especially care. I figure someone here on AA can find a use for it, so make me an offer. Not looking for top-price, just something fair from someone that wants it. Sean
  3. ok, here is what I have. Let me know what you'd like. Adventure and Wizard of Wor have marks on the top labels.
  4. I’ve got many of these. What label condition would be acceptable to you? Sean
  5. Thanks for the tip. Am in contact with him on getting one for myself.
  6. Thank you. I will give her a try.
  7. Looking for this title. Complete highly preferred. Sean
  8. I would take 2 screens, one of each. Btw- you fixed both my Seance and my Voice of the Mummy games. I am excited about this new development. You do good work.
  9. and a cx-10 joystick! Nice.
  10. Have sold over 100 games, and still have more!
  11. That is awesome! Exactly the kind of result I was hoping for when I offered these manuals up. Sweet picture! Here is some eye candy back for you:
  12. I have a ton of commons and some uncommons. Give me an idea of what you are looking for and I can send you pics. Sean
  13. I mailed one out to him yesterday.
  14. I can send it off to you for $5 shipping, but I see you can get one on ebay for about that price. Let me know. Sean
  15. Is this the one you're after?
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