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  1. Today was finally able to get around installing my modified GRS Tron joystick (added second button myself). Now to get that finicky TurboTwist up-down spinner to behave...
  2. This was a Godsend post for me. I have accumulated a ton of 2600 stuff over the years and am looking to purge much of it. I did not want to throw these away by any means, so I shipped about 150 pounds of consoles and games to widowsson a few weeks back. So happy my stuff has a new steward.
  3. Does it matter if the labels are missing or not in good condition?
  4. Sold Widowsson about 100 pounds of games and consoles (literally) and transaction was smooth as could be. Good communication all around.
  5. Very easy transaction with Glazball. Sold some games and controllers to him and totally went off without a hitch. Great communicator and nice to talk with regarding vintage gaming items.
  6. Will this one work for you? If so, PM me. Sean
  7. Ditto what Yoras just said. This project, much like your Mummy project, is clearly a labor of love. Bitching about getting “skipped in line” and having to wait a couple of extra days for something that has taken years (and could have actually never happened) is completely tone-deaf. Richard, u have no idea how much this means to many MV fans. I cannot thank you enough.
  8. I will take the master system and turbografx everdrives. Also cannot message u directly.
  9. Ok, i want to formally request no more projects from you, Mr. Burbage. I have already purchased refurbished Dark Tower, Seance, and Voice of the Mummy games from you over the past few years. Then i buy a regular Microvision replacement screen. Last night, after seeing the backlit screen, i purchased that. This transfer of wealth must stop. Thank you for all your work on this current project, as well as those of the past. You’re killing this, like every other project on which you have focused. Now to convince my wife that this latest purchase was some sort of Christmas gift...
  10. Tried to send a pm, but site would not let me. I am fine with waiting for the box before u ship. Sean Jackson
  11. That was awesome. Thanks for sharing that link. Not to get too graphic, but I am pretty sure as a teenager I may have had a dream or two about Lisa Whelchel in an arcade, and that was pretty much a visual representation of that...so thanks again!
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