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  1. DM me if you are still looking for these. I have all of those you listed above CIB.
  2. I can probably help you out depending on how many you need. I am in Cali, so shipping to BC may not be too bad. I’ve got hundreds of commons. Sean
  3. How funny....I also have Stop Thief as well as Lost Treasure. My family loves the old board games because they have so much character. I had Dark Tower for the longest time and I also remember when it came out new. That was THE game to have. Voice of the Mummy was huge back in the day and many people grew up with it. I did not know about it until a few years back and just loved Richard's site. I bought Seance, but we did not care for that one much, so I sold it off. VOTM is definitely one to have, and Richard is your guy. I believe he hand made a needle for my record player! For the needles I think he personally flies to Africa, digs out diamonds from deep in the ground, hand carves them out of sheer will-power with a kitchen knife and then charges you like $5 for them. Sean
  4. Thank you! Much appreciated. Yes, probably without you even knowing knowing it you have helped grow my interest in more obscure systems. I LOVE the box art on the Arcadia games for some reason. I just think they are really cool. You and Stupus are responsible for my obsession for this system. Is it bad that I just keep staring at my completed Arcadia collection now that it is whole (presumably)??? Mark has also gotten me irreversibly hooked on the RCA Studio II and the Channel F. Mark and I, I think, have the only boxed copies of Democart 2. Regarding #4 and #22...It would not surprise me, if they are out there in extremely limited numbers. Atari carts have shown up in the past 10-15 years, albeit ones from 3rd party developers, that no one even knew about. The Arcadia is so obscure to most, that if someone had one of those two they may not even know what it is. Could be sitting on a shelf (or more likely in a storage box, as we speak. 10 years ago I wouldn't have cared, but honestly if one of those two showed up now I would probably sh*t myself. Sean
  5. I feel I need to follow-up on this post. Richard did the exact same thing MANY years ago on my non-working Voice of the Mummy board game. It is evident to me that he has a passion for restoration of these old games/systems and he went so far above and beyond in the repair of my game back then. I was VERY delighted when I saw him start to post on the other thread because I knew what would come of that. Also glad to see him take the high road when the predictable few that see themselves as overlords of this site began their typical bs. Thank you Richard for your passion and for what you've done here. So appreciated.
  6. JUST today completed the set, with GST arriving in the mail this afternoon. Your rarity list looks correct to me, as I have seen GST a couple of times but did not pull the trigger due to insane price. I missed out on the Kansas stash a couple years back. Spiders and Red Clash I have seen exactly once over the years in complete form and I snatched those up immediately. Same seller listing both on the same day about a year ago. I had actually sold off my Spiders cart a couple of years ago because I had more or less given up on a complete set, boxed or otherwise. So happy to have this set now. My set is all CIB. Sean
  7. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Very-Rare-Bounty-Bob-Strikes-Back-For-Atari-5200-Complete-Both-Variants-Look/233930765282?hash=item36775c33e2:g:OO4AAOSwnW1gTqq1 Very nice. Did not know there was a version packaged with Miner.
  8. Today was finally able to get around installing my modified GRS Tron joystick (added second button myself). Now to get that finicky TurboTwist up-down spinner to behave...
  9. This was a Godsend post for me. I have accumulated a ton of 2600 stuff over the years and am looking to purge much of it. I did not want to throw these away by any means, so I shipped about 150 pounds of consoles and games to widowsson a few weeks back. So happy my stuff has a new steward.
  10. Does it matter if the labels are missing or not in good condition?
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