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  1. Have sold over 100 games, and still have more!
  2. That is awesome! Exactly the kind of result I was hoping for when I offered these manuals up. Sweet picture! Here is some eye candy back for you:
  3. I have a ton of commons and some uncommons. Give me an idea of what you are looking for and I can send you pics. Sean
  4. I mailed one out to him yesterday.
  5. I can send it off to you for $5 shipping, but I see you can get one on ebay for about that price. Let me know. Sean
  6. Is this the one you're after?
  7. Wanted to offer up some 2600 games. I have a large stash and wanted to weed some of them out. I can fit maybe 20 in a USPS Medium Flat Rate box and would be willing to sell 20 games shipped for $50. There are obviously no rares, but I do have a few uncommons. I have lots of the common games like centipede, asteroids, pac-man, missile command, etc. So send me a wishlist and I will see what I have. Sean
  8. Just wanted to offer up game manuals for anyone that might be missing one for their collection. I have tons of 2600 manuals, some Intellivision, some Colecovision, Odyssey 2, Channel F, and a few 5200 manuals. Most are common, but I have a few uncommon as well. Let me know what you might need and I will check my stash. Sean
  9. Here's what I found. Pressure Cooker is box and manual only. Kung Fu is box only. The cart stoppers on both boxes do not work (either torn or missing) so the carts slide to the bottom.
  10. Let me check my stash in the garage. I think i have a couple of these. Sean
  11. The ones that I have that have cart, box, manual, overlays are: Cat Trax, Space Raiders, Alien Invaders, Ocean Battle, American Football, Breakaway, Capture, and Jungler. Jungler's box is in fairly rough shape. Also, I do not believe that Breakaway and Alien Invaders had overlays in the first place. My personal collection copies do not have overlays and there is no mention of them in either of their respective manuals (the other games with overlays DO mention inserting the overlays in the instruction manuals). I could do $85 plus shipping for all of them, or $55 plus shipping for all but Ocean Battle (which is very uncommon). I am at zip code 95973, so shipping to Tucson should not be that bad through FedEx.
  12. Ok, i was able to remove the reset button. I had to take the top portion off because there was a metal "washer" of sorts that was keeping the button from coming off. The washer broke when I removed it, but I think you can fashion something that will serve the same purpose, OR just put the button in the hole and don't worry about it. It won't come out easily. here is a pic. let me know if you still want it. Sean
  13. The 3 left are yours Mark. Check your messages. Sean
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