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  1. GadgetUK, I am ready provide source code, which were licensed under the GPL, the first request. But it will be the source of the only native part. In version 1.02 I deleted all the sources Handy/SDL, added sources from Handy 0.95 and made a refactoring. And now my project is not under the GPL. Here is the text of the license Handy: All points I have complied with. Yeah, working under the IPhone is quite expensive, for example to start programming for Android does not cost me absolutely nothing (devices for testing, I do not have), pay only for registration in the Android market (Google play) $25. The console is not really very popular, and what has not been posted yet emulator was only confirm this fact, though, would be to see how the market emulators Nes/GB/GBC, etc. By the way the idea of the FTP I really liked and wanted implement this
  2. The next update - v1.03, updated version of the free and paid. List of changes (v1.03): 1.5x size of the pads (for 320x480 screens and more); Fixed various bugs. LordKraken Hello, Sample Size (bytes) - this is not the sound quality is the size of the array to output sound. What is more than value, the less time it will be made copied (C -> Java) and, accordingly, the sound will not slow down emulation. But if a value of 4096 slows down, then maybe need to increase it yet. I'll try to do something about it. The last update I have fixed a major bug related to the editor of the on-screen pads, now, there seems to be running as it should. And the screen is no longer flies off in an unknown direction Also added was the size of 1.5x for the on-screen pads. What do you use rendering? Probably need to measure the FPS, but until I turned off its output. But without sound the same way? As for the skins - I thought about it and probably will do, just do not know how better to implement.
  3. Today I updated aLynx. He is now based on the Handy 0.95. List of changes (v1.02): Rewritten core using a source code Handy 0.95; Fixed control (You can hold your finger on a D-Pad and move it); Remove all filters and added HQ2X and 2xSAI; Many bug fixes; Added mips CPU support. At the moment I only updated the paid version. Free version i can only update a few days. At the time of writing the post in the market has not yet updated.
  4. obschan, If your GPU is PowerVR, it should be in the settings to enable "PowerVR Fix", as well it might work on other GPU. Multitouch seems to work correctly, none of the testers it does not complained. A in other games / emulators multitouch normally works?
  5. Yes, I agree with that. On bugs and errors can be reported in this thread, I will try to correct them. Now I rewrite the core using the source code from Handy and yet, most likely, the project will be closed.
  6. gallenza, In the first version I used the SDL, but there was no menu, settings, file browser to select the roms, etc. Then I started to redo everything and now the code is not used SDL, I wrote an implementation of its output images, sound, keyboard input, etc. That is, from the Handy/SDL remained only part from Handy 0.95. Therefore, for clarity, I can remove all the sources of the project, based on the Handy/SDL, add the source of Handy 0.95 and my project will be is not licensed under the GPL? With regard to the project open - I like the idea, but so far I do not know how long he will remain closed. In the meantime I published the first update (v1.01): Homebrew rom support; Support for pressing diagonal on a d-pad; Ability to change the size of pads (for 800x480 screens and more);
  7. gallenza, Thank you for your reply. My project is divided as it were, into two parts: 1. Shared library, written with source code Handy/SDL. 2. The shell in Java, written by me and using the functions in this library (libalynx.so). Is the second also falls under this license?
  8. karri, If the cc65 compiler written in C/C++ and without x86 assembler, it is possible to make a port. TrekMD, Thank you Songbird, The next version be choice of sizes pads. krslam, I do not know of another place like Google play. If you have an idea where you can still post, I am pleased to listen. So far free version uploaded here. JohnBuell, Multitouch is fully supported, simultaneous pressing shall operate, you can try with another game? Or the problem is really with the size of the buttons? And what happens after you click <Home> and went back? It seems no problem with that should not be... gallenza, Hello, as long as I did not distribute the source code, because I do not know what I need to upload. This project is closed source, and that means that I need to open only those sources that are licensed under the GNU GPL? I would be very grateful if you could help me clarify this situation. File GNU GPL License I will will spare the application.
  9. obschan, Yes, it based on Handy/SDL 0.95. In the paid version it is possible to save / load and include screen filters for improve the image. It is strange that the paid version is not compatible, so they are completely identical, to try to figure out that the realties on the subject. You do not have Menu button, for open context menu? In the context menu you can select the button and move them. If you select OpenGL or Native OpenGL, then the image will be smoothed by means of OpenGL. Also available in the paid version filters for smoothing on a Canvas mode. doctorclu, So far only available in Google play. Rex Dart, I made the free version based on the a paid, I do not know what is going on, but I will try to find out. karri, Hi, In a paid is available to save / load and screen filters LX.NET, Perhaps that is why Google play no pre-moderation of applications, that is, there it is possible to spread what you want, unlike the Apple Store and Microsoft Marketplace.
  10. Hello, guys! I finished work on the Atari Lynx emulator for Android. aLynx - Atari Lynx emulator for Android OS 2.1 and higher. aLynx supports on-screen keyboard, sound output, OpenGL rendering, load/save games states. Link on a Google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.blogspot.rock88dev.alynx_free https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rock88dev.alynx Also, it will be interesting to hear do you think of emulator that could be improved, etc.
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