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  1. Hello good doctor. I am going to make an Arcade Accurate Ms Pac-Man based off of your Pac-Man Work. Can I learn exactly how you made Arcade Pac-Man so that I can do what you have done but base it off of Arcade Ms Pac-Man? Teach me everything including What it will take to calculate the Appearances What notes I must hum while checking the musical accuracy How to make new maps based off of the Arcade Mazes How to do your difficulty switch settings and more.
  2. Bomberman Special from MSX to Colecovision. Idea for Box blurb: "Shirobom is back, and he's blasting onto colecovision! He is a slave of the Bungeling Empire, forced against his will to make weapons for the tyrannical dictators. One day, he heard a rumor that whoever escapes from the empire will be freed and be reborn anew. With his natural ability to spawn bombs out of thin air, Shirobom leaps into action and he has to make it through the fifty levels in a bid for freedom. Will he succeed? Only your skill will decide his fate."
  3. Okay then. Thanks for clearing that up. Can I still buy the games?
  4. What about Space Invaders Collection? Will they work on BlueMSX somehow?
  5. Oh. I'm sorry about that. How do I make the versions work on said emulators?
  6. I don't really care. The free versions doesn't work on my emulators. I am willing to pay up for working versions.
  7. I'll take one digital version of each. A word of advice: Put some tracers on the digital copies like the developer of D II K does it so that you can unleash the Ire (Your Wrath) on those you distribute the digital copies.
  8. Just bought an Intellivision Flashback and I wish I could afford a Vision--dapter but I am saving my money for the "New Nintendo 3DS." I hope I can get the 100 needed to get 2 Vision-Dapters with the usb cables needed to run them along with the Colecovision Flashback so that I can play both Intellivision and Colecovision Emulators the way they were meant to be played.
  9. Thanks to you I got the best idea since Space Invaders! In this very question: "What if Bomberman... Was on Atari?" Wish me luck!
  10. I have got to try my hand on getting ideas.

  11. Sorry if my score's wimpy but I had to make it to the deadline.I'll try harder next time I swear!
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