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  1. I went ahead and bit the bullet too. I honestly was ready to hate it; and at first I did. Not because it was a "bad" device; but when using it, being the approx shape of a CX-40 forced my muscle memory to treat it as such. It's NOT a CX-40. The throw is different etc. I was failing by the numbers. Once I forced myself to adapt and treat it like it's own thing, it started coming together. I did have to fill the reservoir where the stick screws in with a dab of superglue so the stick wouldn't come unscrewed. It took a little breaking in, as the UP direction seemed flakey at first. Overall though, I'm thrilled. I'm probably going to order at least one more. Now if I can get Atari800 (emulator) to treat the buttons separately without AntiMicroX, I'll be a really happy camper. Edit: Just have to add, for when I'm feeling a little more arcade spirit, nothing beats my ASP (with sanwa stick/buttons added) 🙂 Love that thing
  2. Looks really cool and all, but I'd like to see better support for controllers. Going into the settings offers very few options, and assigning buttons via AntiMicroX is cumbersome (when available) and no real one-size-fits-all (assigning "Enter" to a button is disastrous in some games (Defender), and when attempting to use outside a "normal" desktop (ie Batocera), menu and controller access is just flat out broken. As a Linux user it's my Atari emulator of choice and I absolutely love it, but fighting with gamepads and joysticks gets old.
  3. I've had that thing sitting in my Amazon cart for a while. Let us know after a few days of heavy playing how it holds up would 'ya? I've got a D sub to usb, that I usually plug in a Wico bat, but no extra buttons ...
  4. Unless your going to encase it in amber resin, just upgrade it and have fun. It's gonna go to shit sitting in a closet or on a bookshelf. We're all gonna be dead soon; have fun now.
  5. https://www.instructables.com/ATARI-65XE-AS-USB-KEYBOARD/ This has been done a lot. Not just the 65XE but other 8-bits as well. You confuse though with and then want to use a whole system as a keyboard ??? At which point, you already have the same physical space taken up.
  6. XEgs, stock (UAV) 65xe, stock (UAV) 130xe, stock (UAV) 320xe expansion card 800xl, (UAV) Antonia 4MB Side2, MyIDE II, SIO2SD
  7. Love you all.  Be good to one another!!!

    1. CPUWIZ


      Sounds suspicious.

  8. First and foremost a mini 3DO would be amazing, second ... an all-in-one (where the "one" is a keyboard) mini-dos box would be cool.
  9. https://www.hobbytronics.co.uk/raspberry-pi-serial-port https://atarimax.com/ape/ape.htm#multitask http://www.dosemu.org/stable/ ... just say'in
  10. NICE! I'm ordering a few of these. I don't even need any, all my XE keyboards work, but just for preventative maintenance. Are these higher quality than the originals? They look to be.
  11. NTSC USA, Type 4 Keyboard, fully socketed SERIAL 7YJ HA 112900 174
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