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  1. Love you all.  Be good to one another!!!

    1. CPUWIZ


      Sounds suspicious.

  2. First and foremost a mini 3DO would be amazing, second ... an all-in-one (where the "one" is a keyboard) mini-dos box would be cool.
  3. https://www.hobbytronics.co.uk/raspberry-pi-serial-port https://atarimax.com/ape/ape.htm#multitask http://www.dosemu.org/stable/ ... just say'in
  4. NICE! I'm ordering a few of these. I don't even need any, all my XE keyboards work, but just for preventative maintenance. Are these higher quality than the originals? They look to be.
  5. NTSC USA, Type 4 Keyboard, fully socketed SERIAL 7YJ HA 112900 174
  6. Nah, nothing like that. Just a little more inconvenient than I thought. Dumped ant.exe and some roms on the FAT area of MyIDE II and Side2. Glad to finally be toying around with alt OS's but it seems the good ol built in XE OS is what I"ll need most of the time. Had a hell of a time. After I fixed my video issues, I was having all kinds of weird issues (pink screen on boot for SIDE2 sdx) and lots of games/progs bugging out. Thought I hosed something inside while soldering inside to clean up video. The SIDE2 *couldn't* have been the problem ... worked fine on my 130 .... one long story later ... re-flashed my SIDE2 and its all fine now.
  7. Lol, alright... a real dumb question. What's the startup key or whatever/how to boot using an OS from say slot #2.
  8. Thanks. Since the S-Video looks so good, and I don't use composite much, I think I'm going to leave well enough alone for now. I had good results with a UAV board in my 130XE so may go that route with this 800XL later. As it stands, I'd say the 800XL's s-video is superior to the 130XE with UAV.
  9. Anyone want to share an ATR with ant.exe and some OS's (specifically the latest MyBios for MyIDE II) and maybe a few others to play with. Or explain how I can get some OS roms into an ATR with the flasher. Have MyIDE II and SIDE2 and SIO2SD.
  10. Thanks for the pics ... I've done REMOVE C56 capacitor (if present). This will dramatically improve sharpness and "edge"-definition. Solder Chroma-signal wire from R67/R68 junction, to chroma pin in video port. This will enable the missing chroma-signal on the 800XL (the majority DO NOT have it enabled). No need for pick-up resistor (of any kind). The composite video is still horrible, no improvement at all. The S-Video (now color!) Loookss spectacular. The color pallete is very wonky though (lots of magenta's)... grrr This 800xl was/is my experiment machine, but still frustrating. I'll do some digging. Maybe I'll just pull out the Antonia and put it an XE if I can make it fit. Edit: adjusted pot, the color palette is fine now
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