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  1. wapchimp

    Wyvern Tales

    Zoltan, 20th July 15 would say he is still around you are in Plymouth? Me too! Small world lol
  2. Wow thanks. I liked this general design as I used it in the climber 5 label contest and carried it over. I think my end label is rather cool, but I think Dan Monceaux has the best front label. The font is very 'TRON' what's it called?
  3. I made mine using paint in 30 mins - paul jeffery
  4. Here is a company based in the UK that has uses MAME with a coinbox - apparently it is all licensed and there is an agent for the US aswell http://www.retroarcade.co.uk/ http://www.retroarcade.co.uk/images/new_mu...ns/Mainmenu.jpg
  5. I had my 2 year anniversary on 9th April. Ahhh, I been away a while to. I like the new board, very sleek
  6. Male: 26 in 2 days Country: UK Collects: Atari; Lynx, 2600 & Jag. Nintendo; NES, SNES, N64. Sega; GG, master sys, Mega drive, Saturn & D.C. PS2 Occupation: Telecoms/Web Developer Music: Beatles, Pink Floyd & Indie guitar stuff Tv shows: ANything from the 80 like The A-team, knightrider & Streethawk (remember that!) Fav Beer: Grolsh, Stella hoegaarden
  7. wapchimp


    maybe my hands are smaller
  8. wapchimp


    yeah I get aching hands playing the lynx
  9. wapchimp


    How popular was the gamecom how popular IS the lynx
  10. excellent - sounds good. If you need any testers
  11. so Karri - how far away is stardreamer from being finished
  12. xiii & warhammer fire warrior run pretty fast. Medol of honor is good fun but can lag sometimes. Fifa 04 footbal is just terrible online
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