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    Wyvern Tales

    Zoltan, 20th July 15 would say he is still around you are in Plymouth? Me too! Small world lol
  2. Wow thanks. I liked this general design as I used it in the climber 5 label contest and carried it over. I think my end label is rather cool, but I think Dan Monceaux has the best front label. The font is very 'TRON' what's it called?
  3. I made mine using paint in 30 mins - paul jeffery
  4. Here is a company based in the UK that has uses MAME with a coinbox - apparently it is all licensed and there is an agent for the US aswell http://www.retroarcade.co.uk/ http://www.retroarcade.co.uk/images/new_mu...ns/Mainmenu.jpg
  5. I had my 2 year anniversary on 9th April. Ahhh, I been away a while to. I like the new board, very sleek
  6. Male: 26 in 2 days Country: UK Collects: Atari; Lynx, 2600 & Jag. Nintendo; NES, SNES, N64. Sega; GG, master sys, Mega drive, Saturn & D.C. PS2 Occupation: Telecoms/Web Developer Music: Beatles, Pink Floyd & Indie guitar stuff Tv shows: ANything from the 80 like The A-team, knightrider & Streethawk (remember that!) Fav Beer: Grolsh, Stella hoegaarden
  7. wapchimp


    maybe my hands are smaller
  8. wapchimp


    yeah I get aching hands playing the lynx
  9. wapchimp


    How popular was the gamecom how popular IS the lynx
  10. excellent - sounds good. If you need any testers
  11. so Karri - how far away is stardreamer from being finished
  12. xiii & warhammer fire warrior run pretty fast. Medol of honor is good fun but can lag sometimes. Fifa 04 footbal is just terrible online
  13. need more users to get an atriage online battle going
  14. just the modem as far as I know, and maybe a router - this is what I have
  15. ico is a great game I picked it up for £5
  16. I do. My handle is wapchimp or chimp. I have Fifa 04 Fire warrior Twisted metal black xiii (cool) ghost recon Medal of honour Rising sun. Whats your handle and do you want to be beaten?
  17. Are there any where you can download old skool tunes and sounds that were in video games?
  18. Ive got a digi cam & scanner so if any UK lynx'er wants to post me the mag, I can scan it. We can get this sorted
  19. I thought so. Why didn't atari think about doing this?
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