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  1. After receiving several offers I have decided to put it on eBay and let everyone have their fair chance at it. Thank you all in advance and like the auction states every dollar of this auction goes towards me opening my own video game store eBay Auction -- Item Number: 190740696120
  2. If you dont know who I am pleas allow me to introduce myself... My name is Dustin and I run a podcast called Video Game Rescue and I also own a small game shop. I personally don't collect these systems and would rather give these to fellow collectors who do. I came across an amazing deal at a local pawn shop. I bought 194 boxed Atari, Coleco and Intellivision games and the shop owner was very pleased to get them out of his hair. Everyone of the games includes the box, manual and inserts! Like I said I would like to sell these to my fellow collectors. So some of these will be sold directly to people and others will be sold on eBay or GameGavel. If you are interested in any of this please let me know. I have started to go through this large box of games I purchased and I have found some very nice games including: Tunnel Runner Communist Mutants from Space Fireball RAM IT Pitfall II Spy Hunter Mr. Do! (Coleco & 5200) B.C.'s Quest for Tires Looping Montezuma's Revenge (Coleco & 5200) AND THE BIG PRIZE FIND SO FAR: Springer! I tried to upload the photos of the lot but the picture sizes are too large so here is a link to my pictures AND here is a link to the Springer pictures.
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