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  1. Actually wasn't John Jones-Steele.... twas me! John Jones-Steele was the programmer behind the PS4 version and used the Amiga version as the basis, which was when people first realised the Amiga version still existed even if it was only in source code form.
  2. "A pretty big portion of my income"...... Liar Kieren! You might have had 17,000 subscribers, but that was NOT reflected in the kind of views your videos were getting. Most of your videos were sub 5000 views, the occasional one getting to lofty 50,000 views, but they were a rarity, certainly not the norm. A video doing around 20,000 views is worth about £15 on Youtube, seeing as most of your videos over their entire lifetime just don't hit anywhere near that height, your claim of losing a big portion of income on Youtube is an outright lie.
  3. I love how stupid Kieren is, he simply has no clue what he's talking about, and has hung himself by his own petard! So, if you check out one of the screenshots, the last screenshot has "Ninja Rope < Airstrike < Holy Hand Gre" written in it. "Holy Hand Gre" refers to "Holy Hand Grenade". So far so good, nothing wrong with that.... or is there? Considering the article states that the Teletext version came about because " “In line with bringing our popular Amiga title to home consoles" Can you see the problem yet? The Holy Hand Grenade wasn't in the original Worms, in fact it wasn't introduced until Worms: The Directors Cut in 1997. The Amiga version of Worms was 1995, all other versions arrived soon after. I'm amused that Kieren "thinks" that the Teletext version that he remembers playing, that was based on the Amiga version, had features the Amiga version and NO other version would have until two years later in another Worms game!!! But then are we surprised? No, because Kieren does no research whatsoever, you know, like claiming Psygnosis "STOLE" the cover art for Agony from a Spectrum games publisher in the early 80's. Stupid boy!
  4. Me personally, I would click on "Full Bio" and see more interesting information about Mr.Hawken
  5. I have no issue with you defending him or giving him the benefit of the doubt, because above all, this is about honesty, and if he is your friend, then that is how friends respond to friends. If Kieren indulged in a bit of the same as you're doing, then he wouldn't be in this mess, but he seems determined to continue unabashed, presumably hoping to ride this never ending storm out. What needs to happen from my perspective is Kieren needs to realise that this isn't going away, that he isn't "winning", that he is at the juncture of being believed by virtually no-one, and he needs to accept that, and make a statement to that effect. No more 15 page whining about how without evidence he magically tries to exonerate himself, he either produces evidence FINALLY to prove his innocence and shut us all up, or, as we know he doesn't have any (because otherwise he just likes the drama!), come clean, make a statement saying so, apologise to individuals he needs to apologise to, and starts sorting out his conduct. No-one likes a witch hunt, but at the same time, no-one likes someone that outright refuses to learn and get the message that their behaviour is not acceptable. So you continue to defend your friend, he seems to have precious few of those, and he's not listening to anyone right now, he is trapped in the mindset of "its everyone elses fault not mine!", if anyone can get through to him, someone like you might, but I wouldn't hold your breath. This thread is on page 56, and this isn't because we've all got nothing better to do, its because Kieren won't learn that his behaviour is below the standards expected of an adult.
  6. Oh sure, I just wanted to add more depth to your info just to show how much Kieren really hasn't got a clue what he is talking about. As i've said before, I suspect that Kieren had only a passing interest in Atari ST's and the like, he picked the Atari line of machines, thinking he could be "Mr.Atari" and thus cultivate a "brand" on Youtube, a niche, but that has all long since been slain. Shame that!!
  7. Voyager was '89 so another to add to original titles Ocean released, was ST and Amiga
  8. No, but I know Ian Lightbody personally and its not him. Just a case of Kieren seeing ghosts everywhere and thinking he's part of the Scooby Doo Gang in solving the mystery!
  9. You sure? The guy argues quite a bit like Kieren in the link I posted, just wondering why "KidGameR186496" wouldn't adopt the same name on Wikipedia, its not likely to be duplicated by anyone.
  10. Not seen this one before, clearly username KGRAMR is Kieren lol https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:List_of_Atari_Jaguar_games
  11. Just to confirm something you guys probably already know, but Kierens claim that troll account Retro II is linked to Ian Lightbody............ Wrong on that. I think at this point Kieren is doing the equivalent of holding a fistful of darts and lobbing them all at the dartboard in the hope that at least one of them sticks, and as usual, he just keeps missing.
  12. Almost like having tits doesn't guarantee you anything, but acting like a tit does! I hear its gone very quiet on Kieren showing his evidence, all he's got left is this stupid Twitter sock puppetry that he thinks people haven't sussed out.
  13. I mention it because I ended up quitting Atari Forum because some people on there take stuff a little too personally. I had asked some questions about TOS, because I had an idea for doing stuff on lower end Amigas and getting more information on TOS was kind of important. Then randomly in this thread, someone (Steven Seagal) responds with a quote of comments I made about Super Sprint some years before that had nothing to do with the point of the thread, where I had discussed that I didn't think it had aged as well as some more modern racers, and which was part of the reason for me not continuing with an ST to Amiga port. And the thread just descended into stupidity and "WTF?" as it was derailed by people incensed that I criticised the game and that no they wouldn't offer any help or advice, and the end result was I felt I had no choice but to leave the forum because some it seems, still think its 1990 in the playground with ST vs Amiga! If I threw a strop everytime someone criticised Shadow of the Beast, i'd be in a permanent strop lol, but those guys unfortunately took a comment I made years earlier, that wasn't even made in the same thread a bit too seriously. I even contributed by cracking a few interpreter based protected ST games weeks before as well that were uncracked on ST, but that was worth precisely zero friendly points because one guy derailed the thread. So I find myself having to apologise in advance for fairly innocuous statements lest someone throws their toys out their prams! C'est la vie!
  14. Especially when you consider how quick software companies were to drop it around the latter part of 1992. I know the massive differing configurations for the ST didn't help (especially the single sided floppy owners), but if there was enough machines and enough sales, then supporting it was a no brainer. I just get the impression that Kieren did a little research and came to the conclusion, that of all the systems and brands he could claim to be an "expert" in, being a cheerleader for Atari and the ST and Jaguar, he was least likely to be rumbled.......which obviously, has spectacularly blown up in his face, because theres still plenty of people that owned ST's from back in the day (I used to own one) that still have fond memories of the machines, and they know their shit, which Kieren doesn't. I literally think thats why he plumped for the Atari line of stuff, because its a name with cachet, but the machines it made don't quite match up to the cachet the name suggests.
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