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  1. Just an update - I searched a little harder through the box and found the papers that confirms what I thought it was. Thanks to Toby and Collectorvision. You guys rock!!!
  2. Just checking but I'm pretty sure I had on my doorstep today several games from the Collectorvision members only club... I won't take a pic since that was one of the requirements is that you don't talk about the games but just let me know if that is the case... I didn't see any other papers in the box to help identify why I was getting them...
  3. I've been waiting for this for a year... I always have problems using the $10 coupon though. What's the best way to do that when ordering a game cause the last 2 years, I say something in the comments and never hear a response.
  4. Got my game today ... so freakin awesome!!!
  5. Yes, that is the goal to really make this a unique experience that has real world situations... So people rushing the stage and you have to beat them back is on the table as well as tweetstorms, government shutdowns, political posturing based on the state you're in... With regards to carts, nothing is definitive yet, but there are planned some LE options..
  6. So this will be coming out but the timeline is still fluid. Couple details to give so far - - political choices will be more serious (adult oriented) and have real world applications - 6-10 minigames whose difficulty is based on the party you choose... - Difficulty setting will be selected based on the election year you want to run (so for instance, a republican candidate in an 84 scenario would be very easy, in 2000, moderate, 2008, difficult) - SGM required There's so much that's planned for this game but I don't want to put the cart before the horse just yet and promise anything that cant be delivered - I just want to get some interest going... Thoughts are welcome.
  7. Been off for a while but I have literally 20 systems half of which need power supplies... Bulk order incoming when released
  8. So much hate for Flicky... I've played it only on the Sega Genesis.... Very similar to mappy as far as I'm concerned... BTW, the thoughts above were 2 separate thoughts mashed together.... Of the list, I liked those 3.... And in general, any horror related. I'd love to see Texas Chainsaw and the other Atari banned games redone on Colecovision Obviously, Flicky while some may find it horrendous, it does not fall under the horror genre
  9. Wizard of wor, flicky, ghostbusters, anything horror related... I'll take it all. And I don't even care when I get it
  10. Don't know why but I always loved Campaign 84 - It's very tough try to recreate the outcome of 84 on hard. Not sure if it was an exclusive to Colecovision or not.
  11. My first entry to the adam was finding the same system you have (at about the same price oddly enough). http://atariage.com/forums/topic/197143-coleco-adam-big-dog-combo-set-what-do-you-guys-think/ So, since then I've acquired another one as well in box - I will say the value is in the box and specifically that little orange sticker that confirms that this was a combo set. I've been wondering if we get a few of these which as NAID said, this will be #4 or #5 discovered complete, that we start compiling a serial number data base and see if we can get a range of how many of these were put out. My guess is that they pulled certain number, probably not the last off the line, and slapped them together. I noticed when looking at my serial numbers, all three components (printer, processor, keyboard) in one box were differently numbered. Is that the case with all the systems? If not, than that would lend even more credibility to the idea that this was just done to relieve excess inventory. As for pricing - of the 2 that have sold in open auction, 1 sold for $995 BIN in under 12 minutes if I remember right and 1 sold for $750? I have to believe that there are very few that are left that still have the box - it's so freaking huge. Consider yourself lucky to have it - you are part of a unique group of lucky SOBs that lady luck smiled down upon. Adam serial number 5037373
  12. If I had a buddy in lost and found at usps, I would so call in a favor
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