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  1. I too checked out, without choosing the box and bigger instructions option. I emailed support about it, but haven't heard back from them. I'd sure would love to add this option to my order, if possible. I was too excited and thought I'd "run out of time". Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Hello eebuckeye, I'll take it if it's still available. Sending a PM.
  3. Very much pleased with what you've done for the Atari Lynx. I look forward to this one as well! Excellent work!
  4. Please add me to the list. Thank you!
  5. Nice! Looking forward to it. Deluxe it is!
  6. Hello Shep, The lenses have these ribbon cables that because of age, seem to detach themselves to the main optic chip. This is due, because they're glued on, rather than soldered on. If you can find someone or have a steady hand, you can carefully solder the ribbon cables to these chips back on. This will bring back the screen back to the lenses. http://www.projectvb.com/tech/displayfix/aftersolder.jpg
  7. This is a total steal. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Lot-of-12-Super-Nintendo-and-7-Nintendo-Games-Mega-Man-Castelvania-Zelda-/361197792182?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item541910ebb6
  8. Link: The Faces of Evil VGA Rated 90 Gold Best on ebay Rare Zelda Philips CDI http://www.ebay.com/itm/Link-The-Faces-of-Evil-VGA-Rated-90-Gold-Best-on-ebay-Rare-Zelda-Philips-CDI-/291067947641?pt=Video_Games_Games&hash=item43c5006a79
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