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  1. Thanks for the info,Ill check out phoenix then,I would love to beat the whole jaguar library on emulators and some save state capabilitys
  2. Im kinda wandering if anyone is working on a new jaguar emulator as the last emulator release was in oct 2014 and it doesnt play games well,I am a person who has very little physical games and relies on emulation to play everything. Does anyone know if a great jaguar emulator is in the works?? one with hotkeys with savestates and recordind features?? I have played thru over 2000 games in my lifetime using emulators and game genie codes thru gamehacking.org and ive been spoiled with save states and hotkeys thanks to bizhawk emulators BUT I have yet to beat 1 single atari jaguar game becuase the emulation for it is so trash.On a side note I joined this site on april 28th 2012 and just now posted my first topic LOL Thats gotta be some kinda world record im thinking....Anyways if anyone knows about upcoming jag emulation please let me know
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