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  1. DerpDerpDerpDerpDerp

  2. AtariAge = EPIC FAIL (Go ahead, trolls! Have at it)

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    2. AtariTexas


      Nerd fight!!!!!

    3. Bentley Bear!
    4. toiletunes


      Not too good with anagrams, are you? ATARIAGE = I EAT RAGA / EPIC FAIL = I FLIP ACE

  3. Due to issues which I will not discuss here, I am no longer an active member of AtariAge. This is not the place for me. Goodbye, everyone.

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    2. toiletunes


      Mmmmm, chips...

    3. Fygar13


      Fuck you, asshole

    4. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      If you bring the condoms, I'll bring the lube.

  4. This dragon is going on hiatus...check my profile for more information.

  5. I'm asking for this topic to be locked because this should have been posted in the Marketplace forum. This is not an offer of mine, but from someone else on Amazon that I thought people here would be interested in.
  6. I'll be back on AA soon...see y'all later

  7. You're right about the games: they may be common titles that are easy to find, nothing rare. But how often can you find a mint condition Vader for that price?
  8. If anyone is interested in getting a 2600 Vader system, check out this deal from Amazon seller ATGoTech: The following is the seller's description: "AMAZING BUNDLE! MINT CONDITION VADER SYSTEM LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE THE ONE IN THE PICTURE. ALSO INCLUDES 2 MINT CONDITION ORIGINAL ATARI CONTROLLERS, 10 RANDOM GAMES, POWER ADAPTER AND MODERN AV ADAPTER. THIS IS EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO START PLAYING TODAY! YOU WILL NOT FIND A NICER ATARI OUT THERE. THIS THING LOOKS LIKE NEW STILL. FASTEST SHIPPING! THANKS!" The price: $67.99 + $3.96 shipping. For a mint condition system that comes with all of that, it's a steal IMHO. Click here to go directly to the item.
  9. It's official: the movie studios have scraped the bottom of the barrel. What's next? Is Jason Statham going to star in an action movie version of Connect Four? Christ almighty!
  10. Thursday May 3: The day in which I will get an Atari 2600 Jr., Missile Command and Asteroids. I can't wait!

  11. It wouldn't be wise to mod a Heavy Sixer considering how rare they are. If I got my hands on a working Heavy Sixer, I wouldn't mod it no matter what.
  12. MODERATOR: Please delete this post. My browser had sent multiple copies of my reply. It was purely unintentional and I apologize.
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