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  1. You are a real hero! Thanks! Just compiled the 2014.03.04 source and it works perfectly. BTW versioning is gay or what? Thank you all for the answers! You are an awesome community to help me this quick.
  2. But from where? Also it's working on Windows. And why the vcs.h works? They are from the same place btw and I use them some years now. I didn't tried others. Will try them soon. Yes, I have tried to save them with only LF line ending and also with different encodings.
  3. It works fine on Windows as everything always. Linux is the one having the problematic cases and struggle like this time. It seems, it is finding some strange bytes in that macro though. (had to rename 'cause site didn't let me upload) example.lst macro_h.txt
  4. Here is what I get in the console. And I hope I attached the source of a basic kernel with the CLEAN_START marco called. I didn't tried this particular file on Windows but the code worked before. Compiling for hardware ATARI2600 on 2015.03.11. 19:46: /home/rawbits/BitProcessors/ASM/DASM/bin/dasm.linux-x86-64 /home/rawbits/BitWaste/Atari2600/Scene_examples/example.asm -o/home/rawbits/RustyBits/Atari2600/example.bin -f3 -v5 -l/home/rawbits/RustyBits/Atari2600/example.lst Compiler 'DASM' output: START OF PASS: 1 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- SEGMENT NAME INIT PC INIT RPC FINAL PC FINAL RPC f000 f000 INITIAL CODE SEGMENT 0000 ???? 0000 ???? ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 references to unknown symbols. 1 events requiring another assembler pass. - Expression in mnemonic not resolved. --- Unresolved Symbol List 1.CLEAR_STACK 0000 ???? (R ) --- 1 Unresolved Symbol Unrecoverable error(s) in pass, aborting assembly! Running 'Stella': /usr/local/bin/stella /home/rawbits/RustyBits/Atari2600/example.bin Application returned with exit code 0. example.asm
  5. Hi All! You are my last hope here. I try to compile a small test program using the CLEAN_START macro from macro.h (v1.06) but it gives me unresolved symbole for CLEAR_STACK in it. I'm using the latest x86-64 release of DASM 2.20.11 from the WUDSN pack. Which BTW seems to bee the latest stable release. (Yeah I know, but I use Eclipse for everything...except for linux. Linux is always problematic.) If I take out the CLEAN_START macro it's working fine. Directly copy&paste it also not works, took out the '.' so it uses global label and now it complains about CLEAN_START itself. I'm using these things for about 6 years now on Windows and I'm programming 8-bit assembly since '91 - but I can overlook anything ofcourse. Please help! I feel very lost now. Tell me if you need more information.
  6. Interesting question. I know 8-bit guys around here are from various places but most of them are programmers, artists, musicians and some of them are from customer support or testers. For myself, I'm working as a programmer at ZEN Studios. And I'm programming for fun 24/7 so I can't imagine how people not doing it for a hobby too.
  7. SeaGtGruff: Aha! Nice catch. I'll use that subrutine to position the enemies too so I would run into this problem again. Thank you!
  8. SeaGtGruff: Try to change the "PLAYERXPOS" to 60, 70 and 80 for example. You will see the deviation is not the same and sometimes it's a huge step to any direction when the mirror case - same logic but opposite side - is just a little off. It seams completly random for me. Maybe the move table is being incorrectly red in the "PositionASpriteSubroutine". (seriously how to express this? ) Thansk for taking a glance at the problem!
  9. Yes, I know but I consider timing as polishing and I don't need it until the very end of the developement. I have a lot of space to disect the calculations so they finish exactly when I need them and I have plenty of scanlines to use or waste ao I don't care about these things until every functionality is implemented. This part is for vertical missile spacing and here the missiles are not shown so I put the horizontal spacing here as well. 2 moves causes the missiles more apart from each other.
  10. Oh, I think somehow I made the missile centering work. So the previous problem isn't too urgent to solve now as I have got rid of that algorithm. But I still want to know what did I mess up there. I attached the solution to this post. The not consistent size is there still and I have another question. Did I do the centering right? Is this how you use the RESMPx? P.s.: I'm still using the "PositionASpriteSubroutine" so I might run into other bugs if I'm not using it right... shmup2.zip
  11. Hi! I have a problem with the horizontal positioning algorithm I found somewhere here in the forums. I use it for positioning the bullets and the player but sadly it isn't put them in the right position. And the misplacement seems to be random according to the horizontal position I want. Check the attached file and you will see what I'am talking about. The algorithm which calculates the position is every the same every frame and gives the correct position. Also in Stella the missile is not having the same width as I am showing/hidding it throughout the screen. I'm not sure if this is there on a real machine because I don't have time to calculate an exact frame what can show up correctly. And there is something about in the Stella Programmer's Guide that says the missile can be positioned in the center of it's sprite somehow but I can not find a way. I keep developing this game further because I want something playable for Function. I have about 5 days left. Please help if you can! The source has mostly english comments so you can find the place easily. The positioning is in the "192 scanlines" / "positioning" part and it gives the correct values. The positioning algorithm I found here is the "PositionASpriteSubroutine". I used it before and it seemd to work there. shmup0.zip
  12. Thank you all for the help! Sorry of the missnaming I have played VCS games when I was a child but never could memorize the titles - sometimes I still can't do it... Also I couldn't find the Edit button on my profile and then I realized it's orange. XD Maybe I need more sleep...
  13. Omegamatrix: Thanks but I'm quite familiar with graphics on the VCS. I was interested in dinamically switch code segments to use for drawing. Chopper Commander: Thank you! If you can store addresses using labels in a table like that then this is what I'm looking for. Bank switching is just an option for now because I don't know how big the effects are and I haven't done the gfx and music for it...
  14. Hi! I have written some cool things on the VCS in the past 3 months but now I have started a big - and quick - project. I want to do a demo and I tought I can made it load the different parts from a table of addresses. Basically I want to load the picture drawing code sequentially using an address table. But how can I know the addresses of the start of the parts? I know labels are for that, but can I store them somehow in a table? And how? And how can I read the addresses back from table to JSR them? Can I use bankswitching with this? Please help me with this! The VBLANK and - mostly - the Overscan part will be the same - and used up pretty much all avaible cycles - so I don't want to waste space by copying them in all parts... I have 1 month to finish the whole thing. Effects are more or less done. I have ordered the Harmony cart - but didn't get confirmation on the posting so I'm afraid it will not arrives in time or at all.
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