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  1. DeusVult


  2. I purchased quite a few games and all were exactly as described and shipped promptly and well. The communication was frequent and very positive. A fair and good seller to work with!
  3. I'd like to buy it; but I can already tell the water is too deep in here for me...
  4. I play a few old 2600 favs I grew up with and some old PC games too. All the other 2600s look so pretty on the wall.... My wife will nudge me to play the occasional Wii, but I'd sell those in a heartbeat.
  5. I keep label variants. I'll comb through your database tonight for ones I don't have.
  6. Sorry to say I don't have Gunslinger to offer, but would you be interested in selling your Math grand Prix, Blackjack, and Race carts? Are there any other Sears pics you would like to trade on? Thanks
  7. I have a lot of CCE. Maybe we could trade our differences?
  8. Interested in: SEARS Warlords, circus, codebreaker, race METWORK Air raiders TNT GAMES BMX airmaster Trick shot
  9. My grandmother gave me her Atari when I was a kid. After 24 years of collecting I am almost halfway... Everything is in a large tote until I build my workshop building this Spring.
  10. Ok ill bite. Put me down for that last one. This will be my first v-cart.
  11. I already have the collector tin lunch box that comes with the limited edition cart that is shipping in 2016.
  12. My apologies, I am only interested on carts only.
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