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  1. Indeed but the Paypal fees is more expensive if you send 138 than 76
  2. It's legit ! I didn't expect to announce the game so soon... but the game is done and the materials too ! 🙂🙂 I have 60 copies to sell for European collectors/gamers only. Price : 60 euros for one copie. The copies I am selling will be shrink wrapped with box, cartridge, 2 overlays and instructions ! For Europe : + 13 euros (Shipping cost + special package) + 3 euros (Paypal fees) = 76 euros shipping & fees included For France : + 5 euros (Shipping cost + special package) + 3 euros (Paypal fees) = 68 euros My Paypal : [email protected] If you want two copies, you will pay once only the shipping costs (total is 138 euros). For information I could not send the game now because some of the materials are on the way. Thanks for your understanding. For North America, you will have some information soon
  3. Hello, I have the demo cart but without label, where did you find it ? Thanks.
  4. Now selling overstock.... JF said 25 copies... can you trust ? Maybe it's 40, 50 or 75...
  5. We have to force them to destroy the 25 games left. There is not other possibility !
  6. I replied to the post. I AM REALLY VERY VERY UPSET ! Can't believe it, really! 😠
  7. Hello Mike, do you have the link ? I hope it's a joke....
  8. I used it and for both, I have a standard intellivision ^^ Thanks for the clue !
  9. Thanks a lot all of you for your messages and information. is the LTO could help me if I put a specific rom inside ?
  10. I hope you are not serious. We don't have to expose anyone his/her name in shame. He is not a thief or a criminal ^^
  11. I am a little dissapointed... I recently bought 2 Super Pro System. They work but I don't have "INTV Corporation" title when I test a "network" games. So, I don't have the Tutorvision Exec... ?
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