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  1. Hi, I posted a message the 21st of may The last materials are sent there are 2 weeks and hope i could received it very soon (hope next week). We keep in touch.
  2. OMG ! Indeed.. Spiker... and so many rare games here.
  3. Yes, a part of the materials is still overseas and can't be sent for now. We hope to have the materials in the next month Sorry for the delay but it will be soon in our hands
  4. Email sent Could be nice to have a new Boxing (one player + improve speed and graphism) ?
  5. For European buyers only there are 60 copies. We decided to start the Pre-orders this week and 20 are pre-ordered already for information (18 paid). If you live in Europe and want to pre-order, let me know. Thanks!
  6. Indeed but the Paypal fees is more expensive if you send 138 than 76
  7. It's legit ! I didn't expect to announce the game so soon... but the game is done and the materials too ! 🙂🙂 I have 60 copies to sell for European collectors/gamers only. Price : 60 euros for one copie. The copies I am selling will be shrink wrapped with box, cartridge, 2 overlays and instructions ! For Europe : + 13 euros (Shipping cost + special package) + 3 euros (Paypal fees) = 76 euros shipping & fees included For France : + 5 euros (Shipping cost + special package) + 3 euros (Paypal fees) = 68 euros My Paypal : [email protected] If you want two copies, you will pay once only the shipping costs (total is 138 euros). For information I could not send the game now because some of the materials are on the way. Thanks for your understanding. For North America, you will have some information soon
  8. Hello, I have the demo cart but without label, where did you find it ? Thanks.
  9. Now selling overstock.... JF said 25 copies... can you trust ? Maybe it's 40, 50 or 75...
  10. We have to force them to destroy the 25 games left. There is not other possibility !
  11. I replied to the post. I AM REALLY VERY VERY UPSET ! Can't believe it, really! 😠
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