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  1. Congrats !! but to tell the truth.... I'm really felling stupid.... because I saw the auction but I was too busy and didn't check the other pictures... ahah.
  2. Thanks Leonardo for your message but sorry, the item was sold.
  3. Hello, nope, it's not me. I live in France
  4. Just checked in my collection and have had a nice surprise : I have 2, one CIB and one NIB !
  5. Yes, actually, I have both (Secam & Pal) and both are complete in box. I will send you pictures of the Pal one
  6. Kalimera, I have one complete in box. I will send you some pictures later by PM I am from France.
  7. If you need one International Edition of Turbo not NIB but CIB, you can PM me
  8. Ahah, I agree with you. I think he could sell it for 1000 euros but not more.
  9. MOTU NIB for 35000 euros ?? https://www.ebay.fr/itm/334005259423?hash=item4dc443cc9f:g:FWcAAOSwGOFgo2ha I'm thinking about selling mine because I have also one NIB like this !
  10. Thanks for your message and comment I agree with you, this is a beautiful machine.
  11. I have the very rare Videojeu N60 Videopac / Odyssey 2 in box It is in great condition and working perfectly ! Everything was tested and works fine. Screen, CRT and sound work perfectly (you can't see vert well because taking pictures a crt is not easy but I assure the image is perfect The box is also in a great condition (see pictures!). Storyforms are there. No instruction. I am looking for Mattel Intellivision or Colecovision stuffs (games, homebrew for both unit or extensions for Intellivision). You can make offer too. Thanks !
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