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  1. Just received. Didn't know this existed. Do you have it ?
  2. Congrats Crazy Climber! It's beautiful. I could be interested but I live in France
  3. Thanks Nope, not from eBay, personal network and local ad.
  4. This Thursday, I received three packages ! Incredible ! First one comes with a very great Turbo complete in box. It's really rare to find it in this condition. I assume I bought the package especially for this one. Of course, there is a unit (loose one) and many games with. The price was not really good but fair. Second one comes with a very nice unit in box with 3 instructions (why 3 ??) and some nice games. Worm Whopper (complete in box with 2 instructions : the original one and a French one) surprised me because it's really rare in France. White Water is a very good surprise too. The price was just amazing : 15 euros for all games and units (included the Pong one !!). Third one comes with a French Scart complete in box ! Wow ! There is also the computer unit (with instruction (not in the picture), Dracula, Shark Shark (international edition). The price was fair. Just happy
  5. Thanks a lot It is not mine. Someone asks 120 euros for it.
  6. Hi, I just want to know if Boulder Dash Construction Kit is rare ? Here the picture with the box of Boulder Dash and the tape of the game (boulder dash construction kit). Thanks for your help !
  7. OMG ! I saw this auction last week (he reposted)... Indeed, the box is in great condition I think it's impossible to repair the box.
  8. I will be next week to Berlin (Tuesday to Saturnday) do you know if a Classic Videogames meeting will be organised when I will be there ? Thanks
  9. Thanks for the information 14 ! Wow ! I have to check my other games
  10. Did I find a new variant ? Check the last picture, the right one. (International Edition; plastic tray; no part number on top; © Mattel, Inc. Hawthorne CA on bottom of box; NO slots in back for extra manual(s); slots inside for overlays)
  11. Congrats !! but to tell the truth.... I'm really felling stupid.... because I saw the auction but I was too busy and didn't check the other pictures... ahah.
  12. Thanks Leonardo for your message but sorry, the item was sold.
  13. Hello, nope, it's not me. I live in France
  14. Just checked in my collection and have had a nice surprise : I have 2, one CIB and one NIB !
  15. Yes, actually, I have both (Secam & Pal) and both are complete in box. I will send you pictures of the Pal one
  16. Kalimera, I have one complete in box. I will send you some pictures later by PM I am from France.
  17. If you need one International Edition of Turbo not NIB but CIB, you can PM me
  18. Ahah, I agree with you. I think he could sell it for 1000 euros but not more.
  19. MOTU NIB for 35000 euros ?? https://www.ebay.fr/itm/334005259423?hash=item4dc443cc9f:g:FWcAAOSwGOFgo2ha I'm thinking about selling mine because I have also one NIB like this !
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