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  1. Someone tried to post that interview to the sub-reddit, but I jettisoned it. It's all about Atari Crypto and nothing about the VCS... but that didn't stop a certain "investor" from questioning the post removal.
  2. There is no Atari CM. Never has been. There has either been a shift in companies running their social channel or the one they had is actually stepping thing up a little. Either way they are not effective at managing a Gaming company's social media. accounts. Their mistake is treating this like any other Crowdfunding effort.
  3. Locked because it was a duplicate of this one https://www.reddit.com/r/AtariVCS/comments/bwdd1v/fred_on_fox_business_w_prototype/ I think it was mentioned above from Venturebeat but c|net had the exclusive… https://www.cnet.com/news/atari-vcs-opens-pre-orders-at-249-for-retro-console-featuring-4k-gaming/?utm_source=reddit.com#ftag=CAD0610abe0f
  4. So that dude trying to make a new AA magazine tried to post issue 5 to the sub-reddit. It got removed. Oh... and this...
  5. No mod activity for two days on the sub-reddit, so whatever you saw it is still there. I'm the only "Full" moderator, the Official account has limited abilities and if they do anything I feel crosses the line, I'll remove them as mod. I'm dead serious about that "benevolent dictatorship", I will do what is best for the users which at this point is to allow civil discourse. You can be for or against Atari SA and the VCS, so long as everyone is respectful to each other all posts and comments will stand.
  6. Yup recently added them; not sure what their plan is there... The last time they abandoned the page, so I got it back. This time around they have very limited mod ability. Anything they might do to hide or prevent opposing opinions will be reversed and I'll kick them to the curb. Feel free to comment, positive or negative and so long as you are not attacking the users your posts will stand.
  7. Ok, here we go... From, no... but I lived there, in the Austin area for a bit. I would never write that. Not in a million years. A lot of us have kids that know Atari not for the more modern titles, but for the old classic 2600 games. I mean for decades after the crash any time you heard video game sounds on a TV show there was a 95% change it was the 2600 Donkey Kong noises. Because of Atari Age and its members, generations beyond those of us who unwrapped new 2600s under the tree in the 70s, know and love these classics. Not only can they spread, they have spread to new generations and will continue to do so for as long as the hardware holds out. And the Nokia 3310 has got nothing on the Atari 2600 for being damn near Indestructible...
  8. Personally I didn't get the fins thing… neat idea, no way for it to be cost effective. Detailed notes, annotated screen shots, copies of emails, unreleased video... I think a true historian would save that kind of stuff don't you? I sure hope there is one out there. I don't talk to Atari, they don't talk to me. In fact the first time there was any interaction between myself and someone actually working at Atari was when I gave them my formal request for termination of the NDA.
  9. NDA is up on July 23rd, 2021… but I believe the idea was that the venting would allow them to not need a fan for cooling, effectively making it silent.
  10. I'm with -1 on this one. When you want to break one quote in to multiple replies you have to use the bbcode editor. Like this: His browser is fine. Absolutely works for quotes for more than one person. While I've never "clecked" anything myself, I doubt it would break a quote from a single person into multiple parts.
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