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  1. I recall being banned from their group for simply running the Atari VCS subreddit, which they called a troll farm. Not sure why they are holding back on banning now.
  2. https://createtv.com/CreateProgram.nsf/vRecipes/Oven-Barbecued%20Spareribs
  3. We sometines smoke ribs in our oven using tea leaves, specifically Lapsang Souchong.
  4. Let's just keep in mind that if they remade Back to the Future today, young Marty would go back all the way back to to 1990… Law and order theme plays. Marty McFly : Hey… Hey... I've seen this one. I've seen this one. This is a classic. This is one of the few episodes where the trial preceded the investigation. Milton Baines : What do you mean you've seen this, it's brand new. Marty McFly : Yeah, well, I saw it on [realizing] Marty McFly : ... Hulu. Milton Baines : What's Hulu? Marty McFly : You'll find out.
  5. Oh yeah... - VS - But to be open and above board Not that they are related.. but in December the Arcade1Up subreddit got more page views than the Atari VCS has since I started it.
  6. I would like, if I may, to take you on a strange journey. Feel bad for them...
  7. I promise you, you aren't missing anything worth eating. I don't like the flavor at all.
  8. I'm with Bill for the most part but... I feel like Blockchain gaming is buzzword bingo. Slapping Crypto into a game doesn’t make it any different from any other game. Blockchain offers nothing to game play that doesn’t already exist in some form already. Second Life has been converting game content to cash for a long time. Non-fungible assets, just means that the items have a Unique ID of some kind. Which is absolutely not some magical innovation. But you might say it lets the developer control scarcity... again nothing that has been done before without Blockchain. I mean the only little thing that it offers is that it's decentralized, but is that a good thing? Scalability and slow network speeds will be an issue. And yeah you can make a centralized/decentralized hybrid, but why bother when it can be just centralized and the game company can control everything?
  9. I'm an Atari guy at heart. I loved my 2600 and because of that system (And an Imagic game called Fathom) I've been lucky enough to work for 2 gaming companies and on a Star Wars MMO.
  10. This covers it nicely... But both sides have their "colorful" characters. This is where you lose me. Fine... Attack the machine and the company all you want but personally attacking individuals (Fred is a public figure so you get a pass on him), which has absolutely happened on both sides of this product, to me... is a shameful thing. In my mind that kind of behavior makes both sides look bad. As for AA... When new people come to this community, and this thread is the first place they interact with you because they know nothing about the rest of the community, you should be treating them as guests in your home. Be kind. Be welcoming. Absolutely guide them to better knowledge and understanding, but leave the directed personal comments and attacks out of it. As I've said before, if they are personally attacked just for commenting here (or elsewhere), why would they bother to look around at the other places in the AA community? If you walk into a new house and someone immediately drops a bucket of manure on your head are you going to risk walking into another room or are you going to leave thinking cow-patty throwing, taco loving cretins live there?
  11. Just in case it doesn't link right, it starts at 1:04:18. https://youtu.be/j4k_CO_bq74?t=3858
  12. Could have been "Mode 8" had they started counting at 1. Mode 0: 4 layers, all using 4-color palettes. Each BG uses its own section of the SNES palette. Up to 96 colors can be displayed on the backgrounds, 24 colors per layer. Mode 1: 3 layers, two using 16-color palettes and one using 4-color palettes. Up to 120 colors can be displayed by first two layers and 24 colors by third layer. Mode 2: 2 layers, both using 16-color palettes. Each tile can be individually scrolled. Up to 120 colors can be displayed on screen. Mode 3: 2 layers, one using the full 256-color palette and one using 16-color palettes. The 256-color layer can also directly specify colors from an 11-bit (RGB443) colorspace. Up to 256 colors displayed by first layer and 120 colors by second layer. Mode 4: 2 layers, one using the full 256-color palette and one using 4-color palettes. The 256-color layer can directly specify colors, and each tile can be individually scrolled. Up to 256 colors displayed by first layer and 24 colors by second layer. Mode 5: 2 layers, one using 16-color palettes and one using 4-color palettes. Tile decoding is altered to facilitate use of the 512-width and interlaced resolutions. Up to 120 colors displayed by first layer and 24 colors by second layer. Mode 6: 1 layer, using 16-color palettes. Tile decoding is as in Mode 5, and each tile can be individually scrolled. Up to 120 colors can be displayed on screen. Mode 7: 1 layer of 128×128 tiles of size 8×8 from a set of 256, which may be interpreted as a 256-color one-plane layer or a 128-color two-plane layer. The layer may be rotated and scaled using matrix transformations. A programming technique called HDMA can be used to change the matrix parameters for each scanline in order to generate perspective effects.
  13. The goal was to have it cooling enough through convective air flow, so as to not need a fan. It would have been expensive though, with a mold needed for each "rib" and didn't account for the adding of additional ram or other user upgrades. I can understand dumping the idea; it would make things cost more to make, lock the units in to factory specs and slow the production build time. Toss in the upgraded board and heat might have been a factor, regardless of design. Here's the thing for me.When I played as a kid I only every got 2 clues. The thing that really bothered me was the comic was the opportunity to give hints as to what items needed to be in what rooms. The characters picked up and dropped items in the story, but it didn't match the items needed for the rooms to solve the game. It was just "drop random stuff in a random room" see if it works, rinse... repeat. And that to me is why the games were awful. No rhyme or reason, just luck or attrition. Which is boring.
  14. Calling him "inaccurate" is being kind. I think the only thing he got right in the first half of the video was the name of the product, "Atari VCS". It's like he woke up and said, "Wow everybody else is doing a VCS video, but I have no idea what is going on.. let me do 5 minutes worth of research and and just wing it."
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