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  1. Just a heads up... https://www.gamestop.com/consoles-hardware/retro-consoles/retro-sega-hardware/products/atari-vcs-800-onyx-all-in-system-bundle/202627.html
  2. Who doesn't love a good port? We've seen some cool ports come out of this community, but that not the Port I'm talking about. At one point there was discussion of a USB device that you could drop a 2600 cart into and it would allow you to play it on your Atari VCS. The Temple of Atari Family Extension Building on the language of the Box, the Port provides an altar to games that have been kept for 40 years. Cartridge Hero With a successfully read cartridge, an LED bar illuminates - highlighting the game art during play even in darker gaming environments. For the Fans. Players who have kept their 2600 cartridges for 40 years are the die-hards and deserve something unusual. Unique game footage laser etched onto the wood bottom label offers the die hard fans something to post about. Atari Box and Atari Port
  3. @Flojomojo Sorry I don't know. I've got a Pac-Man watch face for my Android smart watch and I would love some of those bands. I appreciate the questions. It help me remember things, like the medium post I mentioned above. Totally forgot I had the video with Nolan.
  4. Yes, sorry for the delay. I've moved since this all began and I cannot find the notes. I'm digging through old emails and finding a few gems.
  5. The new post on Atari's medium reminded me of something from Dec. 2nd, 2017
  6. Indie-No-Go The design goal was to capture the design aesthetics of the old Atari 2600, but to modernize with sleek lines. Initially the case was being developed as individual fins to help with cooling, but that would have been cost prohibitive and they went with the current shell. Honestly I think they did an amazing job, it's a very nice looking case that clearly evokes the old within the new. As much as people want to say the prototype of the classic controller in the demos was fake, it really did work. Obviously the Box hardware wasn't legit but that controller was. It didn’t have the spin paddle feature, but it was work as a generic Bluetooth controller. Dec 2017, just prior to opening for pre-orders for the VCS, Atari announced that they needed to address "issues with the hardware", and decided to postpone the pre-orders. That issue... was the modern controller. As I understand it, the controller design and manufacturing were being handled by a well known gaming hardware company. They wanted to partner with Atari on the controller, but Atari wanted full rights to the controller design which caused the negotiations to break down in the day before the launch. Behind the scenes the Indiegogo was set for launch and that's what happened. But it shouldn't have, the launch was contingent on a "go ahead" by Feargal, but the marketing firm launched it anyway. At this point I don't know what was happening behind the scenes... but we do know Atari pulled the launch and then put the delay in place citing "hardware issues"… I do remember seeing a proof of concept for a multiplayer Yars' Revenge. The Qotile was in the center middle with 4 Yars around it.
  7. The following is a personal account of my time as a volunteer working with Gameband and Atari Box, all statements are my personal opinions and to the best of my memory accurate descriptions of events. I have, unfortunately, lost a lot of my notes and screen captures on all this... but I'll do my best. If I find them I'll update where I can. Gameband… this isn't about that saga but it was my way into the VCS. I still really want that watch. I reached out the Fergal Mac to offer my help with the Game Band watches and started working to build a community around those products. I'd imagine if things had gone differently we would have seen "Fortnite" watches out there too. Not long after I signed an NDA for Gameband, the Atari Box was first mentioned. A modern VCS with a library of classics and remakes of classic games, this could be pretty cool right? Of course I was onboard to help, sure I'll sign another NDA. We're calling it Atari Box... Okay... but let's hope that's not final. Fergal begins to pull in resources for the "Box". Hardware developers and Design teams to start building renders and images… pulling his time and efforts (and possibly money) away from Gameband for Atari Box. This will ultimately kill Gameband, though there were working prototypes. There legitimately was a design issue with the USB port being to large for the original design specs. I think it was a structural support issue where the port would fail after repeated plugging and unplugging and adding additional support would make the watch uncomfortably thick. Regardless, Gameband is not a thing today and I'm out $100. Notes: Please ask questions, they will help me remember things and there might be things that I don't think are interesting or important that you might want to hear about... Mods: One thread or a post for each "Chapter"?
  8. Best Best buy has them available for order online.
  9. Available in Chicago, IL Cambridge, MA Rockville, MD Maddison Heights, MI St. Louis Park, MN Brentwood, MO North Jersey, NJ Westbury, NY Flushing, NY Yonkers, NY Columbus, OH Mayfield Heights, OH Sharonville, OH St Davids, PA Houston, TX Fairfax, VA Most have 10 in stock a few only 9. Good luck. https://www.microcenter.com/product/627563/atari-vcs-800-black-walnut-full-bundle
  10. Absolutely, half the comments will be about what brilliant commentary and the other half will be about how monumentally wrong they were. Which leads to open combat in the comments. It's starting to balance out on Reddit, but that's what I expected once it released. I expect once the retail release get's out there things will start to swing to the more positive side. You cannot blame those on the negative side, Atari made a lot of mistakes and mishandled just about every opportunity to support and engage with the community around the VCS. That will be the long term result. At some point the "store" will shut down, although with the recovery image out there in the wild we may see some 3rd party effort to keep it alive long after the Atari Gaming Division at Atari SA has moved into licensing the aesthetic design for t-shirts and other items.
  11. Orders appear to be shipping from Atari.
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