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  1. Tacos are far more interesting to talk about than Microsoft.
  2. @tadream is that a Tangerine Dream reference?
  3. That appears to be Chesnais' baby.
  4. Atari SA news, Chesnais out as CEO, Wade J. Rosen in. Splitting into 2 divisions: One for blockchain and another for everything else. http://crweworld.com/article/news-provided-by-globenewswire/1945875/atari-announces-the-creation-of-two-divisions-atari-gaming-and-atari-blockchain-and-a-change-in-leadership Rosen is a younger gent (35 I think), perhaps his vision for Atari will better serve its fans.
  5. I got a 9 gold for Xmas a while back.... I haven't even taken it out of the box. The Kieren interview was good. No surprises in there, but good to hear it from his perspective.
  6. I'm very late to the "Homebew" or "Developer" talk, but I wanted to add my thoughts because I'm arrogant enough to think my opinion matters! 🤪 AtariAge and @Albert function as a "Publisher" who produces, packages, and gives royalties for games created by "Developers". No different than what happens in modern gaming. We are way past someone at home doing it all by themselves to produce, as @jaybird3rd said, "a humble 4K game in a plastic baggie—complete with a recycled cartridge board and shell, a scissor-cut label and a folded manual printed on a cheap home printer, and artwork drawn by the programmer on graph paper". Sure AA still uses recycled shells, but I can speak with experience when I say that Albert is very, very selective about what shells he will take in to use. I do not consider the games created and sold here as "Homebrew". You are, in my eyes, all capital D "Developers" and I fully support you and your efforts.
  7. And the 'SystemSupervisorPW ' isn't visible anymore to the efivar command.
  8. Yeah, I feel like I covered that...
  9. <soapbox> 1000 times this. They were practically hostile to their potential customers. But that also ties in to your next point which I won't quote here. Don't outsource everything. The "unofficial" reddit community succeeded (and continues to succeed), because it allowed people to voice their opinions, good or bad... so long as they didn't resort to personal attacks on each other. It allowed questions of Atari that were not easy to answer or may not have had good answers. Silencing your critics and/or hiding the tough questions just makes it look like you've got something to hide or that you are unwilling to deal with it. A community will accept "We don't know", "We cannot answer that at this time" and "We do not have firm timelines at this point". Those are not phrases of failure, those are real, human answers to questions without good answers. True Fans will clearly be understanding about anything and the haters are gonna hate no matter what. But it's great masses in the middle that will watch every move you make and decide what they will do. In my opinion, Atari and it's marketing agency mishandled things nearly every step of the way, from a Community and Customer communications perspective. They've lost a lot of good will along the way for products they could internally develop, but they are still finding a lot of success selling the games they still own and their logo to other companies who can bring good products to market. I don't think they will ever try something like this again. I believe they will make enough units to cover preorders and defects, and never mention it (they barely talk about it now) or consider "doing it themselves" ever again. </soapbox>
  10. The Activision Decathlon, assuming you can get it on there.
  11. It's an elite designation for two forems forums.
  12. You guys did a great job with that, and I appreciate that you (or your team) popped into the Arcade1Up subreddit to answer questions when it started reaching people homes.
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