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  1. “A foole and his money be soone at debate: which after with sorow repents him too late.” - Thomas Tusser @CPUWIZ I was so tempted to leave that post count as long as I could
  2. "Unboxing" https://www.janipenttinen.com/post/unboxing-atari-vcs
  3. Here we go.. L 12” x W 6” x H 3” Weight: 2.2 lbs Batteries not included. https://arcade1up.com/collections/counter-cade/products/atari-mini-pong-jr
  4. Arcade1Up (Tastmakers) is doing the distribution.
  5. Especially when legal action is FATARi’s main income. Amen...
  6. That I can't tell you. I own an Alienware Alpha TO which came with a setup for Kodi with a custom theme to make it more like a console. These were also designed to be SteamOS machines, but they never really gained traction for that. But there is a contingent of users that don't care about Atari so much as they want a decent gaming device with Linux as the default OS.
  7. You can narrow by OS and filter it to Steam-OS + Linux The Gaming on Linux communities seem to be pretty excited by the VCS. First round pre-sales net them $500+k; that amount was mainly contributed by the partners to fund development of the project. A 2nd round of private sales of $1 million, was raised from third parties and from its business partner ICICB.
  8. While it has been deleted from Twitter and reddit, it does look like Atari is reaching out to some Devs to secure or at least allow them to place their games on the Atari VCS. https://snew.notabug.io/r/AtariVCS/comments/iy8bc0/from_atari_to_atari_how_the_company_changed_my/ The game looks good and I hope that they are successful, whether or not it arrives on the VCS.
  9. Backers refers to someone who contributes to a reward-crowdfunding campaign. You're either donating some money to get a reward or essentially, pre-buying a product. So, you're supporting/backing a project -- hence, a backer. They did offer "pre-orders" for a product not fully developed and that is not shipping until 2021. Investment crowdfunding is a way to source money for a company by asking a large number of backers to each invest a relatively small amount in it. In return, backers receive equity shares of the company. Amico has effectively done both. You're right... Retro, casual and non-gamers are most likely not going to buy a Series S. Why would they when the Switch is the better choice at the same price? It's market place is full of casual sub $5 games and of course most of Nintendo's classic games and more than couple "Collection" series from a few of the old school companies to pull in the retro crowd. And far, far better 3rd party developer support. I'll give you that Tommy carries a lot of weight in the gaming industry and is highly connected... but I'm not sure that's enough. I would absolutely love to be wrong about that, but I just don't see the long term value in an Amico. As for this retro/casual gamer... nope not buying the Series S... Gonna pre-order the Series X. For me the Amico is just an interesting collectable.
  10. I mean that's what I say when I can finally breath through my nose again... Ooooohhhhyahhh
  11. It has a Nasdaq International Designation. The companies are not listed or traded on The Nasdaq Stock Market LLC, and are not subject to the same listing or qualification standards applicable to securities listed or traded on an exchange.
  12. And here I am sitting on a couple of hundred shares of gamestop stock. Chance are I'll get the better return.
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