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  1. Greetings all, Just thought i would share i stared a longplay series on my YouTube channel for all my favorite Atari800xl games growing up. If you get a chance, maybe check it out and say hi. I don't think that's against forum rules is it?
  2. ok the screen and step by step instructions were very nice thank you. The only question i have is if copymate xe is pare of APE?
  3. Awesome ... is this once i get the SIO2PC/APE usb. Does APE run from the pc or atari? Also ... since it's not cheap and i don't want to buy the wrong thing ... what am i buying exactly on this page as far as the periphial goes. i see the APE software http://www.atarimax.com/sio2pc/documentation/index.html What do i need? i have the SIO cable already. just need SIO USB ... so what is the exact product?
  4. Thank you so much ... i will print this and get started. I will update my progess if these threads stay open!. Thanks everyone!
  5. Thanks for replying, i found that page before, but as i stated, i have no idea which or what i need to buy out of all of that and how to use it
  6. Hello All, Just dug up my Atari 800xl from storage, and had a question i can't seem to have answered in newbie terms without spending nights i don't have to learn it all. There is a few homebrew games my uncle made and some various disks i want to image to an .atr on my pc for use with an emulator. I have NO IDEA where to begin. If someone will be so kind to elaborately and explicitly explain the steps on how to accomplish this. I have a perfectly working artari and disk drive with planety of disks. First thing i am sure i will need is a device to hook from atari to PC correct? USB?
  7. Just bought one!!! works great! ... only question, using my atart paddles in mame, i only want arkanoid to work, but the paddle just zooms all over the screen!! ... i am using mameUI32.139 and windows xp .... i tried to adjust the digital speed and sensitivity of the analog but no luck ... anyone?
  8. Has anyone gotten te paddles to work in arkanoid? i am having the same trouble as the guy above me, they paddle jumps uncontrollably!. The paddles work fine. I tried messing with the analog control settings in me with the digital speed and sesitivity, but can't seem to get it at all
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