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  1. When the local video rental place in my small town closed down. Not only did I purchased the small collection of Genesis games from him. I asked him about the trash bag full of rental cases for the games. He said he was going to throw them out. So I got those for free.
  2. 8" floppy was used on business machines due to more storage and out first. Home computers was more to use the mini floppy. That is why the Model II is so different from the model 1 or 3. As for mfg of one. The prices have gone down on everything. Take a look at 5.1/4" drives. The full height one was 400.00+ mostly retail and the price continued to go down. Then for under $100.00 in the mid 90's Before they went away. So continue building a TRS-80 would get cheaper. Esp. if they moved to more common parts.
  3. I play that path all the time with all the computers. After getting an Apple II+ computer over a year ago to replace the one I had in middle school. I started reading all of the vintage magazines that I Could remember. What I found seemed to be a flood of people just purchasing IBM PC for xx reasons. Reminded me of when the Sega Dreamcast came out. Sure people purchased it. But they waited for the PS/2 instead. Seemed like people purchased IBM because it was IBM. Though I have found out compared to the U.S. Other counties Micro computers lasted longer in the market place. Sometimes due to cost and the amount of systems around among other things. But all within Three years. All the magazines and companies went from our computer is better priced, more hardware, more software, faster, etc etc compared to the IBM. But yet the IBM won out. Sad in a way. Plus one more thing. the Model II was a business computer. People seem the want one type of computer. Read and article about how the Apple II / II plus was purchased by home users and more so business. Thus, one reason they developed the Apple III. But now I'm getting way off course.
  4. I finally got around to getting a programmer to read roms from a printer. But before I do that. (I have not done anything with roms in over 20 years. So I didn't want to kill anything.) I had a case of Atari 2600 roms to copy. It was find along time ago at a thrift store. I really did not not to remove all the hand written labels. I like to get stuff original to a point on history. But the one or 2 chips the stickers fell off of. I cannot cross reference them. I did a little digging and found out some ??? atari carts did not use a standard 2k 4k 8k etc etc rom chips in some instances due to changing the pin out. So between the tl866 ii Plus and the AMI c012031c-01 1980 atari korea rom chip. Any ideas? Also one more questions not related to reading and writing chips. Can this be used to test dram memory modules? Thank You, Josh
  5. I was wondering about that. Putting in jut a 65c02 and see if that would satisfy the few terminal programs that required a 65c02. Since several upgrade exist for the apple ||+ include the 65c02. For instance one forum talks about using a 65c02 in apple II+ to run ProDos 2.0.3. Posted from about 17 years ago. So my guess before they removed the requirement on prodos I guess. It does also explain some 65c02 won't work in the II+. Not sure why. The link so I can give credit to credit do and you can read the article. https://comp.sys.apple2.narkive.com/vHszPodU/65c02-in-an-apple-ii One more thought was to bad they didn't get the memory bank switching the same in the IIe. That seems to be another issue. Thus, even if you have say a Ram factor card. Some programs that require 128k will not work unless they have built in support or a patch from Either the company who makes the memory card or a patch from the software. Well something like that.
  6. I did that for a few months. Tried to find a terminal program to work with Linux after I got my apple ii plus. PRoblem seemed to be most programs wanted a 65c02 or something. I'm surprised that since the vt-100 was introduced in 1978 that by 1983 we didn't have a good group of programs. Then again I searched a few magazines about that. Found a few programs that once again. Was not for the apple II plus or couldn't find them in an archive anyplace.
  7. Oh this brings me back to the early 80's. Sears Christmas catalog anyone. I remember drooling in Sears at the Atari 7800 and Atari 2600 jr. Got a Sega Genesis 3 from K&B toys years ago on closeout. TTFN, Josh
  8. I'm enjoying my apple ii plus I got back in July. Loaded it up too. Enjoying the booti card. Still a few more things on the list. Floppy emulator of some type, real time clock chip (I have a card but all slots are full.) and a color monitor. If one shows up local so I don't have to pay an arm and leg for shipping. Also if I do run into a local or cheap IIgs or IIe. Probably pick that up just to be more compatible. I would think at that point. I hope I'm done. Anyway enjoy your time with the new fruit. ttfn, Josh
  9. Just listed this apple ii plus with cards on e-bay. Once again just FYI. The keyboard is broken. Thanks, Josh https://www.ebay.com/itm/Apple-II-Plus-Computer-with-Cards-Powers-On/274151999357
  10. Yes, I got it today and removed the battery. Then cleaned the contact up. But it is pretty bad. But due to the size of the metal holder. It didn't damage any of the board.
  11. Apple II plus https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Apple-ii-Plus-Floppy-Drive-Joystiq-JS-007/293344253200?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649&fbclid=IwAR0n8sd-UEWY6AyJKE5p40qw6eSyUnwfyvXuKz3d1_jSpqYZ1cko8-PGL20 Thanks, Josh
  12. If you want to mess around with old stuff. Find a CPM card for the iie that goes int he critter. Then you can run cpm. Memory card upgrade perhaps. Just really what you want to do. But as stated above. You want a serial card for adt pro. I enjoy it so much. TTFN, Josh
  13. Yea. I ended up with a few things missing / thrown out throughout the years. The tough one was storing stuff in my dad's garage. Once I found a place I drove back and forth to pickup items / through stuff out. I had a small 4 door Suzuki sidekick. Fun trying to fit stuff in. Well one day I came back after a few months. Most of the stuff was gone. Not all of it. Seemed to be strange too. Chucked the stuff that was worth money or I was going to keep and left the stuff I was probably going to get ride of. I tried to explain to him if I known he wanted a quick decision. I would have come over and did a quick clean up. So it was things like. Had the container of Atari 2600 games I purchased used from yard sales and such as a kid in the 80's. But chucked the whole 2600 system. Left the CED video discs and got ride of the player. Etc, Etc. Interesting how life works.
  14. There's no reason to go with a II+ unless you're an Apple II collector and want it for nostalgia's sake.... That is exactly why I purchased my apple II+ in July. But I keep thinking the next one will be a IIe or IIgs just so I could run some more programs. But I still have a few things to add to my apple ii plus collection first. The nice thing about the iie and the iigs is you can use the cards from an apple II. TTFN, Josh
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