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  1. Just listed this apple ii plus with cards on e-bay. Once again just FYI. The keyboard is broken. Thanks, Josh https://www.ebay.com/itm/Apple-II-Plus-Computer-with-Cards-Powers-On/274151999357
  2. Yes, I got it today and removed the battery. Then cleaned the contact up. But it is pretty bad. But due to the size of the metal holder. It didn't damage any of the board.
  3. Apple II plus https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Apple-ii-Plus-Floppy-Drive-Joystiq-JS-007/293344253200?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649&fbclid=IwAR0n8sd-UEWY6AyJKE5p40qw6eSyUnwfyvXuKz3d1_jSpqYZ1cko8-PGL20 Thanks, Josh
  4. If you want to mess around with old stuff. Find a CPM card for the iie that goes int he critter. Then you can run cpm. Memory card upgrade perhaps. Just really what you want to do. But as stated above. You want a serial card for adt pro. I enjoy it so much. TTFN, Josh
  5. Yea. I ended up with a few things missing / thrown out throughout the years. The tough one was storing stuff in my dad's garage. Once I found a place I drove back and forth to pickup items / through stuff out. I had a small 4 door Suzuki sidekick. Fun trying to fit stuff in. Well one day I came back after a few months. Most of the stuff was gone. Not all of it. Seemed to be strange too. Chucked the stuff that was worth money or I was going to keep and left the stuff I was probably going to get ride of. I tried to explain to him if I known he wanted a quick decision. I would have come over and did a quick clean up. So it was things like. Had the container of Atari 2600 games I purchased used from yard sales and such as a kid in the 80's. But chucked the whole 2600 system. Left the CED video discs and got ride of the player. Etc, Etc. Interesting how life works.
  6. There's no reason to go with a II+ unless you're an Apple II collector and want it for nostalgia's sake.... That is exactly why I purchased my apple II+ in July. But I keep thinking the next one will be a IIe or IIgs just so I could run some more programs. But I still have a few things to add to my apple ii plus collection first. The nice thing about the iie and the iigs is you can use the cards from an apple II. TTFN, Josh
  7. That is what I'm thinking too. 80 column card. in apple basic try IN#4 then press return and see if the screen kicks into 80 column mode. If it is hooked up correctly and accepts that code.
  8. From my understanding most of them are just clones and or support Vidterm? video card and sometimes come with more features. I think I got that correct. If I did that is what most software works with right out of the box. This just happened to be about 10 or 15 cheaper than most apple II / II+ 80 column cards. Plus the fact he has like 5 of them. So I put the word out. Thanks, Josh
  9. Well looks like even though I ordered one. He ran out or something. I got a refund notice in my e-mail. Sigh. Just have to keep my eyes open.
  10. Micromax Viewmax-80 1982 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Micromax-Viewmax-80-1982/202428902946?_trkparms=ao%3D1%26asc%3D20160502134249%26meid%3D5cc39e170d4b44fd9d79e587193e0a01%26pid%3D100282%26itm%3D202428902946%26pmt%3D0%26noa%3D1%26pg%3D5713&_trksid=p5713.c100282.m3503&fbclid=IwAR3_cAMP_LH5Bgcgy52wUD3TZIAh5QuUhHbSNyaDXRMeJdTedq7-AgmtvHw Not my auction. But the person has multiple cards for sale. Sorry if this is the wrong place. If it does not get moved. I'll post a feedback on my experience once I get mine. Thank You, josh
  11. I remember going into the local ComputerLand. It was based on credit and the fact the computer would be an investment / last 10 years. About the pricing it was already going down each year. What people didn't know if after a certain point. Computers would become outdated quick. When I started working in computers we still had people showing up with computers they purchased 10 years ago and expected to run windows and this was in 1992. They didn't realize the processor among other things started to outpace any upgrade they could put in the the original IBM AT. (Had a guy who came in and just purchased a large 2mb I think expanded memory card). He couldn't understand why windows would run in enhanced mode. Anyway to follow things up. Companies went from upgrading say each 5 years to 3 years to 2 years and even some down to 1 years do to cost dropping and change of hardware. Now it kind of has reserved. Well the hardware is still cheap. But A computer that is 5 years old. Can still run stuff pretty well with a few upgrades. TTFN, Josh
  12. After along time. Probably a year. Well long enough that I can't remember picking up the other 2 Sega Cd games I had. I picked up a Sega Cd Game Formula One Beyond the Limit for $2.00 Plus tons of Records at .75 cents ea.
  13. Not sure about apple iie. But on a apple ii. You can remove the card and see if it goes into apple soft basic. You can also hold down ctrl and press reset. See if it goes to basic. You are also welcome to swap the drive around. Perhaps you have a bad or dirty drive. Also not all disks are boot disks. Would help to know what disk you are trying to boot from. Thanks, Josh
  14. Well with the exception of the RFI keyboard. The apple II + based the Apple II diag. All it found was a memory chip that needed to be re-seated. The APPLE II super serial card I picked up worked like a champ to get the ADTPro software installed. First time in years I had to notch a disk. Got to love one side is bad on vintage disk. The other side is good. I would like to thank everybody for the help and I hope they enjoy the pictures. Thank You, Josh
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