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  1. Nice camera hall. I had to force myself to pickup a cannon ae-1 collection from a thrift store today. I tell myself stick with Minolta only. Save me from breaking the bank. Though I have a a few other goodies film cameras. One of the most horrible things is a 620 film. Yes I know you can respool 120 and order new 620 film. But it is just easier to use a camera that takes 120 film. I have a ansco box camera to took 120 film. The picture quality was great and I was just playing around with it.
  2. If I found a rob for $5.00 covered in sh*****Tz. I would get it. Even if It means I had to take my shirt off to pick it up and put it in the trunk of my car. Great find...
  3. This is just a thanks to everybody that helped. I took several additional pictures of the tear down.
  4. Okay so I got the new ships in. Mitsubishi 74LS161A chips. Now we have a working display and mostly a computer. I still have to clean the printer and disk drive. But now I have a great keyboard problem. I was hoping to avoid this. I'm pretty sure it is dirty. Though this machine is pretty clean. What I get is repeats, some keys not working, some keys working fine. Sometimes I have to smack it a few times. The T key don't work at all. most keys work great. Like the space bar, return, and greater or less than. To name a few. This is what I get for putting the machine back together. Now I have to open it up to pull the keyboard. So I'll keep you guys updates. But for now. This issue is resolved. I'll start a new post for keyboard stuff once I get it cleaned. Thanks, Josh
  5. Got the chips on the way. Should arrive by Thursday. I'll keep everyone posted. Once again thanks...
  6. Update: Got a picture. Joined a group on face book and they asap pointed me to the right bank of chips. One suggested to swap them out in pairs. After messing around I had three results. 1. same issue 2. no picture 3. picture of APPLE II repeated several times and unable to get a scroll lock. So I'm going to source out some 161 chips and see what happens. Thanks, Josh
  7. One final update before bed. I moved around all the chips I could move. Still no difference. So for now I continued cleaning the system up. I did a test with simple green and the lid. It worked great. Just like it did 20 years ago. So I continued with the top, bottom (used a paint brush) and removed the keys for the keyboard and soaked them. Talk about really clean already. I also used a paint brush on the mother board to clean the little amount of dust on it. I also posted on the local Facebook groups looking for parts. Unless I get lucky. I think I'm at the end of my talents. So I'll still try the stuff above when I get a sec. But next is cleaning the monitor, then printer (that will be a hoot to clean.) and the disk drive. TTFN, Josh
  8. Just wanted to post a small update. I have not done any hardware stuff today. But I was reading through the apple ii official diagnostics. I'm surprised about how much is just replace a chip or check with a volt meter. When I first started in computer around 1992. I always figured it was a hack thing to do. As time passed on. I got better at locating and reading what part of the board does what. So that narrowed down the search during a repair. i remember towards the end having it down pretty good for certain fixes. The biggest problem being in a small town (even the next town over.) didn't have a place you could just go in and get stuff. Well except for the Radio Shack. That was limited for parts. I considered the real people who built and used o-scopes to be the true repair people or what I call board level repair. The video I was watching on you tube explaining by the time the apple iie came around. If it wasn't a simple fix. You would just send the board back to apple and they would send another repaired one back to you. So for you guys who are trying to go it alone. Give yourselves a pat on the back. TTFN, Josh
  9. Okay I put everything away tonight after swapping a bunch of chips around according to another site. Still same thing. So when I have a sec on sunday. I'll see if I can set it back up and try typing that in. See what I get. I also checking some additional random points around the board for 5v and such. But I'm running on what I call board level repair. I only have very, very limited experience. Soldering, chip removal and volt meter (to a point.) is not an issue. But I don't have o scope or really know how to read a complex diagram. Thanks, Josh
  10. Okay. So I tried the gr command. 1. press ctrl and reset 2. gr 3. return Get blank screen. Only difference I noticed is now no matter how many times I press enter. I have a blank screen. If I do not use that command. I get lines in different spots on the monitor or not lines at all.
  11. Well yes. I do have the motherboard out and I didn't see anything falling off but I did see the following. I don't know the term for it. Underneath the cover is started to bubble? But I checked it and nothing came off. I have had sometimes when you rub a area. it will come off and you have to put on a jumper wire. But this is pretty bad and I don't know if it hurts anything. So I attached more pictures. So you can take a good look at it. I'll have to try the JR and return Saturday when I get home from work. Right now it is in a safe pile so I can clean the case. I guess you could call it Rotten. But my idea of rotten traces is like battery corrosion and stuff. Thanks, Josh
  12. 1. Tried Monitor on vcr. Works fine. 2. Remove all cards 3. Remove mainboard from case 4. check powers supply. All volts are good. Well two volts was just a tad under what they should be. 5. Removed all memory chips except first row closet to keyboard. 6. Take all memory chips from Microsoft 64 k upgrad card and put them in first row. 7. Swap chips around that matched. 8. Removed and reseated almost all chips. 9. Only tarnish found was on original apple memory chips. But only so far down. Not all the way into the socket. 10. Removed apple special rom. Just got a big black green screen. (Assume this is normal.) 11. 820-0044-d apple 2 main logic board rf1 (thus no memory jumpers.) 12. inside of case is stamped march 1982 Oh and one more thing. When I keep pressing return. It keeps beeping and the picture keeps changing. This is after pressing ctrl reset. I also check the bell on the keyboard and it does beep. So I'm pretty sure it is booting. Just not giving me a picture. LIke one of the switching ic chips is busted. Thanks, Josh
  13. just put the monitor on a vcr. Besides the Height needing adjustment. Works just fine for picture.
  14. I did play around with the memory chips. But I wasn't sure what bank was used for video. Plus I noticed some gunk on the pins. So I need to clean that. Well gunk but now all the way down into the sockets. I also need to bust out my volt meter too. But I did remove all the cards. Even the 16k expansion and placed one of those chips in the socket. I removed all memory and got no beep. So I'm like okay. I'll keep putting memory back in until I get a beep and see if I get any difference at all. I honestly with I had the memory test I used 20+ years ago for the shop I worked at. Simple dram tester. Oh and yes all the chips are original apple stamped memory chips. Also yes. I was thinking of plugging a vcr into the motor. But from my understanding. That is the monitor that came with it.
  15. So have the three pics of the display issue. One is on power on, the other is on ctrl reset. then the final is when I type you can see if move around. In fact It beeps at me. So I'm pretty sure it is posting and going into basic. Just picture looks all lined up and such. Played around with the ram.Removed all the cards. etc. etc. Any idea on what to start at. Oh and for more pictures of the computer itself. I have it posted on APpleFritter via user NovellNetware. Thanks, Josh
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