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  1. Recieved my shipping info for the nt mini at 5:41 PM ET today.
  2. Gonna post what is currently at 0% clear rate so somebody can make em more than that hopefully. Just in time for the Halloween season-(0/27) There is a mushroom in the first "crow's nest". Skeleton Crew on a Ghost Ship: C6E4-0000-00AD-DF84 lots of projectiles and cannons-(0/7) Bullet Purgatory: 95E2-0000-00AC-9726 Mushroom escort mission, patience required-(0/14) Long Driver 0.8: FB32-0000-00A5-0406
  3. Can I get my order fufillled yet then? Ive emailed you a few times, sent a pm. Im not sure what else I need to do.
  4. Still waiting, I hope Im not getting hit by some sort of spam filter constantly.
  5. same here, hopefully I didn't screw it up somehow or get it lost in the mess of orders on the 14th of March.
  6. had to get a ps tv for this on the weekend. helps that there was a flash sale going on. really doesn't help that you have to look up a special compatibility list for buying anything it seems like. Rather wish Atarigrames would go out of business again, I'm hoping someone can actually buy them up that wants to do something meaningful with what is left over rather than using it for Best of Classics or whatever and whatever that haunted house game was. After reading about what happened with the Alone in the Dark series back in the day I don't want Infogrames to have any meaningful influence on any meaningful series either. Hopefully this can be resolved without too many issues.
  7. so whats the final tally on the orders?
  8. ok.... now that Ive seen what they actually are I want one.... errr.... 2 .... 2 and a cart, whatever. payment sent.
  9. I managed to get a darker model ECS when I was little from a thrift store in the 90's without a power supply. We never did find a power supply for it, but now that I am older and the internet is useful I noticed that the power adapter is remarkably similar to an Odyssey 2 power supply.... and it works, I won't leave the plug in but I can now use the thing that I wished I could use as a kid.
  10. could probably fit a micro-hdmi port in the RF plug space... maybe. I don't particularly care for hdmi on the older consoles myself though.
  11. I have a stupid question: would this be able to be adapted to work on a lynx 1?
  12. "back in the day" my friend had a colecovision with the expansion to play Atari 2600 games, and thats all it ever seemed to be used for, Atari 2600 games....
  13. thucom

    Planet Smashers

    I always do real hardware(so far anyways), I have a tablet with a screen capture device attached and a Flat tube TV with composite out. I can capture pretty much anything with that. At the beginning I let the sound through but mute it since it just a PEW PEW PEW PEW and so on. I'm using one of golden axes NES advantages since all my original controllers keep breaking. I have like 4 now and all of them have at least one direction or button not working all the time. usually opening it up the metal dome for the button in question has shattered, maybe I'm just abusive on the things or something.
  14. thucom

    Planet Smashers

    Yeah I don't think I could tolerate random level codes and faster enemies. how did I completely miss that part in the manual? the capsule/pills moving faster might have made it feel better though. The game is just badly paced.... Also, note that I mute the game the whole way. Thats not even mentioning the silly rock parts after each boss, it's like a bottomless pit of dull, the more I think on it, the more dull things pop out. BTW: alien brigade is my next target, but I'm experimenting with dual video since staring at a screen with things exploding might be a bit dull. I want there to be some visablility of the light gun motions and stuff. (might not help much but It'll be an experiment toward future other nonsense.......*cough*Oddyssey2boardgames*cough*)
  15. Warp codes: 1 PGY,2 GRB,3 YBG,4 BYR,5 RGB,6 YPR,7 GRP P=purple R=red G=green B=Blue The game is a bit notorious at being boring, but I haven't really found a ton of information on the game itself other than it's slow I couldn't even find someplace that mentioned how many levels it had before. There are 7. So let's see a bit more detail: First point out the gate is there is no auto-fire without any weapon powerups, if you beat this game your thumb is prolly gonna go numb, this extra abuse is not even really called for. An endurance challenge I would not wish upon anyone would be to beat the game without any weapon power ups Second is item drop limitations, there is a maximum weapon level that goes up 2-3 weapon levels on each level. You cannot stay longer in level 1 to get your weapon up to level 6 or so. This means that to get the 4th level weapon(if you count the starter weapon as level 0) you have to make it to level 2, 6th level weapon to level 3 and so on. Also, you can only get 2 parts of the warp code before the halfway point, forcing you to play through half the level before you can get to the boss. If you hit any of these limitations you will see what seem to be empty drops which I think give you points if you pick it up that would have been otherwise a weapon upgrade or warp pill. When you pick up an item from the side of your ship it can be subject to being shot, in later levels this gets to be really annoying with the weapon upgrade that does a continuous stream you can end up exploding whatever you were trying to pick up, or with the warp pills, turning them another random color. There is a worthless lives and earth shield system, it feels like dying at all will basically doom the game, or at at least force you to do the last level or 2 without any extra lives. There are no "invincibility frames" when you get hit to allow you to recover, if you get hit by 6 shots in a row you die, most vertical shooters seem to allow only one hit to die though so it's still a little more forgiving, but makes the shields less useful. Lastly, I beat the game, and it didn't give me time to peel my thumb off the controller and skipped the ending. Boo! To be a little more fair, a couple of reviews I saw mentioned that cloaking against a boss was useless. This is not true. Bosses have 2 shot patterns, one of them fires forward and one at you, if your cloaked it cannot fire at you, just forward.
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