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  1. I'm still alive... Last weekend I finally had the chance to pull my stuff out of the boxes and do some testing. Well, the 8-16 prototype is working in principle, but somehow fragile and unstable. The consoles are crashing randomly. I don't know the reason(s) yet. Could be a bad contact, a faulty eprom a bad switch, a bad trace ... I have to figure this out before I really can go into reproduction. I'm considering to do another batch of the last Multi-Cart v1.6x, which has proved its functionality many, many times to gain some time to really finish the new type that way. Maybe I wanted to force it too quickly this time. I have lots of orders on my waiting list to serve and I can't at the moment. I'd really like to release some pressure.
  2. Hoping for a chance to speed up retro-activity again.😅

  3. I'm still checking out, trying to find problems with the ram circuit and the new multi-cart. All regular 8/16/32k-games seem to be working, but I'm not satisfied to deliver in this state. It still need's some polishing! And time ... I keep on working ...
  4. project update: Please have a look at: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/242786-multi-cartridge-for-dragoncoco-2-available/page-5?do=findComment&comment=4270619
  5. project update: I want to show you something: This weekend I had the opportunity to build some prototypes. This is NEW: The Dragon Multi-cartridge is playing EPOCH Super Cassette Vision! It's working, still some unsolved problems with some 32k-roms. And not really tested, but promising. In addition a new type of Dragon Multi-cart, which I ​will introduce, when it is tested and when I have the time for that. I must interrupt work now for some time. More to come ... Roland
  6. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/242786-multi-cartridge-for-dragoncoco-2-available/page-5?do=findComment&comment=4269500
  7. I integrated a RAM-chip in the design of the SCV-extension for Dragon Multi-cart, because I was thinking, it would be needed for those three games (Dragon Slayer, Basic Nyuumon and Pop&Chips) to store vital game data and therefore to run. Not battery backed-up yet. I probably could still add a lithium battery, if score-saving is the only reason for the RAM-chip (8k of RAM, only for a high score table and some game state? ). But since I do not have the pcbs yet, I still can't confirm, that it will be working as expected. I still did not built the prototype. Furthermore there'll be two new types of Dragon Multi-Carts: the 8-16, playing ROMs 4k/8k/16k (focussing on the real old consoles) and the 16-32, playing ROMs 8k/16k/32k (for old, but not so old consoles) Those pcbs are in production either. For SCV 64k- and 128k-ROMs I came up with the same solution, like TeamE, and designed a separate special SCV-cartridge, which only is existing in my PC at the moment. Pole Position making some problems, since I do not find any documentation about that one. Maybe I will do some measurements and find out in the future. I'll keep this cartridge somewhat "open" to be able to add some extra circuitry later. So this is my plan. I still have to make the prototypes, when I receive my pcbs, do some thorough testing, confirm functionality then built a batch of cartridges. I'll keep you informed about any major progress, probably in the Multi-Cart section: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/242786-multi-cartridge-for-dragoncoco-2-available/page-5 Best regards, Rolo
  8. Two people doing the same thing at the same time independently. The pcbs for my new SCV-extension for the Dragon Multicart currently are in production in China and I'm waiting for those to built the prototype. Well, better two solutions than none. And I finished a separate cartridge for big roms. Same idea. The SCV is seems to be served now.
  9. project update: I just uploaded and ordered five different types of new/modified pcbs from China. Hopefully the new pcbs are going to work. Soldering and heavy testing required, as soon as I have those.
  10. Thank you for the information! If you like, you can use the Marketplace feedback section: -> http://atariage.com/...ic/258478-rolo/ Have fun!
  11. project update: I'm working on a few modifications and add-ons at the moment, as far as rare spare time allows. Progress is slow. But the project is not dead at all. A bit patience is required...
  12. Thanks for sharing your experience! Can't you just operate it out of an XP or Win 7 virtual machine? If not, why not format a 2nd partition and install some old Windows OS for that purpose and make your PC a dual boot machine?
  13. Sorry, I did not see your posting. Multi-cart currently out of stock and currently is being re-furbished a little bit before next batch. All extension-types are in stock. You need both: Multi-cart (=memory) and special adapter for MPU 2000. I'll do a new price calculation soon, but as always, I try to stay cheap. After all, it is a hobby project not a commercial thing, but of course, I have to pay for components and delivery, too. Multi-cart (incl. eprom) something around maybe US$ 35 ... 40. Extension something like US$ 15. Shipping to your country? Just look at DHL's website and use their price calculator. Used to be cheap until 2019. Thus spoke the raven: never more... Ordering: simply PM me on AA Paying: Paypal or bank transfer Best regards, Roland
  14. Hi Bill, well, me, I'm using a good old Willem Programmer (version 5) http://www.sivava.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=33&product_id=181 which used to be on ebay for years. Now this model seems to be sold out. It has a few drawbacks, like you need a real $2f8/$3f8 parallel port. Ok, retro-people usually have an old XP-laptop lying around. The loading coil of the onboard converter is too small to reach higher programming voltages. I lift it up with a laboratory power supply. The burner-software is not really ready. But it usually works. So this setup is ok for me, since I got my work-arounds and I burned countless eproms with that. Nowadays, you would look for an USB-capable burner of course. Maybe not the cheapest one (makes life easier). There are not many different models out there anymore. It should be capable of burning 27C-types, which is what we mostly need. I'd ask the seller, if that type is served (usually yes), if there's no data sheet available. For me a Chinese "version" would be sufficient. But I have no personal experience with the newer models. Maybe somebody else?
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