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  1. Thanks a lot! 👍 Well, I haven't heard anything concerning the joystick kit for years. It really was over. And thanks for sharing. I like to see, which ideas come up and how people like their controller to be. Could be a good thing to know, for a potential redesign. Talking about shipping, I hope that things eventually will get back to normal and DHL hopefully will offer small, cheap parcel transportation again, like they used to do.
  2. ... started a list ... 👍
  3. Hi Tech-Chap, Why would I look down on you? It is a valid question. It would be possible to make such an adapter. I've never made one though, because there already are many very good multi-cart systems out there for all the major systems, like Atari-8-bit or Commodore. For those platforms, I'm using ATARIMAX and ULTIMATE myself. I did not see any reason, to add another one. I sticked to the "underdogs", where it is not always so easy to find a solution. So, sorry, no Atari-adapter. Best regards, Rolo
  4. Hi guys, I haven't been here for a loooooong time! Well, I see, some of you still are working on the kit.👍 By the way, I myself am still waiting for a specially designed wooden case a friend promised to manufacture for me.... Maybe I should ask again. "Sales" really were going down, new projects were being announced and I did not see any future need for the kit. This may have changed? Well, if there is demand for a new batch, I could go for another one. Not immediately, but in the next few months or so. I do not have parts anymore, so I'd need to order buttons, printed levers, cables, pcbs, small parts, connectors, analog controllers, switches ... Probably, I'd have to adapt the pcbs, because normally I don't get all parts anymore. Transportation is a problem at the moment! For example, I do not have an affordable way to ship to the US anymore! I have problems with a delivery to Australia, too. This disease really changed a few things! What do you think? Shall I start a new waiting list for a batch of kits? Sorry for not responding such a long time. Best regards, Roland
  5. Hi Technical-Chap, All right. I switch to PM ok? Best regards, Rolo
  6. project update: Waiting list completed: some ordered, some cancelled and some did not respond anymore. - Roland
  7. project update: Working through the waiting list. Almost done! Best regards, Roland
  8. Hello Roland


    Is the Dragon 32 Multi Cartridge still available?






  9. Impressive! You've done a big step to understand the system and you got something on the screen. Having a working development environment and a procedure is a great progress. As soon as I get home and find the time, I'll burn the code into an eprom and check it on real hardware. Best regards, Roland
  10. project update: I've just finished making new hardware: Multi-carts 16-32 Super Cassette Vision Extensions I'll do some testing and then start to process the waiting list, one after on ...
  11. Good news. Maybe you found http://www.yaronet.com/topics/120607-yeno-super-cassette-vision-infos, too. A french site, not surprising, regarding the fact that the console was mainly sold in France. Did they sell it in any other European country at all? They are talking about using the "Macro Assembler AS V1.42" and they are referring to some HelloWorld example code on github. Keep on working! 👍
  12. That system definitely could use some cool game titles! It's quite a powerful machine and can do a lot! Only sound seems to be a bit simplistic, as far as I remember. Unfortunately I think the game library is kind of childish, more kind of like Nintendo-Style. Yes, great idea, finally a new game for SCV! 👍👍👍 I wonder how many consoles might be out there?
  13. Project update: 10 Multi-Cart 8-16 built: ready 10 Multi-Cart 16-32 still waiting to be built 10 Super Cassette Vision Extensions still waiting to be built Suddenly there are two types of Multi-Carts? Yes, there’s the 8k based „8-16“, offering 64 8k memory blocks (512k eprom) and the 16k based „16-32“ offering 64 16k memory blocks (double size 1MB eprom chip). Both cartridges are able to join two adjacent blocks to a single double-size block (8-16: 16k and 16-32: 32k) and both now are able to evenly split a block into a lower and an upper half (8-16: 4k and 16-32: 8k). What’s that good for? Two different cartridge types better adapt to different console generations. Very old consoles (like INTERTON VC-4000, etc.) used small roms, maybe 2k/4k/8k whereas the next generation (VECTREX, SCV) needed larger ones like 8k/16k/32k. Storing two small roms into two 4k sub-blocks saves a lot of memory, instead of padding each of them to 8k and using full blocks. In theory, you could store 128 x 2k /4k roms in a 64 block 8-16 multi-cartridge. The illustrations show the concept for both types of cartridges: How do I keep track of the rom-files? Isn’t that confusing? Yes, it is more complicated than a fixed, equally spaced configuration. Compiling binary burn-files is more work, but it is not THIS COMPLICATED after all. A table of content is recommended, like the one in the following example. There is a compilation of 4k/8K/16k roms for 7 different systems on a single 8-16 cartridge: Is it complicated to operate the cartridge? There are three switches on the cartridge. 1. AUTO-START: This one ONLY works for the DRAGON computer. Plugged into a different system it’s doing nothing. 2. BLOCK-SIZE 8k <-> 16k or 16k <-> 32k: That is doing the joining. 3. SPLIT lower <-> upper: This is doing the splitting and it is selecting which rom to start, the lower one or the upper one. What if I set some switch into the wrong position? Nothing, You may launch the wrong rom or the processor might crash. What about the SUPER CASSETTE VISION Extension? All of the 21 8k/16k/32k roms I know of seem to be working flawlessly. Three 32k cartridges are using external cartridge RAM, which still is not working properly. “Pops & Chips” is working nevertheless, but without permanent storing capability, (which would require a battery anyway). I did not invest more time into this not relevant problem and I'll simply will not put a RAM-IC onto the pcbs. Real collectors who absolutely need to have those games, will buy original cartridges anyway. Multi-carts are just for checking out or occasionally play some games. They are no replacement for original hardware, boxes, manuals, artwork etc. What about the waiting list? It is still there. JAll the people, who have been contacting me during the last 12 months or so, still are registered and not forgotten. New people will be added. When all cartridges will be soldered, assembled and ready, I’m going to slowly process the list and address the people. I’ll ask if they still want to order or simply skip, which Extensions they want, the destination country for shipment to estimate DHL-shipping and a few things more.
  14. Hi cdoty, Thanks for your interest! I'll put your name on my waiting list if you want and if you got time. It's a first come, first serve list and there are a few people on the list, who have been almost waiting forever. As long as there are people interested, my plans are to just go on making cartridges. Hopefully there will be times, when I can throttle up the hobby again, like I used to do. There is another cartridge waiting to be put out, based on 16k blocks for "newer" consoles using larger roms. Best regards, Roland
  15. project update: Really slow, but still alive! I almost haven't got any time for retro-work. My situation hasn't changed much, but nevertheless I built new cartridges (type 8-16)! I'd really like to serve at least a few guys on the waiting list, if there should be any interest left. They've been on that list for quite a long time. Sorry! What's a 8-16 type? The cartridge design is based on 8k memory blocks. As with the predecessor you can join two adjacent 8k-blocks to make a 16k-block for larger roms. And now, you can also split an 8k-block into an upper 4k-block and a lower 4k-block. This saves a lot of memory, if you are using the cartridge with older consoles, which mostly tend to use 2k and 4k-roms. A little bit more complicated to assemble the binary burn file for the eprom and a little more complicated to keep track of all of the rom-files "onboard", but a nice table of content helps in this regard.
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