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  1. Hi everybody, I'm looking for a working system rom (RO-3-9502-011) for my dead Intellivision model 3999. It's U9 in the schematics. And I'm wondering, why there is no thread about trading and swoping spare parts. Or did I just not find it? The systems are getting old and I think, there should be lots of dead Intellivisions out there. If we started offering spare parts, it would be good for all of us. Each dead system can help to keep a few others alive. I do not want to throw away that Intellivision and I do not want to kill another one for the chip. If I blindly bought another one on ebay, I might end up with another one with the same error. Even if not so, what would I do with the remaining parts? Throw away, again? How do you repair your devices? Does anybody know a good resource for spare parts, that does international shipping? Thanks! -Rolo
  2. Hi, the "E"-key of my keyboard broke off. It's mounted on a really thin plastic shank :-(. I tried some plastic glue, but I do not think it'll work a long time. It's an Italian assembled aluminium machine (R049959) with black keyboard. Model No.: PHC004A Concerning the mounting holes, please take a look at the photo. I don't want to kill the machine because of one broken key. Does anybody have a cheap fitting keyboard of an already dead machine? Best regards, Rolo
  3. Well, just bought a Woodgrain 6-switch and plugged in the CompuMate. It's working fine. So, probably there is an incompatibility of CompuMate and Coleco Expansion Module #1.
  4. Hi Amstari, great. Thank's a lot. Any news? Maybe I just buy a VCS console on ebay.
  5. I tried to use a Compumate (PAL) with a CBS Expansion Module #1 on my COLECOVISION (PAL). => Not working. Black screen with white diagonal stripes running through on the TV-set. I had to remove the plastic cover on the backside of the Compumate-cartridge first, to be able to plug it into the Expansion Module (physically not fitting). The joystick cables are quite short but I could plug them into the Expansion Module. I tried both possibilities, just to be sure. Then I tried the PAL-ROM and the NTSC-ROM on the HARMONY-Cartridge. Same effects on screen. Has anybody ever succeeded in doing so? Am I doing something wrong? Or simply an incompatibility? Regards, Rolo
  6. Bought a Compumate/PAL via ebay a couple of weeks ago: Universum (Quelle) - BC 0100023802 Regards, Rolo
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