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  1. Hoping for a chance to speed up retro-activity again.😅

  2. I'm still checking out, trying to find problems with the ram circuit and the new multi-cart. All regular 8/16/32k-games seem to be working, but I'm not satisfied to deliver in this state. It still need's some polishing! And time ... I keep on working ...
  3. project update: Please have a look at: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/242786-multi-cartridge-for-dragoncoco-2-available/page-5?do=findComment&comment=4270619
  4. project update: I want to show you something: This weekend I had the opportunity to build some prototypes. This is NEW: The Dragon Multi-cartridge is playing EPOCH Super Cassette Vision! It's working, still some unsolved problems with some 32k-roms. And not really tested, but promising. In addition a new type of Dragon Multi-cart, which I ​will introduce, when it is tested and when I have the time for that. I must interrupt work now for some time. More to come ... Roland
  5. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/242786-multi-cartridge-for-dragoncoco-2-available/page-5?do=findComment&comment=4269500
  6. I integrated a RAM-chip in the design of the SCV-extension for Dragon Multi-cart, because I was thinking, it would be needed for those three games (Dragon Slayer, Basic Nyuumon and Pop&Chips) to store vital game data and therefore to run. Not battery backed-up yet. I probably could still add a lithium battery, if score-saving is the only reason for the RAM-chip (8k of RAM, only for a high score table and some game state? ). But since I do not have the pcbs yet, I still can't confirm, that it will be working as expected. I still did not built the prototype. Furthermore there'll be two new types of Dragon Multi-Carts: the 8-16, playing ROMs 4k/8k/16k (focussing on the real old consoles) and the 16-32, playing ROMs 8k/16k/32k (for old, but not so old consoles) Those pcbs are in production either. For SCV 64k- and 128k-ROMs I came up with the same solution, like TeamE, and designed a separate special SCV-cartridge, which only is existing in my PC at the moment. Pole Position making some problems, since I do not find any documentation about that one. Maybe I will do some measurements and find out in the future. I'll keep this cartridge somewhat "open" to be able to add some extra circuitry later. So this is my plan. I still have to make the prototypes, when I receive my pcbs, do some thorough testing, confirm functionality then built a batch of cartridges. I'll keep you informed about any major progress, probably in the Multi-Cart section: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/242786-multi-cartridge-for-dragoncoco-2-available/page-5 Best regards, Rolo
  7. Two people doing the same thing at the same time independently. The pcbs for my new SCV-extension for the Dragon Multicart currently are in production in China and I'm waiting for those to built the prototype. Well, better two solutions than none. And I finished a separate cartridge for big roms. Same idea. The SCV is seems to be served now.
  8. project update: I just uploaded and ordered five different types of new/modified pcbs from China. Hopefully the new pcbs are going to work. Soldering and heavy testing required, as soon as I have those.
  9. Thank you for the information! If you like, you can use the Marketplace feedback section: -> http://atariage.com/...ic/258478-rolo/ Have fun!
  10. project update: I'm working on a few modifications and add-ons at the moment, as far as rare spare time allows. Progress is slow. But the project is not dead at all. A bit patience is required...
  11. Thanks for sharing your experience! Can't you just operate it out of an XP or Win 7 virtual machine? If not, why not format a 2nd partition and install some old Windows OS for that purpose and make your PC a dual boot machine?
  12. Sorry, I did not see your posting. Multi-cart currently out of stock and currently is being re-furbished a little bit before next batch. All extension-types are in stock. You need both: Multi-cart (=memory) and special adapter for MPU 2000. I'll do a new price calculation soon, but as always, I try to stay cheap. After all, it is a hobby project not a commercial thing, but of course, I have to pay for components and delivery, too. Multi-cart (incl. eprom) something around maybe US$ 35 ... 40. Extension something like US$ 15. Shipping to your country? Just look at DHL's website and use their price calculator. Used to be cheap until 2019. Thus spoke the raven: never more... Ordering: simply PM me on AA Paying: Paypal or bank transfer Best regards, Roland
  13. Hi Bill, well, me, I'm using a good old Willem Programmer (version 5) http://www.sivava.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=33&product_id=181 which used to be on ebay for years. Now this model seems to be sold out. It has a few drawbacks, like you need a real $2f8/$3f8 parallel port. Ok, retro-people usually have an old XP-laptop lying around. The loading coil of the onboard converter is too small to reach higher programming voltages. I lift it up with a laboratory power supply. The burner-software is not really ready. But it usually works. So this setup is ok for me, since I got my work-arounds and I burned countless eproms with that. Nowadays, you would look for an USB-capable burner of course. Maybe not the cheapest one (makes life easier). There are not many different models out there anymore. It should be capable of burning 27C-types, which is what we mostly need. I'd ask the seller, if that type is served (usually yes), if there's no data sheet available. For me a Chinese "version" would be sufficient. But I have no personal experience with the newer models. Maybe somebody else?
  14. project update: Today I shipped the final multi-carts of the latest batch. Concerning memory-carts, I'm sold out at the moment. I still have all extension-types on stock. I will make more multi-carts, after finishing a revision (almost there). Unfortunately there seems to be no cheap international shipping available by DHL anymore. Until end of last year I could deliver worldwide for EUR 6,20. Now, it's dependent on the destination. For example, same service to EU countries: EUR 13,99 (price increase 225.6 %) USA: EUR 19,89 (price increase 320.1 %) Better rates only are available for business customers. I've been asking several employees, but nobody could tell me how that really works. Obviously you'd have to do some standardized online preparations and provide a lot of data before bringing the parcels to some obscure place, that nobody knows. I think, DHL management simply loves adventure games! I wonder, what's their plan? Is it just to see how much they can squeeze out of the business? Do they have more goods to transport, than their capacity is able to? Are they trying to get back into control by choking the market? I wish them good luck with their new business model and am waiting for some competitor to see his chance and jump into the gap.
  15. Pots-values may be a little bit high. PONG: usually 1M-Pots used. 330k (lin.) probably are better for playing. But just try.
  16. project update: Sorry, there is a little break. I can't work on the project at the moment. But it will go on for sure. I have a "mountain" of components waiting to be assembled and soldered on my desk at home. Just currently can't. Things hopefully will switch back to normal in a couple of weeks.
  17. Sorry feldhamer, I did not notice your post. No, I haven't yet. I believe probably all the "classic" 70ies and 80ies cartridges have already been dumped and are available as .bin or .rom-files somewhere, which emulators are expecting to access anyway. I know of some console specific dumper-projects, of course. Personally I'd have some concern, to "attack" modern home-brew cartridges, with a device like this, which I do not want to do, since I'm thinking, everybody who puts a lot of time into such a project very well deserves the money for his/her cartridge. For emulation of those games, I'd suggest to contact the author, if he/she would also sell a rom-file, maybe with a registration number or so. I think, as long as a game still is actively sold and available by an author or a company, it should not be "pirated", because this prevents authors from making new cool games. That's why I do not do any dumper devices. Old, undumped cartridges I'd probably tap the pins of the chip and simply read with an eprom programmer.
  18. Supplement: springboard touching left side: 30 kOhms (0x1f) springboard touching right side: 285 kOhms (0xd5) I think, i'm gonna make an adapter for ATARI-type-paddles. ATARI paddles will probably be very sensitive due to the 1 MeqOhm pots. Commodore paddles will fit better (500 kOhms-pot). Or I'll just look for some kind of old cheap pong paddles.
  19. I just discovered, there is an application for paddles for the ARCADIA 2001 type consoles: It's the game CIRCUS, which indeed only is playable with paddles. Otherwise the springboard just jumps into positions left, middle, right and the clown most likely crashes and dies.
  20. Hey, I just saw this. I'm probably not doing enough reading. Concerning sales figures? Well, I'd guess the system is as good as dead (, at the moment). It really could use a couple of attractive homebrew games. Derek, great that you put time and effort into that console again. I sold maybe 25 INTERTON-adapters and 15 or so 1292-AVPS-adapters. Not much going on. Maybe one order every six weeks. Just a few people, who still have some childhood memories, from all over the planet. The different 1292-families do not make it easier to cover demand. Everybody wants his special format to be covered, of course. I focussed on the two families, which I considered to be the biggest. Yes sure, multi-cartridges are not what real collectors are fond of. They want original hardware, boxes and booklets. But multi-carts are great, to check out a system or to save storage space in the appartement. Rolo
  21. project update: Not really much spare time at the moment. But received new extension cartridge pcbs. Supplies refilled
  22. No more International Play Your Vectrex Day 2018 ? No more announcements? Well, I won't be able to participate anyway, but just wondering....
  23. Exactly. Obviously it broke and fell off easily? Well, it's not urgent. I might make a new one, but maybe not. I don't know. Just came to my mind.
  24. Can anybody do me a favor and measure the dimensions of the SCV-door, please. Mine is door-less and maybe I'll make some kind of cover for it. Maybe of thin sheet metal. Some photos would be great, too. What does the snap lock look like? Thanks! Rolo
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