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  1. I just discovered, there is an application for paddles for the ARCADIA 2001 type consoles: It's the game CIRCUS, which indeed only is playable with paddles. Otherwise the springboard just jumps into positions left, middle, right and the clown most likely crashes and dies.
  2. Hey, I just saw this. I'm probably not doing enough reading. Concerning sales figures? Well, I'd guess the system is as good as dead (, at the moment). It really could use a couple of attractive homebrew games. Derek, great that you put time and effort into that console again. I sold maybe 25 INTERTON-adapters and 15 or so 1292-AVPS-adapters. Not much going on. Maybe one order every six weeks. Just a few people, who still have some childhood memories, from all over the planet. The different 1292-families do not make it easier to cover demand. Everybody wants his special format to be covered, of course. I focussed on the two families, which I considered to be the biggest. Yes sure, multi-cartridges are not what real collectors are fond of. They want original hardware, boxes and booklets. But multi-carts are great, to check out a system or to save storage space in the appartement. Rolo
  3. project update: Not really much spare time at the moment. But received new extension cartridge pcbs. Supplies refilled
  4. No more International Play Your Vectrex Day 2018 ? No more announcements? Well, I won't be able to participate anyway, but just wondering....
  5. Exactly. Obviously it broke and fell off easily? Well, it's not urgent. I might make a new one, but maybe not. I don't know. Just came to my mind.
  6. Can anybody do me a favor and measure the dimensions of the SCV-door, please. Mine is door-less and maybe I'll make some kind of cover for it. Maybe of thin sheet metal. Some photos would be great, too. What does the snap lock look like? Thanks! Rolo
  7. Not a complete new topic, but might still be helpful: Another SCART- cable for SUPER CASSETTE VISION The information seems to be somewhat scattered around the place, so here again. I just made a SCART-cable for my new SCV. This is how I made it. Maybe you need one, too. It's working.
  8. I think, the schematics of the service manual are not a hundred percent correct, concerning paddles. I did some editing, from what I saw inside my console. The changes are not confirmed!!! Maybe somebody can have a look, if I did right or if I'm introducing new mistakes:
  9. I made a little re-drawing, which shows the circuitry better than the original, I think. Hopefully no mistakes.
  10. Well, obviously "they" prepared the console for paddle controllers and analog input devices, which they finally never needed. According to the Signetics' 2637 datasheet the IC needs "external RC-networks" on its four analog input channels (pin 8/9 and pin10/11), which can't be read simultaneously by the way. The pairs have to be selected by a register flag of the chip. I did not find any application notes for the chip. Looking at pin 8 the network is made of R20 (180K), R19 (10k) and C5 (100n), which makes a time constant of 190kOhms * 100nF = 19 ms (52 Hz). Pin 9 the network consists of R17 (470k), R18 (10k) and C4 (47n) => 480kOhms * 47nF = 22.5 ms (44.3 Hz), which is the same, taking into account, which component values you can buy, and their tolerances (52/44 => 20 percent). Same for the other controller port (pin10/11). Plugging in the two paddles interrupts R8 and R20 (the two 180 kOhms-resistors) and replaces those by the paddle-pots. Operating the controller joystick-switches, bypasses the four large resistors (2x180k and 2x470k) and is pulling the four analog inputs to nearly VCC via R9 (1K) or nearly GND via R21 (1K), with the 10k-resistors and the caps still in the circuit. Hopefully this was not complete nonsense!
  11. project update: Delivered all ordered cartridges. Redesign of extension cartridge-pcbs for VECTREX, 1292-AVPS, Ordered new extension cartridge-pcbs for VECTREX, 1292-AVPS, Arcadia 2001
  12. Uuups , I'll have a look, what I can find, in my messy "documentation". I hope, I just did not solder it like that, out of the top of my head. . .. ... .... I found some handwritten sheets, which I barely understand myself. It definitely needs some extra explanation, how to read the plans. And probably a few photos. I can't just scan those plans. This documentation needs some extra time. I can't do this right now. But it might be something for a cold winter evening. Please allow some time ..... ------------------------------------------------------ Typed in with my Arcadia 2001 controllers. Ok, nobody believes this.
  13. @ND40: I wrote a PM to you. Please read your messages, if you're still interessted.
  14. Without having studied the firmware or having made measurements, I'd say yes, a classic keyboard scan.
  15. Yes, why not? 7 (3 + 4) lines for the keyboard/fire buttons (not really separate buttons) 4 lines for the direction (X,Y, GND via R21, VDC via R9)
  16. Yeah, I know. I can't tell you, why they made the pads this way.
  17. Hi ND40, Thanks for your interest. 1292-adapter cartridges, yes. Dragon Multicarts currently sold out, but new pcbs are already ordered. Will just take some time to assemble. I'll come back to you in a few weeks, right? Best regards, Roland
  18. project update: I just got another batch of Odyssey2-extension-cartridges for using the Dragon-multicart on the Odyssey.
  19. project update: I just got new Interton VC-4000 Extension pcbs today.
  20. I really don't know. You see that everywhere: calculator keyboards, remote controls ... Does anybody know? There could be a production problem with large copper areas, during the soldering process, maybe. Or plotter based layout tools, that could not do fillings, but only draw lines. But just guessing...
  21. Repairing an Arcadia 2001 Controller I had problems with a fire button of the left Arcadia 2001 controller, not firing anymore. The Arcadia-controllers are very simple and were cheaply made. Even working, they are not great controllers. In the end nothing will help, but making complete new controllers of quality components, with real switches. I might do that sometime, if there should be some games I really like and want to play decently. Not sure yet. But for the beginning a repair should be enough. Simultaneously I'm using the opportunity to preserve that technology by uploading a few pictures. That's my left controller: Inside everything is glued together. By pulling carefully the parts can be separated. The mylar is quite corroded and a bit dirty: Showing the color scheme the plug: The wiring of the mylar itself, in case somebody wants to make a reproduction (or wonders, why pushing the "2"-key, also triggers the gun). Both red fire buttons are wired in parallel. They are just simple buttons, no rocker switches, no up and down. It is a 5x5 millimeters grid in the background. I cleaned the corrosion and without heavy rubbing, not only oxidation went off, but also the printed conducting traces. They really are not bound firmly with the plastic carrier. Look at the red circle. I cleaned away part of button and wire, by using alcohol, an ear pad and too much pressure and rubbing. Cleaning must be done extremely careful: For the first time I tried to repair with conducting silver, since soldering is impossible. I made a mask of transparent tape for painting the new trace. I learnt, painting one time is not enough: To lower electric resistance, the trace must be thicker. I painted three times. Narrow traces are bad, too. They have to be wide. Contact with the original traces must overlap as far as possible to make good contact. Left picture: painting a few times. Right picture: pulling off the tape. I also re-painted the conductive pad of the fire-button later on. I took no photo. Before reassembling I protected the new traces with transparent tape, since the silver color can't get inside the mylar's surface and gets scratched off quite easily. Reassembled the controller, checked it, working again! I can't predict, how long the new pad of the button will last, of course. Hopefully some time...
  22. project update: Made a few Dragon Multi-carts (memory cartridges). Waiting for pcbs and eproms to be delivered ...
  23. project update: Started delivering a few items and waiting for some components ... working ...
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