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  1. project update: Three kits left ...
  2. Well, the circuitry is quite straight forward, but it's just a part of the task. So, I'm not sure, if those schematics really would help somebody. Equally important: identifying suitable components, ordering things from various stores, designing pcbs according to the parts, designing the mechanical outline getting/making cables getting fitting sticks (most thumbtacks simply fall of the controller, that's why I designed one of my own) fix all the errors Assuming some major demand, I could consider to provide real DIY-kits for the experts: Unsoldered, just parts and pcbs. That would speed up things considerably and would still be an easy and quick way to make an individual controller, without to much detail work.
  3. project update: I finished my waiting list! I contacted all people on my list and shipped all items, as ordered. Only a few spare kits are left. This means, this project is coming to an end now. Thanks to all supporters!
  4. Oh, interesting! I've never seen this before. Don't know anything about this console, not too much information in the web at first glance.
  5. I'll contact you via PM. "Extension" may not be a proper name. I probably should have simply called it an "adapter". Well, I'm not a native speaker. Extra eproms: If you were using the Multi-cartridge with different consoles, you might want to have more storage space for all those games, without purchasing multiple carriers/pcbs. SOUNDIC video console: Please specify more precisely. I think, you have one of those "10-button" PONG-style consoles, which are different from the 1292 AVPS. Maybe you post a photo.
  6. Hmmm, let me think. What did we have or at least know, back in the day.... in Western Germany? I was living in a small town in the southern part of the country then, really not a central spot in the universe. Late seventies: Consoles, quite rare: All kinds of PONG-clones (GI-chip inside). Interton VC-4000 for rich kids. Unreachable! Home computers, very uncommon: Really expensive. Nobody in my family and none of the people I knew, had one or even had an idea, why they would want one. Early eighties: Consoles, slowly, slowly creeping into wealthy living rooms (families usually had only one tv-set) : PHILIPS G7000, Atari VCS, a few Intellivision, some Colecovision, Vectrex (at least in some shops) Home computers: still uncommon in most of the families, but some freaks suddenly had early Commodore computers PET, 3032, VC-20. Atari 400/800, TI99/4A and C64 appeared in major stores or the first home computer shops. Little bit later also Sinclair computers, some rare Dragon 32. A year later Schneider CPC (=Amstrad). Apple II was too expensive by far, only for "professional" users. Most of the other (underdog) home computers, I only read of in computer magazines. I never saw them in the stores in my town. Mid eighties: Consoles: dead Home computers: Commodore 64 and almost nothing else! A few not successful machines, like MSX-models, Spectravideo, Commodore 264/364/C16 ... 1985 Atari ST appearing. First PC-clones Commodore PC-10/PC-20 or TI Professional Computer still very expensive. IBM-PC ridiculously expensive. 1986 Amiga starting slowly... Personal Computers start to become more common in business life. Home computers still are not in every house by far, but are no more a total sensation. Very late eighties: Consoles: Don't know, I lost interest. Home computers: Amiga 500 and Atari ST are common, PC starting to catch up. I personally did not experience a big variety of computers and consoles in my little town. My family and friends were not computer-affiliated at all. When I started the hobby in 1982, I knew of nobody else in my vicinity. It was so futuristic and new and special! Back in the day, I did not know of all of these other consoles or computers and I think, most of them never were sold in major quantities in Germany. I even did not know the British and French computers, except Sinclair and Dragon.
  7. Hi Nognir, Well all you need is a Dragon-Multicart and the VC-4000 Adapter, like shown above. I PM you, right?
  8. Multi-cartridge for AVPS 1292 consoles RADOFIN ACETRONIC (MPU-1000 and MPU-2000) PRINZTRONIC (VC-6000) HANIMEX (HMG-1292 and HMG-1392) FOUNTAIN (Force 2) Just wanted to point to this link, in case the information was hidden too much: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/259234-multi-cartridge-for-interton-vc4000-video-computer/page-2?do=findComment&comment=3899990
  9. Did you notice VECTREXROLIs new video (covering controllers and more)? https://youtu.be/30DaOCdRGUE
  10. Thanks vectrexroli, For showing us your joystick creation! Well done! It's looking quite good, and obviously it's good for gaming, which is the intention of the whole project. project update: I've been making cables, probably one of the most boring jobs in the universe. At the moment, I'm soldering the remaining pcbs and am almost ready. Final tests still missing. I will PM the people on the waiting list soon.
  11. project update: Merry Christmas restarting production:
  12. Sorry, I've been heavily distracted by my multi-cartridge projects. Can't do all things simultaneously. Of course I will finish the kits. Just need some time. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE.
  13. Thanks you very much! No more discussion, if games of one console-family are compatible to the other. I read something about that in some old thread. People were not sure then.
  14. Obviously I clicked around too much. Did not notice! Maybe this brings back a little bit of life to these consoles, we'll see. Maybe a few new software titles? I mean, this really is old technology and to a certain extent maybe more interesting, than the already well-understood C64. If not, no problem. I only made a few cartridges and half of them have already been ordered. That's fine! There is a gentleman, who did some development-work (2 games): http://www.tempect.de/senil/
  15. Extension Cartridge for 1292 Advanced Programmable Video System family available Please check out : http://atariage.com/forums/topic/259234-multi-cartridge-for-interton-vc4000-video-computer/page-2?do=findComment&comment=3899990 Price US$12.99 plus shipping! (Dragon Multi-Cart not included.) Please write PM. -Rolo
  16. There it is: Extension Cartridge for 1292 Advanced Programmable Video System family available The new adapter for the Dragon Multi-Cart addresses a variety of consoles, the 1292 AVPS-family. As I learnt, compatible consoles were made by many manufacturers and were named 1292 APVS or later 1392 APVS or completely different, like RADOFIN, ACETRONIC (MPU-1000 and MPU-2000), PRINZTRONIC (VC-6000) , HANIMEX (HMG-1292 and HMG-1392), FOUNTAIN (Force 2) and more, often using the same Radofin XM-2050 board inside. http://www.videogameconsolelibrary.com//pg70-1292_vc4000.htm#page=models shows them all. 1292 APVS and INTERTON VC4000 are compatible and running the same software, but the cartridge connectors are different in format and wiring. A few examples: You can fire up your old console now, with all the games you never had! Price US$12.99 plus shipping! Dragon Multi-Cart not included. -Rolo
  17. project update: I made something new for the Multi-cart. Pcbs are ordered. Stay tuned ...
  18. project update: About two thirds of the waiting list processed and delivered. ... :rolling: Little break until december.
  19. I'll report! I'm buying it primarily to be able to develop and test an adapter for the mulit-cart, not so much for really playing. I don't have time for that anymore, I'm afraid. Making things is eating up all the time. I'll have to reduce this!
  20. project update: Started delivering... A few kits are on their way...
  21. project update: Completed. Ready to ship.
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