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  1. Hi RayXambeR, Everything is in stock, except Interton-adapters (look at waiting list: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/259234-multi-cartridge-for-interton-vc4000-video-computer/?do=findComment&comment=3801138 ). I send you a PM. -Rolo
  2. I made a few new Multi-Carts. Current stock:
  3. Project update: Brand new printed nylon joysticks!
  4. Could be helpful: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/255174-dragoncoco-multi-cart-to-vectrex-extension/
  5. Wow! Thanks guys! Awesome! You really did put a lot of effort into investigation! Maybe I really should serve the "1292" next. It would require some geometrical adjustments only and could be helpful. It is nothing I personally need, but why not. But I really should have a system to test with. I only have an INTERTON. And, I really should go on, finally making the VECTREX joystick kits ready.
  6. Project update: I finally ordered the 3D printed joysticks from a different manufacturer nearby. I should get them at the end of the week. I hope, they will be fitting exactly! This means I could built and test a prototype of the new design. I really should do this, before I forget everything! It's really hard during summertime! -Rolo
  7. Hey , I did not see your comment. Sorry! I'm always having parts for some Multi-Carts lying around. Just have to assemble them. As long as there is some demand, I'll keep on making them, I think. Concerning the Extension Cartridges for the various systems. Well, I still have some in stock, except the INTERTON type. I might make a fourth type in autumn. Not sure which system I should cover. Probably something old and exotic, which is not served yet. So, not the 2600! My procedure is: while (demand){ make 10 items; sell 10 items; sleep( ); } -Rolo
  8. INTERTON VC4000 Extension for Dragon/Coco Multi-Cart Update: People on waiting list: -1- Rolo
  9. The part you were looking for is the crystal for the clock oscillator of the speech chip. It's running at 3.12 MHz. Rolo
  10. Project update: I started a new waiting list for INTERTON Extension cartridges for the Dragon Multi-Cart, since I was asked to do so. I do not promise anything, except, that if there should be enough orders, I'll make another batch. I need at least, let's say, 8 items sold. Rolo
  11. Project update: Due to fine weather, a few days of vacation and a constant lack of time, my progress is embarrassingly slow at the moment. Yesterday I got a box full of red buttons right from Japan. And I'm having enough controller cables in the meantime. I tried to get the joystick levers printed, but my old supplier went out of business. Some companies rejected the order due to some problems. I got a prototype printed by another guy abroad, which I first must hold in my hands, to see if that one is accurate enough. Still don't have it. Maybe, I have to switch again. Maybe a supplier, who is closer to my place, but those are far more expensive! We'll see. I ordered most of electronic components for a few kits and will order some more/missing parts in a few minutes. By the way, each kit consists of 74 parts. So, even, if you do not hear anything from me, I'm working in the background. The project is alive! Thanks for your patience! -Rolo
  12. Welcome on board, Acmecaalog! You are on the list! -Rolo
  13. You're on the list! Thanks! -Rolo
  14. Last item of the "Dragon Multicart to Interton Extension Cartridge" is sold.
  15. I've been asked about Adapters for other Signetics-based consoles like Acetronic, Radofin, ... Well, I could make those, of course. But I need two prerequisites to be fulfilled: Somebody borrows the console to me. I only have an Interton VC-4000. I need at least 7 or 8 people, who order those adapters. I can't use them myself, not owning the console. Interested? PM me or use this thread.... -Rolo
  16. project update: I have a last and final item of the "Dragon Multicart to Interton Extension Cartridge" to sell. Current demand probably will not justify another production run. -Rolo
  17. Thanks, you are too early. I'm still in the process of ordering parts from all over the world. I will show pictures of the new prototype, right here in this thread, as soon as I made one. But I think, my kit probably addresses a different topic. See, this is a tiny joystick controller, roughly the same size like the original Vectrex controller. Compared to a real solid, robust arcade stick, it is quite fragile and small. -Rolo
  18. project update: New pcbs (version 3) arrived today. I cut them and drilled the holes for the potentiometers. -Roland
  19. Good news, I redesigned the pcbs a little bit and I've recently ordered 20 items. I'm going to order all those many components the next couple of days or so, step by step. I'd looks like the project is going into the next round, I guess. It will take some time, but eventually there will be a new batch. Roland
  20. @RJP1138: you're on the list @mckafka99: Richard H. might help you ?
  21. Thanks. All those games require some extra RAM and a little bit of address decoding on the cartridges, which I deliberately did not implement, to keep things simple . Those games can not run from my multi-cartridge.
  22. Well, this all can be done, of course. But only if there is some interest/customers in the projects. Demand is so low, that it is almost impossible to sell 10 items.There is no point in developing such devices, build them, invest some money and finally pile them on my shelf. Those systems simply seem to be too exotic.
  23. Haven't been here for a couple of days. @fandenivoldsk: registered @e5frog: There is independent auto-firing for button 3 and button 4. You control the frequencies of the two auto-firing circuits with the help of the two pots. There is no auto-fire for button 1 and button 2, since those normally are used for steering or rotating, but not firing.
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