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  1. You should change Line 150 to "150 NEXT X" as you defined FOR statement in Line 50.
  2. This fixed the issue prevented me from see items in cartridge mapper. I did not know that these items were present but I simply not able to see items! I was able to start any cartridges without any issues! Thank you so much!
  3. With Altirra 3.90-test2, when I load any cartridges, cartridge mapper is displayed but entirely empty and cannot be selected. Therefore, I cannot use any cartridges, even all game cartridges! This must be confirmed bug!
  4. If color correction is enabled (Color Match), blue is become less vivid. If color correction is disabled (Set color match to none), blue is very vivid but all other colors are less vivid. However, color correction make all colors except blue vivid and allow me to set higher saturation but blue is less vivid as result. I love color correction (NTSC -> sRGB) but I do not like less vivid blue, however. If I set saturation to about 35-37% with color correction disabled, Wave 11-12 in missile command, satellites, airplanes and smart missiles are very difficult to be visible.
  5. Scanline intensity is one I wanted for Altirra and I waited for very long time for this feature! Stella already have adjustable scanline intensity. Thank you!
  6. Speed setting (1 to 10) for auto-fire for controller buttons are appeared to have no effect as auto-fire rate is appeared to be fixed. However, auto-fire works fine. I like to choose auto-fire rates for auto-fire for controller buttons - 60 Hz (Fastest), 30 Hz, 20 Hz, 15 Hz, 12 Hz or 10 Hz rather than 1, 2, 3, ..., 10. I call auto-fire "Turbo fire".
  7. Thanks! Altirra Basic has better math calculations than Atari Basic, especially when Fast FP acceleration is enabled. I tested Atari BASIC only but not Altirra BASIC. Altirra BASIC has more functions just like BASIC A+ or BASIC XE.
  8. I found one bug. If I turn on Fast FP (Acceleration), in Atari BASIC, when I type 5^2, it will return incorrect 26. When I type 9^2, it will return incorrect 82. Only certain numbers with power of function will return incorrect answers. If I turn off Fast FP (NO acceleration), power of function will ALWAYS return correct answers. However, I notice speed of power of function is MUCH FASTER with fast FP turned on. Also, Questron game does not support 65C816 processor modes and will freeze as soon after I selected NEW CHARACTER or RESTART CHARACTER menu. Questron game works PERFECTLY when I set processor mode to 6502C. Why Questron game cannot run on 65C816 processor, even at 1.79Mhz speed? Note: Questron game requires Atari BASIC or Altirra BASIC to run.
  9. Phaeron, thank you so much! I understood! I will use original (non-hacked) OS-B ROM as my computer (3.5Ghz Pentium Core i7 processor with 3.9Ghz turbo speed) is MUCH faster than 16Mhz 80386 processor so original (non-hacked) OS-B ROM can run at full speed as well as Altirra has full PIA support. I must use 800 mode, not XL/XE mode so $C000 would not be mapped as memory and will allow original OS-B ROM to work. For XL/XE mode, Altirra will automatically use atarixl.rom I already have so no problems will occur.
  10. Why Xformer patched OS-B rom had been hacked? What functions someone hacked Xformer patched OS-B rom for? I was UNAWARE of Xformer patched OS-B rom was HACKED for EXTREMELY LONG TIME until NOW! I verified Xformer patched OS-B rom supplied by Xformer Emulator and confirmed this patched OS-B rom is DIFFERENT than ORIGINAL patched OS-B rom. I am lucky that I also have ORIGINAL patched OS-B rom so I restored ORIGINAL patched OS-B rom as atariosb.rom for Altirra emulator.
  11. Weird! I re-launched Altirra BASIC V1.50 again and it finally worked fine. It may be parser bug but very difficult to be spotted. I will investigate further but it might be very rare race condition. Thank you anyway!
  12. Altirra Basic V1.50 is appeared to not support STICK() command and possibly few other commands, possibly there is not enough code space to fit in 8K ROM. If Altirra Basic is extend to 16K cartridge space, STICK() and few other commands COULD be supported. In Atari BASIC, PRINT STICK(0) will return joystick data for Joystick port 0 (Inverse result - usually 15 if joystick does not move) In Altirra BASIC V1.50, PRINT STICK(0) return syntax error.
  13. Missile Command for Atari 800 ROM and Missile Command for XEGS ROM are exactly identical except two bytes. These two bytes may point to OS ROM's control codes or ATASCII conversion tables for keyboard use, I think. 8190 bytes identical 2 byte difference
  14. Phaeron, you did work excellent to fix a bug regarding to Rescue on Fractalus game and accelerated 65C816 processor mode! Also, drac030, you did work excellent! Special thanks to Phaeron and drac030! I can now able to play Rescue on Fractalus game in accelerated 65C816 modes! Graphics are much smoother and the game is much more playable, even though there are graphics glitches in accelerated 85C816 modes. Graphics glitches are very minor and I DO NOT CARE about minor graphics glitches!
  15. That is my standard style of writing/posting. I have autism/Asperger's syndrome. There is nothing wrong what I write/post.
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