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  1. I found one eventually, in ok shape, there were a bunch on ebay italy that only showed the front, and the sellers didnt’t respond to any requests for a pic of the back
  2. It's hard to find any European "slots in back" Lock'n'Chase on ebay, because a lot of sellers don't show the back of the box and the front doesn't have the typical "Contents:...." text that most others do, which makes them easy to spot.
  3. Those people gonna be kicking themselves when Joe puts his next batch for sale at half that price
  4. Wizard of Wor was finally released last year by Doctor Ports, there may still be copies available, I’m not sure. Gorf will be available soon from Collectorvision.
  5. I can’t imagine anybody buying that whole lot, he’s gonna have to do some work and break it up into smaller lots
  6. It's in here with all the other entries too
  7. I got one like that from Japan a few years ago for $200, the system is still in shrinkwrap inside the box, though the box is not
  8. it's usually an inverse correlation, the good games sold thousands and are not rare at all.
  9. Is the latest Mr Turtle rom there? I saw a rom with level 1 then just videos after that.
  10. I ordered the S30 model, it arrived today from China after a month or so. There’s a guy online who has a free update that improves some things and adds support for way more systems including Intellivision. I copied a few roms and got some working, the lack (so far) of keypad input support seems to be the main limitation but some of the simpler games work, I need to read up more on this.
  11. I wonder if they printed different serials in the generic boxes for the other games that came in them? That would seem to defeat the purpose of using generic boxes... unless they added the serials to already printed boxes...
  12. Very interesting, is that little part number in the top right printed right on the box or is it a little sticker? I assume a sticker if they were going to use the same box for several different titles.
  13. Out of curiosity, can you take a pic of the generic box opened up, I would like to see how the manual is inserted into the front of the gatefold flap Thanks
  14. this was never sold CIB Message me to buy box and overlays (last set I have) info to buy cart and instructions from Tim is above
  15. I have to say, although it took me a few minutes for my eyes to adjust to the black and white graphics, once they did I really enjoyed DoNM, and it’s one of the few games these days I took the time to complete all the way (on easy level at least haha) There is quite a bit of strategy involved to win and personally it would have made my top 3. (No offense to decle)
  16. Tim has a game with instructions on ebay here https://www.ebay.com/itm/ZOMBIE-MADNESS-videogame-for-the-Intellivision-homebrew-Mattel-INTV-Halloween/143990522426?hash=item218681023a:g:Ng4AAOSwVs1fq82y I have 2 boxes left with overlays, message me to buy
  17. Joe is finishing up another batch and will be selling them again soon. Don’t pay ebay prices yet.
  18. Question for the small number of you out there who actually own boxed versions of the Keyboard Component cassettes. Is Spelling Challenge box the same colour as Conversational French? There’s not a whole lot of pics out there and the ones I have found it is hard to tell because some are still sealed, some aren’t, and there is 40 plus years of fading in most. In the pics I have seen Spelling is not as dark maroon as French, but it’s hard to judge. And the generic boxes they used for crosswords, geography and budgeting, some pics they look brown and others they look black. any thoughts? Thanks
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