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  1. Do you have any pics of the insides of these, not just the front, for those of us who don't have any?. Thanks
  2. Do you mean the german ones on the left that you have two of? Did you ever sell one? If not i'll buy it, its the only one i don't have except the CBS Turbo Cheers, Steve No need Steve, I've just added it to the pile for you. Thanks Chris that's awesome !!
  3. Do you mean the german ones on the left that you have two of? Did you ever sell one? If not i'll buy it, its the only one i don't have except the CBS Turbo Cheers, Steve
  4. Sold a bunch, list in marketplace updated, get them while they last.
  5. Sealed Happy Trails is gone but add to the List CIB Sears Soccer and CIB Sears Bckgammon- box is a bit torn on back
  6. Sealed Happy Trails is gone but add to the List CIB Sears Soccer and CIB Sears Bckgammon- box is a bit torn on back
  7. I think it was at the very beginning then they switched to Poker & BJ and they probably just used stickers on the Football Boxes until they used up the ones they already had printed. Probably realized more people would pay for the Football game than the Poker so why give it away?
  8. Ok since you asked... these are in what I think is chronological order of release This is the oldest American one I have, notice they are pushing the keyboard component the original box art has NFL Football as the free game but the sticker says Poker & Blackjack instead, BURN! The somewhat rare Sylvania version, I believe there was some kind of deal if you bought a Sylvania television, still pushing the keyboard and still swapping the Football for Poker & BJ Now they've updated the box art to show Poker & BJ, still promising that keyboard though My weird cheapo sticker on plain box version, chronologically I think it comes here Strange that "Mattel Electronics" was replaced with "The Exciting" wonder if they were in panic mode? A thought just occurred to me, perhaps these were just temporary until they had time to print the next version which had a major difference...?? Oh wait a minute, keyboard? what keyboard? we didn't say anything about a keyboard did we? Canadian version, this is the one I remember as a kid gotta keep it bilingual here British Version, notice bottom left Draughts instead of Checkers and Soccer pictured on the screen, not sure if it was the free game? Some of the other manufacturers now, the Sears version which I always thought was a bit ugly, where's the fake wood-grain Sears? I hate to think what station wagons would have looked like if Sears made them in the 70s without wood grain panels. Radio Shack's Tandyvision version, not sure if there is an older Tandyvision box since this is the newer slightly smaller box with loads of games. and to my knowledge the final boxes for Intellivision 1, North American on top, European (Italian to be precise) on the bottom, the European one has swapped some of the small game pics on front for IMHO better games, Star Stike for Math Fun, Space Armada for Poker & BJ, Astrosmash for Word Fun, Snafu for I'm not sure and the one above Bowling is different though it looks similar, perhaps the same game? Maybe the educational games didn't translate to other languages so they weren't promoted as much? The Brazilian Digiplay version 1, game shown is Soccer though according to the sticker you got Triple Action instead The Japanese Bandai weirdly the back shows Auto Racing as being part of the Action Network and Sea Battle as part of the Strategy network and the front shows the early mockup art for AD&D that was also in pamphlets before it was released. Then came the Intellivision 2, a couple of variants here, the second promoting all the add on components And then after Mattel sold the rights to INTV came the INTV System III, perhaps trying to confuse people with the more advanced System 3 that had been in development before Mattel bailed? not a lot of effort on the back, trying to do things on the cheap at this point and finally the Super Pro System (joysticks sold separately but pictured on the box) the back was a chance to promote the new games That's all I have, I know Digiplay did a version of the INTV2 but I don't have one, other people on here do. Anyone else have any other variations please post them Cheers, Steve
  9. Rev, sorry, not apart from a bunch of uber common games I'm sure you have tons of, I don't really buy extra copies deliberately, just get extras in package deals sometimes, maybe I should start for trade bait, the new homebrews seem like a good investment. The one thing you want Chris is trading me a lot for it, his offer was too good to refuse. If you're willing to part with a Rocky & BW I'd be happy to buy it from you, message me if you want to sell one. Cheers Steve
  10. Yes I do still need Rocky & BW, what did you want to trade it for?
  11. Yeah although the Sylvania one has Football in the tv screen on the box, on the front is a sticker that says the free game is good old Poker & Blackjack
  12. Hey gang, I'm new on here though I've already met some cool people. Have been collecting for about 12 years but just found this forum recently, had an Intelly when I was a kid, fond memories... Been encouraged to post pics of my collection. I don't have most of the super expensive rare games but I do have a few, and lots of hardware, including 16 different CIB system variations, American, Canadian, British, Bandai, Digiplay etc, as well as older versions that mention the ill-fated keyboard component then others that mysteriously don't mention it. One weird version I don't even know what the deal is I've posted pics here too, it's a plain cardboard box with a huge sticker on the front, for "The Exciting Intellivision" There's no mention of the keyboard so it's not that old, but it's from the era where Hockey, Auto racing, Horse Racing and Word Fun had just been released. It says Checkers not Draughts so it's not British. The system inside looks like a standard Intellivision one though I have no way of knowing if that was the system originally in the box. Any idea what this one is? Also I can post more pics of the other systems if people want, some of the boxes are fairly beat up though Cheers, Steve
  13. At least your teams made the playoffs, we've been out for seven looonnggg years
  14. Haha already negotiating with Chris for the one you really want
  15. Just listed a bunch of my extra intv games in marketplace to trade or sell, nothing too rare but some uncommon, all cib or sealed. Contact me if you want any Cheers, Steve
  16. I have a bunch of extra Intellivision games to trade or sell, nothing too rare but you may need them. PM me to arrange a deal for any of,these Blockade Runner. 2 copies Sewer Sam Mission X white european box Motocross Defender Happy Trails still sealed The Dreadnought Factor Pitfall Stampede Space armada. Old red box version Space Battle. Old red box version Loco motion Burgertime Atlantis Beauty and the Beast 2 copies Demon attack Dragonfire Ice trek Microsurgeon Nova blast Boxing. Mattel still sealed Tennis mattel still sealed Auto racing intv still sealed Football intv still sealed Horse racing intv still sealed Auto racing sears Bowling sears Poker and blackjack sears Sea battle sears Utopia sears Cheers, Steve
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