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  1. Are you interested in just the Intellivision system or do you want both in the same transaction?
  2. I'm a bit new around here but I do have a NES Castlevania loose for ya.
  3. Picked up a 3DO FZ-1 model the other weekend and am going to move it. Thought I'd try to post it here before eBay. Comes with the RF connector, sampler disc, Alone in the Dark (Disc Only), Alone in the Dark (Demo), Need for Speed (game + longbox), Way of the Warrior (game + Longbox), Samurai Shodown (Disc Only) and 2 controllers. Tested everything, works well. Discs have definately been used but seemd to play fine for me (heck, if you have a disc resurfacer or access to one you'd be golden). Can provide pics upon request. Feel free to ask any questions!
  4. I have tested both cables. They power on my second unit, and it plays. The faulty unit powers on, but doesn't put a picture on the screen.
  5. Both have 3/4. Both model 3010.
  6. Hello, as this is my first post, just thought I'd say I've been lurking for a while and finally realized I should make an account since I'm spending too much time here. Anyway, I picked up a couple Sega Master Systems recently and want to sell them. (I know, I know, this isn't the marketplace) I have one console that powers on, but doesn't produce a picture with the AV jack or the RF jack. Any ideas? And the other one I have has a Phaser and 3D glasses. The phaser I can't get to work with my flatscreen, but I've heard this is just a technological problem. The 3D glasses work fine, but it seems I have to stealth slide the connection into the slot as I'm getting the fun error sounds whenever I'm starting the games (Missle Defense, Space Harrier) with the glasses inside. Is this common or did I pick up a damaged system at this flea market? (Hey, either way I might just keep one to have on the shelf "for looks".) Thanks in advance.
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