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  1. IIRC, I just wanted to have the latest version - so I muste have used the 2016-files posted here... my coleco is under construction ATM. I could check with another one, though.... wongo, just give it a try, meanwhile
  2. OK, now how can I "extract" the BIN from a CAR file, how do I reomve the header?
  3. I don't know how to do this. Ahhm... how can I do this?
  4. Hello, is there a way to get the 32kb Williams CARs to work?
  5. The question is not about the difference but rather where to find them. On sites like Atarimania or in archives, I always find .rom or .bin.
  6. Hello, a question about that *.car file format: all i have found is .rom or .bin - they surely work but are there also collections of car-files available or is it something I have to covert with the specific tool? But as the roms and bins are working, why should I? I'm a bit irritated, please help...
  7. I guess I'd go for one uno cart, too - just one question: are there any classic games (no "modern" releases) that exceed the 128k limit? I am just looking for a way to be able to play all classic XL games. Already have a SIO2SD...
  8. I'd like to order an ultimate atari cart, too. Thanks
  9. Got help from kamshaft: The solution for him (and now for me, too) was to use "core_firmware.bin" ONLY (leave out "core_hardware.bin" and "core_boot.rom") for the first flash. After that has passed, copy the other two files to the card and flash again.
  10. yes, i pout the files in the folder and switched on the console, as explained. i dont think that it bricked anything because i can still use my original sd card. plus, the versions shown in my screenshot above havent changed, so i guess that nothing actually happened. it seems that the process ha been initialized but nothing more. will try with my backup fw... same same with the backup fw
  11. Hmmm "6 blinks - Boot flash programming failure"
  12. Well, as you might assume, I've already seen that thread, wrote to Steven but recieved no answer yet... :/ (please tell me if I missed a link in any of the posts there...) Maybe he'll answer shortly, maybe not, but meanwhile I'm asking in this forum because Im quite sure that there are some coleco-users here who already have updated their device and still have the files...
  13. Hello, updating the fw of the Ultimate SD seems to be quite hard, especially talking about the upate files. Could anyone help mie with this? Im currently on this Version: and I need the latest... Thanks plx
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