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  1. Hey guys sorry to bump this old thread, but I'm going through some stuff getting ready for PRGE in a couple of weeks and came across this. It's way cool! Honestly didn't know I had it amongst my stuff. Just thought I'd share.
  2. I finally got around to opening these games tonight. It was a hard choice but one I felt I had to do. They all looked to be used with the exception of Miner II and Jawbreaker. I have not opened Double dragon, pitfall II, Beamrider, and Springer. Beamrider is actually a Pal version as a sticker clearly states on the box. Springer is an Atari Computer game. The reason I think the 2 might actually be new was that Miner had tape on the bottom of the box as mentioned earlier in the post, and the top of the box was extremely difficult to open. Jawbreaker had tape on both sides. All the games had the manuals!! One of the coolest things I found in 1 of them was a brochure for tigervision games! It had awesome artwork and prices to buy them, 1 of which was River Patrol...you could have bought it for $29.95 lol. I need to post a pic of it as I think it is incredible. Thanks for all your help on this topic.
  3. I guess thats what Atari collectors have to go with....there gut feeling and past experience on what they have seen in the past. The past owner of these games must have wanted to protect them while on his shelves. Is there any list out there that shows what games were sealed with wrap, and ones that were sealed by the cardboard? It just seems to me that there is not enough info on this subject to compile a truly 'sealed' game. Again, thanks for all your comments. I really appreciate it.
  4. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 290696872296 ^^^^^^^^^^^What about this game????? check out the corners on it. What do you think? Also not truly sealed?
  5. I agree it is crazy. I recently picked these up knowing that they were good titles and thinking they were sealed but it appears not to be the case. the ones that truly look real to me are the Double Dragon, Halloween, and maybe the pitfall II. Some of the Tigervision games do have tape on top and bottom (under the seal) I maybe will be listing some of these games in the future and will most likely open them to verify the contents. Ill take picts to document it as well. It just kills me to open them, so we will see. I will let you all know in the near future.
  6. I bought some stuff and posted thread here http://www.atariage.com/forums/topic/198052-how-to-tell-if-a-2600-game-is-truly-sealed/ looks like the stuff that is 'sealed' really might not be according to some of the members here. Thats why Im trying to see how to truly tell if some of these games that are there are 'sealed' and not new. @nofrills100 what pirate games are you talking about?
  7. Thanks for your replies! I can take more individual picts if you need. does anyone have any sealed games like these, or some Tigervision games? Just wondering if I can compare? I understand that people do 'reseal' things and have seen that done, just not totally sure about these. I just really want to be sure before I open them. Im not really wanting to do that. Was there a standard when shrink wrapping these, like with Nintendo? like all 4 sides were supposed to have a seal or something of that nature.. Thanks again!!
  8. Hello all, I was wondering if there was any way to truly tell if a game is sealed. (like Nintendo stuff---Hseam) I figured maybe not since back then retailers could have done anything and from the mfg, maybe they did things different... anyway I would love any feedback you might have. I will try to post some picts. If you need any other picts I will take them and try to post ^^^^here they all are. ^^^different angle ^^^ this is the one that concerns me.... the writing is under the wrap. ^^^top view... Again thanks for all your help. If i put this in the wrong place, I apologize.
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