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  1. Never heard of Rust in the Jaguar world so far... Now isn't the problem that writing your game exclusively for the 68k is the guarantee to miss the real power of the Jaguar? Now on Rust itself... We used Rust at work for one (important) project. The language is interesting and the first impression when getting it running from vs code is great. But for people used to the "craziness" of C/C++, the language definitely feels a bit too strict (that's the point one could argue). If you want to feel that, after getting your "hello world" up and running, just write a simple game, a pong for instance. Good luck (now for the little story, in the end we delivered the project in time and in a sound state, but it has been a mess to support it since then because finding new hires with Rust expertise happens to be VERY difficult...)
  2. {rust programmer} ∩ {jaguar programmer} = ∅.
  3. I'm the culprit, after all the covid restrictions, I used the summer to be out in the nature as much as possible... but now time to go back to coding, so I have some hope to find some momentum again. But I think that both me and @agradeneu are super motivated to bring ody on the jag, especially with Jagstudio powering it!
  4. I just tried it for 30mn over lunch, and while I kept dying, I was intrigued by the special effect when you're close to the edge of the screen. I've never seen that on any game but it adds some depth, where did the idea come from? (or is it just my old flat tv playing tricks on me :D)
  5. Rather stupid question maybe, but what's the difference for overseas people (europe and US) to buy from you or Bennvenn directly?
  6. Maybe he was the reason for the bugs... keeping him away from the code was the smartest thing to do then.
  7. I use it on my lynx projects, even though mostly on animation work so I don't have a lot to share without spoilers (like the ending screen of RED ^^). My experience is that if you start from a "real" pixel art image or sprite, the end result is roughly 95% good, and there are just a few pixels left to change. So it speeds up the process a LOT. (It also works really well to rotate sprites by the way)
  8. Partly incorrect Some dedicated tools do this kind of work decently well. I'd recommend to look at Aseprite for instance. It's quite cheap and really helpful to scale pixelart content, but ok some light manual work will be required (so @Zerosquare is right in the end ^^).
  9. To add on what @agradeneu wrote on Rayman, having no limb is a neat trick to avoid storing dozens of sprites in memory to achieve super smooth animation. Instead you just need to store a single copy of body, head, hands and feets in memory and you simply move them along predefined paths to give the illusion of movement. (note that they still stored more than one version for each part of the body to create other sort of animation, like the rotating punch, etc.).
  10. Ok I just read all your posts on this thread @Leeroy ST (why did I do that on a Friday evening...) and I couldn't find one where you clearly stated what your worked with. Were you a programmer, an artist, a designer? What part of the game did you work on? New levels, existing ones? I mean sure it was 25 years ago but it can't be that hard to give a bit of details and substance to your claims. And you don't even have to give your name for that.
  11. The deluxe box will contain a regular lynx box, so the usual box protector will work on that one. As for the deluxe big box, from what Fadest showed, they look like the solid rigid boxes we had in the 90s for PC games, so as long as you dont let kids play with them, they should be alright
  12. Will deluxe edition be in a big box like the asteroid chasers?
  13. Because you need less aliens running around using supreme AI code?
  14. Good thing @Yak is around, he might be able to shed some lights on that Also I'm wondering, was optimization a big concern in those days? Or were the deadlines too tight? As agradeneu rightly said, the most technically impressive games of the jag (cybermorph, AvP, iron soldier) seem to run at 10-12 fps, T2k beeing one of the few exceptions with a higher frame rate. (now from my experience, it's generally hard for any coder to explain code they wrote a year ago, so we might ask too much from you Jeff ).
  15. I agree with @Clint Thompson, create a game that you will have fun playing and coding. Arcade games are generally a good choice because their rules and mechanics are quite simple most of the time. Now, when you write "I believe porting an arcade game would help develop my programming skills, especially if I could gain access to the game’s source code", I would disagree on that. Just don't do that! Don't look at someone else game code! You're going to lose more time trying to figure what the other coder did than coming up with your own solution.
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