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  1. That's the life and death and "rebirth" of most companies and brand. Look at Compaq, once the biggest PC seller in the world, then sold to HP then use as a brand, then discontinued... But yeah feels rather weird to think that Atari has been french for... 20 years now!
  2. +1 here with @Zerosquare, I was going through your tutorials when you announced the end of RB+, but it seems already pretty capable of creating great games, so it would be sad not to be able to use it. Thanks, really amazing all the work you put into it! (and sad it's over).
  3. I'm quite impressed by the ambition behind 8bit unity and its achievements so far but I don't fully understand what to do with the 8bit Hub. For online gaming, you would need one hub and one cartridge per console to play checkered flag over the internet. Sounds like a very strong requirements to me... So that leaves us with SD card support, already accessible through many different SD cards, and a joystick port to... plug a different joystick to your console that already have one... Don't get me wrong, I love this weird crazy accessories, but unless I missed something I don't see a strong reason to get one.
  4. Ok so as suspected, only for games where large portion of the screen is static then?
  5. I was a bit skeptical with the evercade concept in the first place, but I have to admit that the editorial work is excellent and many cartridges are very appealing (except maybe interplay 1 and 2; they would have benefit to be merged into one cartridge imo). The only downside of the console for me is the cheap design. With better plastic and buttons it would have been a must have (maybe a mat black edition in the future?). Also excellent video as usual @Metal Jesus, really nice to see you focus on "unknown" consoles and games from time to time (really like your hidden gems videos).
  6. This technique is not specific to the Lynx and is probably the most famous demomaker technique since overcoming colour limitations on 8bit hardware back in the days was considered the most important thing in life apparently 😆 (note that it is not limited to 8bits machine; any hardware with less colours than pixels on screen could benefit from it even though it's definitely less relevant on a snes and its 256 colours for instance). It relies on changing the palette after each scan line, i.e. once a line has been drawn you quickly change the palette. Simple as that. It has several limitations. 1) your image or whatever you draw on screen needs to be prepared with this limitation in mind, i.e you can display many more colors but still only 16 different per line. Making this method almost impossible to use for anything more dynamic than a static picture... (it's not impossible but...) 2) the switching palette code needs to be super fast since it runs multiple times during each screen refresh. Still it will have an impact on your game performance. People with advanced "demomaker skills" like Sage or Enthusi might develop on that, but I don't see how this technique could be used in a real time game. Maybe for a more static one like chess?
  7. That's a good idea but do you link the actual rom file or the itch.io page? The latter sounds a bit better imo since it would bring the player to the creator "universe" and give him a chance to read about the game and potentially other games
  8. Have you considered licensing the game to entity that can produce more on demand?
  9. Toki imo is the best platformer on the lynx and probably a top 10 for platformer on handheld consoles (after all the mario and the mickey ones though)
  10. Consider yourself very lucky to never have tried this game. Every couple of year, I give it a try... and well no it's as bad as the last time. The worst game on the lynx imo.
  11. Wow cool packaging!! Really looking forward to see some videos of the games (maybe like the one you did for the jaguar cd collection cartridge?) Also stupid question but is it an italian flag inside the bomb?
  12. I think the line between an hommage game (as in my tentative with the inside world for instance) and a rip-off is first and foremost related to the visual. That's the first thing people will see and judge. Now the MK port was well accepted and people didnt mind because hey well, it was mortal kombat. But that also means the game cannot be sell and will probably never be finished (still praying to the gods of the underworld, you never know :D). So maybe you could tweak the graphics, for instance changing the palette, adding/removing details... or bring marss on the project also remember, game concept are not copyrightable, so it's fine to do a remake. As long as art and music are different enough.
  13. Would be fantastic to see Ultra Vortex finally released after all these years. I remember young me looking at songbird website 20+ years ago and being "holy s**** this game is coming for the lynx!?!?". Young me didnt know he would have to wait until 2021
  14. In the end we can all agree that if the Lynx had a MK of the quality of the demo, the story would have been different.
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