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  1. It felt much better now, maybe a bit too easy actually (got the copter on the first run this time). The speed could probably be a bit faster, but as long as there is no acceleration when walking. That's the slightly odd part imo. Hope that helps
  2. I tried and tried and died and died My 2 cents: Set a constant running speed. At the moment running is quite disturbing. The fact that the player starts fairly slow and then accelerate to an insane speed make the game rly difficult imo. (I played on handy).
  3. Actually I can't think of any retail games running at 60fps. Even 30fps I'm not quite sure. Most games run at 15-20 fps I'd say.
  4. I'm still working on it yes, it takes a little longuer than expected because I decided to add a story mode and to investigate comlynx support. More info soon
  5. Also on a side note, if this patched version is de facto the latest of latest version of Handy, woulnd't that be easier to have a main repo and working with branches instead of each of us forking the repo?
  6. Could you give me a concrete example of the bugs/warnings you would like to get rid of? I'm in no way a very technical programmer, so most of the handy code is like voodoo magic to me, but it could be fun to dig into that
  7. I really really want to use the new template one day but I'm so used to my mini-engine built upon good old'n buggy newcc65 that I'm gonna stick to it for the jam. #gettingold
  8. Seems like I'm lagging behind, haven't wrote a single line of code and "lost" some time looking at Handy code source Hope there will be more people joining because that would mean even more new games and crazy idea for the console
  9. Also pushing new background in my fork later today.
  10. PR to review. All warnings for all 4 configs are fixed https://github.com/bspruck/handy-fork/pull/8
  11. Ok nice, this is the version I'm planning to use (for EEPROM support actually). Is there a specific reason to upgrade the toolset to v142 (deprecating vs2015 and 2017)? I'm preparing a short PR to remove most warnings, if not all, from the code, as well as a modest contribution to have much better texture for the console background.
  12. Rebouncing on Cyprian original post, should https://github.com/b...rc-0.95-patched be considered the latest/most up-to-date windows version? From this thread it seems that is has more features (EEPROM support), more bug fixes and such. So apart from the sounds bug, it looks like the most advanced version, am I correct?
  13. Missed the shoot too but I think they proceed with batches. Once one is sold out, they open the pre-order for a new one. At least this is what they do for the gamecolor replacement screen.
  14. I will very likely be in parental leave (damned swedish socialism ) this summer, so I guess I can manage to finish bombercats AND submit something new
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