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  1. Yes sorry I have been very incorrect, I meant vs indeed as it is more "regular/standard" than GNU toolchain on Windows (well at least if you work within the games industry), so I prefer to avoid writing makefile and refrain of using console commands ^^
  2. So I cleaned up my fixes and I have a local "win32" branch to push to your repo, but you need to invite external contributors to your project first. As it is a separated branch, it won't affect your current version, and you can safely review it before merging, well if it makes sense to support a regular win32 version My github account is... well... LordKraken
  3. I compiled it for win32, just before the last update. Seemed to work but bmp 24 were not supported anymore (I guess that the bmp24 you just mentionned?). Also i converted my bmp 24 to 4 bits and it seemed the palette output were incorrect (the B channel was always 0). Problem did not occur with bmp 8 bits. Anyway it seems I might be able to save 100 extra bytes on Odynexus so thanks for that (do u accept contribution, ie I could do a PR for the win32 build).
  4. I loved Rainbow island as a kid, it was our sonic on 8bits home computer in a way Looking at the NES and Amstrad CPC version (I personally prefer the latter, more colorful) I don't see anything not achievable on the Lynx.
  5. Is it your original composition ? In any case it sounds truly fantastic
  6. Bra jobbat Karri Just wondering before digging into the tool, could I safely switch to sp65 considering I'm still using the old toolset (newcc65 and such)?
  7. LordKraken


    I don't think all games rights belong to songbirds since they mention other editors on their page, like piko who is not only an active publisher but is also famous for buying a lot of back catalogues. But I guess only Carl could clear that up For those who wants to know more I'd recommend metal jesus review of the system:
  8. Ok I'm bumping this topic for a slightly different issue I have just encountered with sprpck. I started generating a lot of very small sprites on 1-bit using the literal mode. All works fine except for the bug where the sprites apparently miss some end-0, something like that. So when I'm rendering them, nothing crashes but I just get weird artifact. This is apparently a know bug. Buit how do I fix that? Manually I guess, but what would be the simplest way? thansk a lot
  9. Which is why I would recommend that instead of waiting for a cease and desist, I would proactively ask, not the trademark owner because they dont care, but the current developers of the MK game. I'm working in the AAA game industry and believe or not, the people working on those big games actually LOVE games. So they might be able to help you getting some kind of agreement (lile ok release the game but dont make any money out of it).
  10. Which is probably why most lynx games use sample when the gamr is idle (title screen, starting race etc.) I had the best explosion sample ever in bombercats but removed them the moment I tested the game on the lynx ^^ fortunately its easy to get a good sounding explosion with chipper
  11. Yes and no. I wasnt planning to have comlynx first so the only blocker was the potential IP infringement... this is almost solved but yes kow Id like to have comlynx in. I was blocked for a while with too many lost packet but now i know what i did wrong, so i have hope for this year
  12. That's a nice optimization you've done here, well done! (so I guess the "final" silly venture release will be this one?) Also would you mind sharing how you double or triple speed/framerate?
  13. There are a lot of rules and regulations aroung copyright, trademark and such. It's a highly complex thema with as many legislation as there are countries, but with 3 big blocks basically: USA where all power is with the copyright owner (cf. Disney), the EU where there are some limitation, based on time and use of the license... and China, where all of that does not matter For instance, I'm a huge fan of Conan the Barbarian and because his creator has been dead for over 80 years, Conan and all the surrounding work should be in public domain, and anyone should be able to use the characters and the universe. Well guess what... it's not possible at all... (even though a comics book french company - Glénat - is publishing a new Conan comics without any of the rights... well because according to EU legislation you can... so far they have been left in peace by the "Conan Company", but they are never going to publish anything in the US - technically even as a private person, you cannot import those new comics books to the US). Back to MK, the licence is still pretty big and used on a regular basis (it's actually the biggest fighting game at the moment - they sold 11 millions of MK11), so you can't really claim that they are not using the brand... Only option is to try to get a deal, but why would they even do that? Why would they risk to "damage" the brand for zero income? Passion and prestige is not why they work and return on investment is how they think. But you never know... I'd try to contact someone at NetherRealm Studios, they are the MK game developers, so they understand the meaning of passion projects better than financial guys, and also they are in close contact with the publisher. Going through them might be your best chance to be able to semi-officially release the game. But the chance of a cease-and-desist are like a million time bigger. On a side note... there is a reason why Bombercats, my bomberman hommage game is not released yet... and guess why...
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