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  1. The more advanced prototype could be decompiled to extract the art assets. Then it would be basically redoing the game from scratch, but having the assets already simplify the work a lot. Now there is the copyright issues of course...
  2. This is really too bad because he has the technical skills, contrary to someone else... I wish he would promise less and deliver something simple but playable.
  3. Lynx Quest was the winner of the first AtariGamer contest, almost 2 years ago (summer 2019 if I remember correctly). A few physical copies (at least 1) have been produced semi-professionnaly and given away. But it was never sold. Game is complete although relatively short, but it's more hack and slash than an adventure/RPG game. It's technically one of the best game out there. Pretty impressive. The rom is freely available. Lacim's legacy has been put on hold 2 years ago, but according to a recent update from its developer, it's not dead and development will resume at a later stage. Your best chance is to try "Eyes of the Beholder". Rom is available and a few dozen copies were produced (unlicensed) years ago. I'm not entirely sure the game is fully complete though.
  4. I guess the story is not over, in fact it's just the beginning... welcome to the world of BS to get investor money: https://www.mcvuk.com/business-news/industry-veterans-found-new-game-studio-athena-worlds-promising-video-games-with-cinema-quality-visuals/
  5. @johannesmutlu I'll +1 42bs. The lynx resolution is pretty low, so it's fairly easy to dynamically stream data from the cartridge to create huge detailed map, that's what we do on Odynexus. The limiting factor then is the cartridge size.
  6. Fabien, I know this world (a bit). How to put it.... There is absolutely no chance to get a licensing deal from a japanese company, especially for such a niche game. Harlock is not extremly popular at the moment but it is still considered a classic, so unless you're an established editor, they will not even bother replying you. Unfortunately... @agradeneu suggestion is probably the best and easiest way to go. Revamp the ship a bit, change the characters faces, and change the music and you're good.
  7. Most promising jag project along with Gravitic mines! Great work!
  8. Bob, I tried to warn you about that early on, and this is no surprise to me they are not answering you. If you don't have a japanese partner, and by partner I mean a big entity, they won't. My recommendation at this stage would be to simply tweak your art to make it different enough, that should be sufficient.
  9. Not to play the devil's advocate but there are good reasons why game companies do not release the code source of their games, even years after their release. - First and foremost, AAA games today are never built from scratch. There are an evolution of a previous game, built on the same engine, or an iteration of the same engine. This means that opening the code for game X from 3 years ago could compromise game X+1 just release 2 months ago. Especially because... - Most games today offers online game. Opening the source would also mean revealing the network protocol as well as the IP of the servers. There are ways to obfuscate that obviously, but this would be a massive effort and still the games would still be at risk. Now just to be clear, I'm quite familiar with AAA studios, and none of them is against open source, quite the contrary. They use open source projects and contribute back to these projects. But actual engine and game code are considered the most valuable assets of a company, and with all the hackers around the globe, it's way too sensitive to release them. I wish we could, but to have been working on these issue in one of my previous company, this is really NOT easy. A last word about Doom. There is a very simple reason why it was open-sourced. Because the engine and the tech were considered completely obsolete! Doom was alreay 5 years old but most importantly John Carmack had already released Quake and was already working on Quake 2 tech. (also while he's very likely very supportive of open-source, I doubt he can release anything he's working on at Oculus today ^^).
  10. I love your idea to find the right balance between the hardcore difficulty of yesterday and the expectation on progression we have today... might steal the idea for Ody (just kidding we will stay hardcore ^^)
  11. Not defending Atari especially here, but to protect their trademarks and properties, companies are actually forced to show that they actually protect them.
  12. Really like it, I would just change 2 or 3 minor things: - Unnamed and centipede are shown twice, I would rather put their part together - The exposure time for each game is really short, maybe adding 10-20 seconds to the video would help - I would also show the title over a banner or something to put more emphasize on it.
  13. Rewatching the video, I realize that putting true-color backgrounds give the game a 16bits++ vibe. It's still kind of look like a SNES super scaler, but under steroid and I love that Glad to hear we will be able to remove the UI panel
  14. Thanks for sharing @Sporadic! I'm not super fond of the jump (too bumpy) and I would rather have a heads-up display with the road in fullscreen but... but... apart from that, this looks really cool and I'm really looking forward to play that one (lotus turbo esprit fan here ^^).
  15. Pretty sweet, well I'm quite limited by taking a high level approach... so I guess in the end I guess I just need to produce bugfree perfect C-code... ohh waiit...
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