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  1. I'm a mentalist I guess, it's exactly what I had in mind when I saw it Follow-up question, is the texture already rotated when you render it in the extra buffer?
  2. @kezax at 2'00 the rotating plane, is it full 3d and textured or is there a trick?
  3. Also by doing that you avoid drawing at weird cordinate which I suspect is causing weird behaviour sometimes and slow down as well (but please feel free to tell me I'm just crazy :D)
  4. In nop90 case, I will have to (gently ) disagree since he wants to retain the grid data at a particular position without having to do an extra lookup later. (Now I realize the context was set in a pm discussion... so the idea is to avoid drawing all the tiles when most of them are off screen. So when you move the camera and you change your grid position, you simply set this flag on or off)
  5. @solo/ng this is not chiptune music right (it cannot be!!!) so sample streamed from the cart?
  6. ahah I knew you would be interested so here is my code, when I want to hide a sprite from a SCB linked list, instead of rebuilding the entire list, I just do: SCBCTL1(enemy->escb) = SCB_CTL1_SKIP_SPRITE; Where SCB_CTL1_SKIP_SPRITE is simply the flag 0x04 When I want to show this sprite again, then I generally use flag 0x10 for the first SCB (zoom and palette definition) or 0x18 for the others (zoom and reuse palette) So this is BLL-ish code so as far as I know with cc65, you need to set this flag in the SCB struct.
  7. Hmm but maybe you neee a flag "full game or just deno/incomplete" for the comparison to be fair
  8. Yeah that was me, watching the stream and seeing the first big boss coming... and bam he got hit by a bullet Too bad, but lesson learned for next time, if I can't make the trip, it's better to have a slightly modified version that shows the game better (and I'm working in AAA doing special E3 version... I should know about it ^^).
  9. yeah but subzero > scorpion @solo: give us the special moves plizz I tried with all characters ahah
  10. You mean being present in person at the party is an advantage? ah well maybe, let's say it's like a football game when you playe home I'm happy enough online submission were accpeted
  11. I couldn't see the 2 others demo since I had to put my kid to bed, but I was quite surprised when I saw they finished higher than your demo... (now I'm really curious to watch them). Nevertheless, you should be proud of your achievement, this is insane to see real time 3d (and a 3d scene not just a cube) on the Lynx... (especially when you played hard drivin back in those days :D). But Enthusi... dont forget that many people here are waiting for lacim's legacy too
  12. Just out of curiosity (since this is the thing that definitely stopped me to even consider doing it), how did you convert the art assets from the arcade game? I imagine the work on the palettes must have been really tedious...
  13. Ahah ok then i understand they are probably not poking you as much a my 3yo but still the number of your productions and their level of polishing is quite impressive
  14. Really looking forward to play this one... and I'm amazed by the level of polishing, like all the title screen, the high score, the different mode and so on. Please tell me you don't have kids otherwise I need to rethink how fast and efficient I am when coding (probably a bit too slow )
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