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  1. If they come back, could we please have 2 categories @Igor "entries from Poland" and "rest of the world". You know, to give us a chance @laoo I agree with the other, having a proper release for that game, through AA or Songbirds, or anyone who could give this game the packaging it deserves. To me the only flaws of this game are the title and the box (and maybe its overall length/difficulty).
  2. Looks like a scaled sprite to me, or that would mean Fabien made a 3d engine with texture rendering (!!!) to only use it for one element in the background Can you give us more info @Bob_63?
  3. Awesone thx! Will make z-sorting easier
  4. More and more impressive, congrats! Just a question, at around 34 second it says 3d effect, but I'm not sure I can see it... Does it refer to the other effect later in the video with the rotating fireballs?
  5. No, but the Sega genesis and the the vast majority of its games (always in box and in good condition, thx to plastic) are really cheap, so there's plenty of choice for everyone. The bubble is way smaller. The difference here is that the cheapest games for the Jag start now at 30/40$ in loose condition and it quickly escalates to 100$+. So for collectors, sure, it wont change a thing, they will still pay insane prices, but for the others who just want to enjoy their machine, it will make a huge difference. Let's take one single example : Rayman. You can find this game in perfect condition on playstation for 5$. It's essentially the same game on the Jag. I would love to own it but surely not at a 150$ tag price. So that's for this one and a couple other that I would love to own a JagGD. And I didn't even mention the support for JagCD
  6. or... the JagGD will put and end to it
  7. I can imagine that if someone could pull a (hot)dog out of his hat, that would be @Songbird. Now afaik, the game was playable but far from being complete, and with probably no way to finish it, even with perseverance, it sounds more like a curiosity than a real game right? We'd rather save the money and the effort and go to Mars then
  8. What!? but it cannot be Jaguar fault, it's a 64 bits
  9. To be fair I would probably never do that in a real game, just played around with the sprites, so that's how I ended having that code (there might be a use case though, for instance if we reorder the sprite list to fake a z-buffer, etc.) Also, stupid question, is there a performance impact if the flag is always on but the zoom factor is 1 (well 32).
  10. Hello, So I have been playing around last evening and I'm wondering which sprite properties are static (i.e defined at compile time in rapinit.s). Let me use an example: sprite[sprBugIndex].scaled = R_spr_scale; sprite[sprBugIndex].scale_x = 64; sprite[sprBugIndex].scale_y = 64; This code actually does not work, unless the scale flag is already set to spr_scale in rapinit.s for this sprite. Are there other flags that can only be define at compile time? Maybe we could update Table A in the doc? thx!
  11. LordKraken


    Really like the multiple example, best way to learn the lib @CyranoJ Are you open to contribution to add new C examples into the lib?
  12. Great news Commanders! Odynexus development is over! Read more on our itch: https://krakendev.itch.io/odynexus/devlog/223976/odynexus-dev-is-over
  13. Almost it seems printf("\n -d Debugging on\n" " -s Print storage info\n" " -h Print hashtab stats\n" " -C Include source as comment\n" // " -O Optimize code\n" " -Dsymbol define Symbol\n" " -v Verbose mode\n" " -I <fn> Specify include directory\n" " -? This help message\n" " -N print copyright notice\n"); edit: ok it seems all code optimization have been handled to xopt, which I already use.
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