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  1. hmm, starting to play with the idea of sailing from Stockholm to your pier... for "pier coding"
  2. Glad you got that vibe Turbo, we're actually trying to create a slightly different kind of shoot, no alien here, just mechanical, greek inspired, gods We might add more story into the game. It's the 31st century Odyssey after all (Also there are definitely some influence from "Shin Mazinger" for those who know Go Nagai's cult manga)
  3. @laoo, you have pretty good eyes The game runs at 30fps when there are no enemies, and at 20fps the rest of the times. There are certains occasions where fps drops to 15 fps, I'm aware of that, but that's when many enemies are on screen and we need to run all collision tests between them. This is pretty nicely optimized but it's still a lot of math to run in the end (and I'm not using any collision buffer because I needz the RAM ^^). As far as I know most shoots on the Lynx have fewer and slower enemies. But yeah, we would love to be over 20 fps all the time. @drludos thanks man! It's hard to imagine that we spent way more time working on the game since we release the first demo at SV than we did for the initial demo itself! And all that time went into polishing and optimization... And we're not even done ahah As for the code, it's 95% C, I just have a few routines in ASM. I'm not an ASM expert, but there is one or two critical functions I'd still like to convert to ASM, to see if I can get a couple of frames more that way. Other than that, I spent a lot of time rewriting and refactoring the critical functions (collisions and scripting), something which is actually fun in C, not too fun (for me) in ASM For the record, the game is running 2 scripting engines in the background. One control the game experience, and the other one all the enemies, so while it was a bit long to develop it is now super easy to add new contents to the game
  4. What do you mean exactly @laoo with smoother? We released the demo to get feedback that we could take into the final version, but you need to be more specific
  5. Opa-opa? Im too old I dont get it too bad he played the SV version, Im a bit ashamed looking at it now 😅 @SlidellMan Thx and all the creds goes to @agradeneu... ok I provided a "special" tech so that he could go crazy with his magic pixels
  6. Living in Sweden while not beeing swedish during the pandemic has been one of the weirdest experience of my life... Never felt so disconnected...
  7. Hello everyone, You may have heard of Odynexus during the last edition of Silly Venture (where it placed third), and today we are super happy to announce the release of a much more advanced version! The game is the work of Agradeneu and me, with music adapted from MOD artist Drozerix. What is Odynexus? Odynexus is a brand new shoot'em up for the Atari Lynx, featuring fantastic pixelart, huges bosses, swarm of terrific ennemies and frenetic arcade action! "This is the 31st century. Help Odynexus, the legendary space warrior, in his journey back home, against the Electrogods and their Mechatitans!" Why a shoot'em up? We don't pretend to compete with the divine Zaku, but we felt we could propose a different, visceral and dynamic experience, with amazing hand-made pixel art and cool chiptune music. The demo released today is almost complete except for the weapon system. So this is just a demo? Yes, we are still creating new levels and enemies but we felt that releasing the demo would be a good way to get feedbacks and gauge interest for a full physical release. Our plan is to release the game in an original vintage box and cartridge later this fall. We will communicate in time about pre-order. Where do I get the game? The demo is available for free on our itch.io page: https://krakendev.itch.io/odynexus Waiting for your feedbacks Alex Hiza (LordKraken) and A. Lex (Agradeneu)
  8. It also saves you a lot of ram I imagine to not use it
  9. Sounds like a lot of work just cleaning up the code from all windows specific stuff...
  10. well I don't know if you looked at the source but it's fairly old-fashion C/C++ code so should compile anywhere... well that's for the emulation part because the UI part is a different story, and digging into that sounds like opening an old can of worms to me (but others did since most lynx emulators are using handy core right?). I guess you're interested for a MacOs port to get access to the debugger?
  11. That sounds like a reasonable request, at least not too hard on paper And if @GadgetUK helps me integrating the missing fixes and features, we could try to get a new version out!
  12. Some bugs fixing I think, Bjorn would know better obviously You can see more here https://github.com/bspruck/handy-fork/pulls (and also the pending PR :D)
  13. Oh yes that I understood, but since my repo is already a fork from the most "advanced" version of Handy, the risk here is to make this fork diverge too much from the original repo. Thus creating 2 "advanced" versions of Handy.
  14. I would rather have one repo only instead of multiple forks, but not sure if there is any motivation for that (my PR is one year old now ^^). Well, if not we could keep working in my fork, I would love to add some cool user stuff as well (for instance a visual list with game boxes and information where you just click to start the game - maybe a cooperation with atarigamer? What do you think @Igor :D)
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