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  1. I actually just made one the other day and have posted a basic how to here sry. Though Im still wondering about that adapter I linked.
  2. Ok so I found this out Atari 400,800,822,850,1010,1200XL - 9V,1.7A Plug Type: 5.5X2.1 Male Barrel Connector Polarity Center Negative?? Alternative: Check HERE
  3. k i got myself a cable by cannibalizing two cables and it is workin awesome ill probably post what cords i used somewhere.
  4. I know and i can see the shadow i just thought it looked it was the wrong shape/size since it would have to have hole in it
  5. I know but it looks more like an atari2600 cable but maybe I am wrong it just looks different than the other ones listed for higher prices
  6. will this work http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Behringer+-+All-Country+DC+9V+Power+Adapter/3180302.p?id=1218382961259&skuId=3180302 please help
  7. I saw it but the tip that goes into the atari looks wrong in the picture
  8. Hey guys I found an Atari 400 at Goodwill and bought it yesterday. The problem is there is no power cable and I dont want to pay the $25 for the ones on ebay. Is there any new stuff that works? I thought maybe this would work but I wanna be sure it would fit the adapter plugin on the 400. Thnx
  9. Hey u still have that 400 power supply? I just rescued a 400 from Goodwill but there was no power supply
  10. I need an Atari 400 power supply

    1. littleman jack

      littleman jack

      Post something in the Marketplace wanted forum here at Atari Age. You'll probably find one quickly that way. Or try Best Electronics, B & C Computervisions, or Video 61 websites.

    2. Jacrowbar


      im waiting to be allowed on forums

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