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  1. got an odd looking playstation controller, gameboy color 4 way hookup and kiss pinball for 5 bucks at goodwill. then got everything in the boxes for 40 at a garage sale all the magazine boxes are full of ps extreme and next generation, and then the other box is full of nes, genesis controller power supplys and other odd power supplys a case full of cds. the guy that ran the garage sale does the whole storage wars thing and took my name and number down and told me he will call when ever he gets any video game stuff in woohoo!!
  2. found quite a few things at goodwill got a clear pink gameboy advance with a car charger and light/magnifying glass for 5 bucks found original gameboy for 3 bucks, two ps2 games and 1 ps1 game destroy all humans 2, mx vs atv unleashed,and jet moto 2 and a 3rd party gamecube controller and a ps2 controller games are all complete and were 3 bucks each and the controllers were 2 bucks each
  3. you can try either or lol, all they have left is an odyessy 2 as far as i know of but its MIA atm but i didnt know about the tournament 2000 so there maybe more undicovered things!
  4. During the week found a sega genesis controler and a couple ps2s not much elce though but saturday a relative gave me a sega master system complete in box with a few games all complete, and then gave me a tournament 2000 complete in box!!
  5. not much at the G.W mall today but i did get a JVC RX-509V reciever for 3 bucks and it works great!
  6. not sure if it was a good deal or not because i dont own any atari 2600 stuff or know much about it atm but i bought the instruction manuals, comic books, and the posters for each swordquest earthworld and fireworld in great shape! for 5 bucks.
  7. great score at gw got an atari 2600 for 5 bucks and they had a 3rd party snes controller taped up with it musta thought it was an atari controller??, got a few nes games for 99 cents and got the gamecube gameboy adapter from gamestop for 10 bucks didnt think that was to bad of a price.
  8. went to the G.W. Mall today and got a genesis model 2 with power cord 2 controllers and Animaniacs game for 10 bucks, and also bought sim city and the super scope 6 cart for a buck each.
  9. went thriftin today gw didnt have much bought a ps2 there for 10, decided to try salvation army got billiards, bowling, and nascar 99 all complete for 2 bucks and beyblade Vforce for gamecube CIB for 2 bucks but games were buy 1 get 1 free, and then i bought this computron dont know anything about it dont know why i bought it and dont know what to do with it but it came with the box and manual and it works, so all in all a fair day.
  10. ya i have gotten like 6 or 7 ld movies but didnt have a player yet was hoping to come across 1 someday and finally have so now im going to look harder for movies, i plugged the player in and it had a disc already in it, must have been a school disc player cause the disc was gallary of the art but its cool to find somthing with a disc already in it!
  11. i finally found a laserdisc player at the local gw!! 10 bucks, and i also found monopoly CIB for the sms for 2 bucks it also had 1 of the old posters in it in mint shape no rips stains or folds!!
  12. nice haul at the local gw got genisis model 1 and 2 7 bucks each, gamecube and ps1 with both cords 7 bucks each, xbox was 15 a little much but still not to bad, 2 genisis controllers and 1 gamecube controller 3 bucks each nes light gun and advantage controller 2 bucks each, and 2 genisis games in box no manuals 2 bucks each fair price i guess and then 4 genisis games in bag (sonic 3, sonic 3d blast, world series baseball 95, and bram stokers dracula) 5 bucks for all them!
  13. Got all this at gw today, the ps1 with the 2 3rd party controllers was 15 bucks, ps2 games were 3 each all but 1 are complete nascar is missing manual, sega dreamcast games were 2 bucks each and are all complete, then the ps1 and nes controllers were 3 bucks each, and the halo 3 guide was a dollar, not a bad haul prices were a little high on some things but its been dry there for a long time.
  14. went to local gw and picked these up at 1.99 each i dont know anything about laserdisc's but i very rarly ever see them so i figured they were cheap enough to buy, they had more but they where titles i never heard of before so i passed on them.
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