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  1. http://www.atari2600.com/ccp7/ecom-catshow/Atari-2600-Hardware-and-Service.html Does anybody know if this is a safe website to send my broken Atari into?
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    2. goldenegg


      Yes, that site is completely legit. You shouldn't be concerned at all with sending your system to them.


      @rmaerz - That response was uncalled for. You could scare people away from a legitimate business, which is highly respected around here.

    3. Keatah


      What virus are they distributing?

    4. goldenegg


      There's no virus. Just a troll.

  2. Sorry, the new Ipods don't have a camera on the back so it was difficult to take a picture. I don't know how to turn flash off my regular camera. I'll have to do that, if all else fails. It does it on all TVs and I have the small RF/Coax adapter. I'll have to fix that if the new cord doesn't work. http://www.monoprice.com/Product?seq=1&format=2&p_id=3031&CAWELAID=1329448178&catargetid=320013720000010717&cadevice=c&cagpspn=pla&gclid=CJqy9YDS7rsCFYlAMgod_SsA7Q Is this a good cord to buy? If it's not the cord I guess the new regulator and cord won't hurt
  3. Hello everyone, I've been having troubles with my 2600 for ever. It's starting to irritate me pretty badly, I haven't been able to play any those games in months. I asked around to try and figure out what was wrong, they said to replace the voltage regulator. I ran up to Radioshack, made sure I had the right part and replaced it. Anyways, before I ask anyone for advice you need to know what the problem is. The picture isn't great so I'll explain that too. Not all games do this but most. Othello, Donkey Kong, Dig Dug, and River Raid are a few that do it. I played Golf a bit earlier and I had no problems at all. It seems like games with more colors and movements are more prone to the screen being distorted. The screen starts to get blurry and it gets worse after a minute. It moves around a little bit too. If I'm not being detailed enough, please don't hesitate to ask for me to be more direct. I want this thing in working condition. Any advice is highly appreciated.
  4. So, I got the voltage regulator replaced on my 2600. The picture STILL ISN'T FIXED! What's wrong with it? I did not see any liquid stains on the board at all. Please help.

  5. I'll be old enough to get a job this month! I can buy a couple homebrews soon when I got money. I'm so excited.

  6. Dreamcast or Intellivision?

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    2. cmart604



    3. cvga


      Maybe someone can make a Dreamcast system changer for the Intellivision :)

    4. OldSchoolRetroGamer


      What kind of question is THAT? BOTH dammit!

  7. Gonna get Zaxxon tomorrow. I hope nobody bought it already.

  8. I might consider a Wii U. Zelda, Smash Bros and all that look really good. It'd be a nice break from those FPS games.
  9. I got the video touch pad, I need to find Star Raiders.

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    2. Master Phruby

      Master Phruby

      Keyboard controllers work with Star Raiders too.

    3. Stephen


      A800 is the only version

    4. 2600Guru


      I'm not into old computers. There's nothing you can't do on mine that you can do on an A800 or C64. I'm more of a console gamer.

  10. I agree, I remember playing Tony Hawk games and getting a bad headache. If I play Battlefield or COD for too long I get a little bit of a headache. You are talking to a guy that gets sick on paddleboats so if I do play my XBox 360, I have to watch myself.
  11. - The Wii U excludes: cloud storage, USB 3.0, Blu-Ray, DVD, Game DVR, Cross Game chat, Voice commands, live streaming, and more. - The Wii U is gimmicky because it includes a screen rather than being powerful. - Good. - True, but it defiantly will be the best out of the 3. It could suck or it could be mind blowing. - Haha, agreed. - Kids play M-Rated games, parents don't care anymore. - True, but a bunch will defiantly be FPS. Same Shit Different Disc. - I want to stop buying DLC but everyone else buys it. That makes it impossible to play online 3 months later. I can't play WWE' 13 because DLC versions are different. - I tend to leave my mic off unless I'm in party chat.
  12. I want to talk about all the problems with these 3 consoles and the games for them. I don't feel like I have enough variety with the upcoming generation. I might buy a PS4, the Wii U is already out of date and it's too gimmicky. Xbox One, well you know all the used game BS. PS4 is the one console that is decent. I wish I could pick from 2 or 3 awesome consoles like we always have. Instead, we have a VCR, a 3 year olds toy and a mediocre console. Don't get me wrong, PS4 has lots of potential but what games will we get? A bunch of FPS that are all the same? When we finally get an awesome game for 60 $ don't forget the required DLC updates. That's another 10 - 20$. So you spend 80$ on a game and who do you have in the servers? A bunch of 10-12 year old spoiled brats yelling at you.
  13. Can't wait to play Xbox One in 15 years from now! Oh wait... I can't the live services will be shut down.
  14. First Place: PS4, Second Place: Wii U, Third Place: Sega Genesis

    1. AtariTexas


      Hmmmmmm.....I had it in the reverse order

    2. Atarifever


      4th place: 3DS, 5th place: PS3 6th place: 360 7th place: Vita 8th place: Tiger handheld LCD games 9th place: Not even showing up to the event. Somewhere below here you find Microsoft. Like somewhere well below here.

    3. 2600Guru


      Xbox One doesn't deserve to be on the list.

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