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  1. I really want to connect my CX85 keypad to my work windows laptop via USB to use for spreadsheets. I've done some searches and found some people who have done this, but no real instructions. Anyone have a working adapter board / kit / dongle they would be willing to part with to connect a CX85 -> USB that works simply?? Thanks!
  2. As title says, Intellivision Computer module for IntyII, NIB. $50+shipping CONUS from 34747.
  3. My last Inty died in out latest move, and I am very interested for simplicity sake in getting a modded system. I previously was using the composite input on my tv, but it has been touch and go with not only the I tv, but other systems as well so would like to eliminate it. I've also tried using some old demuxers that I've acquired second hand, but have not had any luck (though I'd be interested to try it again if there was a good, viable route that way) I know there's lots of different mods out there, and a few people are selling pre- modded systems on eBay for what appear to be pretty good prices. I'm not very handy with a soldering iron, so do it yourself is pretty much out of the question. I would be very appreciative of any recommendations or positive feedback. Thanks!!!
  4. Cleaning up some more space. Includes Users guide and programmer's guide. Price: $50.00 Plus Shipping.
  5. Cleaning up some space for other systems, and additionally would like to get this into the hands of someone who is more focused on collecting this. The Fairchild Channel F is complete (see pictures) and includes documentation, with some neat ephemera. The box is colorful, but the sides are rough shape as the corners / sides are severely separating. I have not tested the console, so this is as is. Also included is the multicart I purchased a while back, but have yet to take it out of the shipping envelope. Price - both : $150.00 I'll calculate actuals shipping (domestic US only). PM me for any questions. Thanks![
  6. While s-l-o-w-l-y working my way to 125, I have amassed a small mountain (aka about 3 bins worth) or commons, both in box and out. I think I have enough Las Vegas cartridges to actually open my own casino! I am at a loss as to what I can do with these, if anything. Unless there's a good reason to keep them, I simply do not have enough room to store all these. I wondered if there was any need for shells, etc perhaps for the home-brews or another good use? I hate to chuck these, and was hoping there was some good use for them? Thanks!
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