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    I am a graphic designer, web designer and video editor by day. Retro and classic game collector / game reviewer by night. I love the old Atari games all the way up to the n64 games.

    I am the owner of ADMAG Designs out of upstate NY. I have been recently using my services in the Atari genre by helping out with game cart art and promotional videos to help promote the sales of the newer games coming out. I would love to do more work in the Atari community by providing professional services like this. My most recent work has been on the "Alternate Version" of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Atari 2600 game. I made the promotional video and the prototype game cart and box images. You can find out more about my work at www.ADMAGDesigns.com .

    As far as video games go I am also part of an online game review group called The Nerdy Diggers. We are a group friends that are now discussing and talking about the retro gaming community and doing what we can to spread the word of all of the classic games we grew up playing. Also my job at The Nerdy Diggers is to find all of the new companies out there, whom are still making new product for the classic systems and to spread the word to the fans and collectors out there world wide. We do reviews, discussions and promote these companies via our facebook page and youtube videos. You can find out more on The Nerdy Diggers at www.youtube.com/TheNerdyDiggers and our facebook page at www.facebook.com/TheNerdyDiggers .

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  1. Hey Al, Just wanted to let you know that i just submitted another label for the contest. Let me know when you get it. Thanks
  2. Yes, the image really is the main ship flying upward and to the right dodging the shots as the enemy shots are still shooting with in the confinments of the circle and the openening.
  3. Here are my submissions for the label contest. I love these contest.
  4. It sucks to say but Cybearg will unable to program this game. He has a busy schedule and a lot going on on his end and is unable to commit the time needed to this game along with the Fear The Dead game.
  5. CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS! Great work so far. Awesome concept.
  6. So what does everyone think of the idea of the game so far? Any suggestions or things you would like to see?
  7. Hello and welcome to the development page for Fear The Dead. This will be the first official and original release from Splatterhouse Video Games. I know we have a page up for Never Sleep Again: A Tribute Game To A Nightmare On Elm Street but with that game, we have some big ideas and know it will take some time to bring that game to completion. So, to start things off, we would like to bring forth a title that will show you all the sprite work and programming in action from PAC-MAN-RED and Cybearg. Fear The Dead will be a 2 player game in the styling of Combat and is ZOMBIE themed. It will be a horror title that will feature 1 and 2 player action that will let you choose to be either the Survivor character or the Zombie Character. As the Survivor character you will wield a pistol that will allow you to shoot the zombie in hopes that his vicious blood thirsty grip doesn’t get a hold of you. Playing as the zombie character you will have to dodge the bullets of the Survivor in hopes to rip apart the flesh of him and satisfying your thirst for BRAINS!!! As like the Never Sleep Again thread, things will be updated as things are being completed to keep you all updated on the progress of the game.
  8. Updated the thread a little bit. New sprite from PAC-MAN-RED has been posted.
  9. Many thanks gorgh, we are working hard and assembling a dev team to make this happen for everyone. Keep posted. More stuff coming soon.
  10. Things are getting closer to a programmer for this project. As stated by theloon, we have talked a little bit about the game thus far and I have been talking with Cybearg as well. It is excited and making this more excited as things are set into place and ideas are rolling. I am going to give it a little bit and really think into the game more. Talking with Cybearg earlier today opened up a lot of questions on where to go with the game and what we are capable of doing and producing as far as a finished final product. I would like to say we will have a definite programmer soon for this and things should start happening hopefully by the start of the new year as far as programming goes on the game, if not sooner. This is a project that I hope breaks some barriers and brings forth something new and entertaining not only for the horror fans but gamers in general.
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