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    New york city

    Since I rarely get to these parts anymore...=) I'd suggest the Salvation Army thrift shop on Spring St. in Soho (between Broadway and Lafayette St., on the North side of Spring St.). While it's been a year or two since I went there, I have had a few decent finds (Atari 1200XL, some solid 2600 cartridges, an Amiga 500) there. You should be able to get there via the F train.
  2. Games I'd like to see on this thing, taking into account the "marquee" thing, and content (unfortunately, I don't think I'll ever get to play Custer's Revenge or Halloween on a Game Boy Advance. >). For simplicity's sake, I'm ignoring the "licensing" issues, which would exclude a bunch of good titles. A good chunk of these would end up on an Activision/Imagic classic games pack, I'm sure. Any chance of the games on this thing being linkable for multiplayer? =) Adventure Aquaventure Armor Ambush Atari Video Cube Barnstorming Basketball Beamrider Berzerk (is this "marquee?) BMX Airmaster Bobby Is Going Home Boing! Bowling Bump 'N' Jump Chopper Command Circus Atari Combat (is this "marquee"?) Cosmic Commuter Dark Cavern Demon Attack Enduro Entombed Fishing Derby Gravitar Haunted House H.E.R.O. Human Cannonball Keystone Kapers Laser Gates Megamania Moonsweeper Motorodeo Mountain King Night Driver Pengo Polaris Private Eye Quick Step Ram It River Raid (probably "marquee", but 'ey...) Secret Quest Sky Jinks Solaris Sprintmaster Stampede Star Raiders (with adapter to connect the keypads to the GBA, hahahahahaha) Steeplechase Subterranea Tennis (Activision) Time Pilot Tunnel Runner Wall Ball Wall Defender Warlords (linkable, of course...) Wizard Of Wor [ 06-06-2001: Message edited by: Scott Crawford ]
  3. Hey, Alex... I played about a level of Elevator Action... it was about as good as a 2600 version could be. Control was good, graphics were, well, 2600 graphics. Still, nice to see another 2600 title turn up. (Anyone know if that ROM got dumped yet?) For some reason, I didn't get around to Pit-Fighter, though I was reasonably curious. Chalk it up to a lot of catching up to do, and not a lot of time to do it... Ah well... -S
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